The Weekly Burn!

A Curated Collection of Favorites from around the Cannabis Community. Welcome to The Weekly Burn!

We’ve collected some of our favorites and yours too and even spiced things up! This is a spot where you can see what’s happening around the community, get a quick tip and learn a thing or two! These change so check back and see who’s bringing the heat and relief. Not sure where to start? Check out some local shops by clicking below. Sit back, relax and welcome to the circle.

Celebrating Leaders. All Month. All Year!

Black History Month is here! At Relax, It’s Natural, we celebrate Black History this month and, well, every month! One way we do it is by seeing character not color. It’s our belief that when you start labeling, you start reducing identity and individuality. Recent events have caused a great deal of division. The answer to this great divide is unity. We only find strength through unification. Imagine the powerhouse of a society we could be if we celebrated our differences and learned about one another instead of throwing salt and spreading hatred. I love you guys! Here’s to everyone making foot prints in the sand for future leaders to use as guides! All month, I am spotlighting Black-owned businesses in the cannabis community. These leaders rose up, faced adversity in every form possible and made their mark. You can check out their shops below! I love you ya silly Sallies!

Rosee Buds

Empowering the community

Empowering the community indeed. Rosee Buds is a great selection this week for “Celebrating Leaders” and for good reasons! Not only does she own and operate a successful company in the cannabis industry but she teaches others in the community how to as well! From quality products down to true leadership, that’s what coming from the women at Rosee Buds! Not only does she teach it but her social media handles make sure your are educated on CBD, Hemp etc as well! Another nice touch and a reason to follow them! Next time you’re shopping for some great strains, give them a try. If you want to learn how to get in the industry and build a successful company like the ladies at Rosee Buds, They even offer a course that shows you their secrets of success!

Our Hometown Heroes

Right here for you!

We couldn’t pick one this week so why not let you decide! That’s right, our Hometown Heroes section is right here for you. Each time a new one is added, you’ll see them right here in the Weekly Burn for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Terpene Tuesday!!

Today’s Terpene:


What are Terpenes? Terpenes are what make cannabis smell as pleasant as it does. It plays other roles than making it smell delicious. Other benefits include anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation even topical relief. We listed some here!

Let’s take a look at this weeks Terpy Derp!

How it Helps:

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Bug-repellant (Mosquitos)
  • In one case study, Geraniol was shown to suppress tumor growth in the pancreas
  • Potential as a neuropathy treatment
Aromas/Smells like:

  • Sweet Rose

Also found in:

  • Roses (Duh)
  • Geraniums (A type of flower in case you were wondering)
  • They also use this terp in fragrances (Probably a ton!)

Infusion of the Week!

We got more cooking!

But this ain’t granny’s!

Break out the milk! No, it’s not Christmas although if we left these for Santa, he may very well forget the presents. Secondly, does it have to be a holiday to enjoy cookies with a glass of milk? I think not. You’ll enjoy these though. These are infused with Delta-8 and no, we didn’t cook these so you’re safe this week. Our cooking isn’t that bad, is it? Okay, I can’t believe we’re bringing this up again but whatever, the burn wasn’t THAT bad and did you die? EXACTLY! Moving on, no, we got these beauties from our friends at The Hemp Company and boy are they oh so delicious. Now, you see the tincture and you may have some questions. If not, well, i have some answers to your unasked questions. Yes. I drizzled those Delta-8 tinctures on those cookies. It wasn’t enough! While they came in at 40mg each, I still wanted a little pep in my step! That’s right, I’m insane! Oh, they were still amazing without them but still. Enter at your own risk!



Bringing you all the strains, all the cannabinoid and terpene profiles you can handle along with who its best suited for. This week, we got the CannaChicks coming in and for good reasons. If you follow her, you know why and if not, what are you waiting for? You may remember them from our “Friends Indeed” post around the #holidaze. It’s great to see this information and to have people in the community providing it. It helps those new to cannabis especially the ones making the transition and may be feeling overwhelmed. By having quick access or our favorite little little saying “COA’s at a glance”, it makes everything so much easier. Knowing what all this is and means is another topic of discussion. Thankfully, it’s broke down nice here. On a lighter note, those buds we get to see shared aren’t bad either! Definitely check her out and give her a follow.

Just Some Purple Facts!

Typically, we pick one but with them piling up, we put them in convenient place, just for you! In addition to finding this right from our menu, you can now find these right here in the #weeklyburn every week! When a new one is added, they will be shown right here too! Seize the day my fellow Epilepsy Warriors!💜🤟🏼

Oh, one more thing!

I updated some other things around here. Our “Relax, It’s the Holidaze!” page has some awesome things for Valentine’s Day! I know it’s a day of love but self-care is also important. We put emphasis on that! check it out here. I put a few companies down below that are bringing the love on the day of love!


For when you and that special someone argue about who smokes more. Maybe you just want to smoke in style and feel the love. No matter the reason, Yerba has your back and has you covered. With their hand rolled cannagars, wrapped in rose petals, you are sure to find your day filled with plenty of good vibes and relaxation . It adds a nice touch to your smoke sesh and with the wood tip, it keeps the natural going! Yerba’s Rosecars are what you need when that special feeling is lacking

Carolina Hemp Company!

Another Tarheel great. You may have seen them around and if not, we have them in our Hometown Heroes section which is right above! Carolina Hemp is all about the love too! They want to make sure your body is nourished, that’s why they keep all the goods on hand from top shelf flower down to salves and creams just for you! Make sure to grab both so this Valentines day is filled with all the love you can handle. Who doesn’t like the “Love”?

Earth’s Dew!

All about self-care and love, in fact, Earth’s Dew lives and breathes it. Your Valentines Day just wouldn’t be complete without them. A self or skin care kit from the ladies is sure to let them know the care is there. Not that it isn’t already but come on, who doesn’t like oils and sugar scrubs? Especially when it’s being massaged on them after a long, stress filled day. No matter what oil, body butter or kit you decide to go with, make sure it’s filled with the dew of the Earth! Earth’s Dew!

You have to search for “Life” to live it. The real question is: How much of “Life” do you truly want to see?

EpilepticToker’s quote of the week!

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