Relax, It’s the Holidaze!

The Holidaze are here! Don’t stress, we got you covered!

Holidaze doesn’t just mean Christmas. It could be Valentines, Hall-o-weed, Danksgiving, National Pancake Day? Come on guys, no matter which one has you stressed out, we got you covered. From bundles, gift ideas, sales, and other dope articles, it’s here so relax, it’s the holidaze! Short on time or maybe just want to shop local? We got you covered! Our local shops have some great selections. Click that button below check them out!

Treat yourself!

And don’t forget your loved one man!

Seriously, you both deserve it. I got your back this valentines day!

I’m serious, at least I’m gonna try. It’s safe to say, the past year has been a shitty one so we all need a day. With Valentines Day approaching fast, why not kill two birds with two stones? I think that’s a good idea and I can’t imagine you guys disputing that one. I know a self-care day sounds like heaven and your spouse wouldn’t argue with lounging around all day either. Even if you don’t have anyone on this day that was created to sell greeting cards – haha – then consider this your me time.

That being said, I have gathered some amazing stores that I think will make some great additions to your self-care d adventures this Valentines day. While you’re there, grab some flower to make it more relaxing. What am I saying, of course you are, it’s you ya little toker you. Keep on scrolling to get started seeing what I have gathered!

Earth’s Dew

Don’t Panic, It’s all organic!

All about self-care. I’d go as far as saying that Earth’s Dew lives for the self-care game. Who wouldn’t? Your body is a temple man. What you put in your body matters. That doesn’t just apply to food. Energy down to what you use to medicate and even wash with, it matters. Once you change it, you will notice a difference. You see it with plants. You change not only their food but their environment, you notice a change. Back on track, sorry guys. I like Earth’s Dew and this Valentine’s day, I’d keep them in mind for your needs if your thinking about doing something nice for the loved one. You know what I’m talking about. They have a great selection and even have amazing bundles and kits to keep the care going! Don’t forget your flower or carts for ultimate relaxation while you’re relaxing. You know, tag team the stress. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • CBD Self-care Kit
  • Build Your Own Gift Box
  • Skin Care Set
  • Body Butter
  • Sugar Scrub


Because couples who smoke together…..

Argue about who smokes more!

They do, that’s what I think. The saying goes they stay together and that also may be true. What ever the case may be, Yerba has the best Cannagars for you both to enjoy this year. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion, you can enjoy these beauties anytime. Handcrafted for quality and quality indeed. Honestly, I wouldn’t even want to smoke this. After a massage using some of that body butter from Earth’s Dew, I could end my day with one of these. Grab the light! Dipped in gold, you’ll be sure to feel like royalty, not that you aren’t already. From end to end, everything you’re getting is premium and is quality it shows. Don’t forget your rose cannagars this Valentines Day guys!

Carolina Hemp Company!

A local great with a great product selection! With stores found across the Carolinas and surrounding areas, Carolina Hemp has a wide range of products for the treat yourself day, the day of relaxation, the day that you are gonna have because you’re gonna make it happen. While Valentine’s Day is a day of “Love” that is is how we do it and show it, by treating you and your loved one to some self-care and nourishment. I’m sure by now, you get it. There are plenty of ways to medicate with the good ole plant that is Mary Jane other than smoking it. Oils and salves are one of them. Don’t get me wrong, smoking is amazing which is why you should always have some pre-rolls or flower. Even if smoking isn’t your thing, give the body creams a go. Plus, it’s dry out. You’ll be glad you did and so will your body.

Pstttt.. Here’s some great reads on infusions & edibles while you dream about smoking this beauty!

Infusions & Edibles, the perfect thing for the perfect day, the perfect night, just perfect!

Here’s some to get you going!

You didn’t think I would forget edibles and other treats did you? Whether you got yourself some tinctures or want to use those chocolates for something, our infusions section is the place. Give it a read!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I Love you guys! I hope it’s as awesome as you!

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