Let’s Meet This Guy!

Justin Smith, Owner/Creator

I hope you’re enjoying everything so far. Find out who makes it possible and why.

What’s up Lads, Sallies, Goobs and whoever else decided they wanted to know who was writing all this stuff. My names Justin, nice to meet ya. I’ve been working on this for some time now but the idea stemmed after a cannabis clothing company I briefly owned. That’s not the only reason. There isn’t enough space here. Check it out below.

What’s up! I see you decided to scroll down and find the about section. You’re probably wondering where all this crazy content comes from. Like, who’s writing these articles about cannabis and hemp? Giving us all this information about local shops and farms. Look no further, you found him. The name’s Justin. I’m glad you decided to find this page. I created it to sort of tell you guys who I am and what I do here at ‘Relax, It’s Natural!’. I really hope you guys are enjoying it so far. The Hemp/Cannabis community is wonderful but can be overwhelming at times to newcomers. Our goal is to take some of that stress away, one post at a time! We weren’t always a blog site for hemp, CBD and cannabis. Before I tell you that story, let’s tell you how this all came about shall we and where my passion for this whole thing really began. If you care to listen, I care to share. 🙂

Seventeen years old was when I had my first seizure, seventeen. I woke up on my friends front yard, kinda, with them asking if I was “ok” while the ambulance pulled up. That was the beginning of my Epilepsy journey. I spent a few days in the hospital because it was a shock. Not only to me but my parents, to the doctors, to everyone. The doctors needed to figure out what was going on. I had never had seizures before so this wasn’t normal for me at the time. Fast forward a few years, a few more test, more seizures, more medicine. Now, I always used cannabis growing up in my teenage years. I mean, who didn’t smoke in high school? I know some of you didn’t and that’s okay however I did and it was great. So when CBD started gaining popularity, I started doing my research. I had been studying cannabis since high school so this helped. I used various oils along the way. Just like medicine, the same applies with oils, each one is going to effect you different. Finding oils that were right for me was hard but I found a combination. I thought if the journey was rough for me, I could only imagine how it must be for a newcomer but how could we make the path less bumpy.

It’s important to show you guys how each farm handles their product from seed to store.

I started a cannabis clothing company back in 2018 but saw more success on my blog section. After realizing the success of the blog, my idea for a blog only site was born and to do away with the clothing altogether. In doing so, Relax, It’s Natural! Was born. A blog site dedicated to giving you guides to CBD oils, Hemp flower and local farmers and hemp dispensary’s around North Carolina. Our goal is to guide people in the community on the path to wellness one post at a time. As we stated before, we have found in can be overwhelming for people new to CBD, especially in this fast growing market, so we handle the work for you with our guides. Everything you see on here, I’ve personally used to be able to give you an accurate guide and article. Our local farmers are important to me and everyone. It’s important to show you guys how each farm handles their product from seed to store. This blog site outlines multiple local shops around North Carolina. I do this to show you guys where to get premium products and where you will get the best customer service so you’re treated like a person and not a number.

Cannabis and helping people are what I love. Just like those two things, sharing my knowledge, meeting everyone, writing and so on are what I enjoy so much. I know what helps me and I hope you’re able to get out there, see these stores, use them on you’re own path to wellness. I hope you enjoy everything you have seen and read so far and what’s to come in the future and what we become. I have come to learn a community is only as good as, well, the community. I have been a part of this community for a very long time. It’s full of some of the most wonderful, open-minded, down to the earth people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love you guys. Stay medicated. 💚🤟🏼

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