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The Munchies gave me the Munchies – Pt. 2

What’s up guys, it’s the EpilepticToker here and judging from that title, this could be an interesting post. How on earth are your munchies giving you the munchies you may wonder? Don’t worry, by the end of this it will become clear. I’m sure some of you little stoned fuckers already know though don’t you? You get stoned, you get the munchies. That’s a fact. But sometimes a cookie isn’t a cookie, is it? No, it’s also got another 500mg of THC in it but you were too high to see it. Buckle up buckaroo, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Don’t worry friend, it happens. We’ve all been there a time or two. Hell, I have even got lost in a bag of Delta-8 gummies. Why? Because fuck it and why not? When you’re just chilling, working and already have the munchies, it’s easy to get lost in a bag or have one too many. Sometimes one turns into 7 and then you remember those aren’t regular. Then you ask yourself “Should I stop or eat three more and make it an even ten?”. Of course you make the obvious choice and even it out. Now, I have a high tolerance but I also don’t just munch out on edibles on a daily. I actually moderate my consumption. It’s not good to pack on too much daily. I went that route and feel a total difference of consuming large amounts all day and micro-dosing. The latter is way better and makes for a good balance. We aren’t a one size fits all society so you need to tweak your own and find what works for you. I’m dropping some more companies later on that have a great selection of edibles! For now, I want to talk briefly about a couple I use and have come to enjoy!

If you can’t take the heat, these guys aren’t for you!

Wouldn’t be a munchie post without mentioning these guys. I’m talking about the fire breathing, always coming with the heat, oh yes, I’m talking SnapDragon Hemp! Dam if the folks over there don’t keep the oven hot. These guys do it all, farm to table, processing, everything. Just when you think you have tried it all or even thought of it, SnapDragon Hemp is bringing you another mouth-watering surprise.

Like their Delta-8 infused Lemon Pound Cake, Infused Peanut Brittle and even their granola bars. SnapDragon Hemp even offers whole jars of Delta-8 peanut butter for those who want on-the-go snacks. Maybe you are having trouble sleeping and want a PB&J as a midnight snack? Why not go infused people!!! So, you can see how it’s kind of easy to get lost with all these treats. Especially when you have the munchies and reach for the peanut butter. Man, what a ride! Me personally, I enjoy SnapDragon’s Honey Sticks in muh coffee!

Funny Faces with Harbor City Hemp!

If you guys follow me on the ‘Gram then you saw my funny face, “Holy shit, is that your tongue?!?!” post. If you did, then you know who’s coming up! We got Harbor City Hemp and they have some new gummies that are out of this world. We got a chance to try “Tigers Blood” and the Blue Raspberry and man oh man, amazing! On the b-side of things, they did succumb to the heat and got a little melted on the way. I’m not one for complaints and I was able to take full advantage of the situation.

By that, I mean it made for the perfect chance for this funny face with gummy taste! Those aren’t the only things that will have you lost in the moment. Harbor City Hemp has some delicious caramel chews and although you say you’ll eat “just one”, it doesn’t stop and the bag is gone by the end of the day. I won’t say it’s a bad thing however. With such a low dose, eating one throughout the day makes for a very relaxing, balanced day I came to find.

Now you see how your munchies can give you the munchies? It some cases, it can lead to a whirlwind of fun or maybe a world of shit. Who knows? I’m kidding, it’s not that bad. You can check out these companies online and have them shipped straight to your door! If you want to try them today or are one of our local readers, head over to our friendly, neighborhood hemp dispensary, The Hemp Company! Those guys have you covered from SnapDragon Hemp, Harbor City Hemp and many other local companies and they even rolled out their line of Delta-8 flower! I’ll be dropping a new post on that soon which will go in their collection within the Tarheel Greats section. Thanks for reading ya silly sallies! Enjoy your day and as always stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys!

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