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Going on an Adventure?

WAIT!!!!! Before you head out on your next adventure, read this little post i put together. It may help you. I talk a few hemp products to have on hand while on the trail!

What’s up Sallies! It’s the EpilepticToker here, back for more ways to get you chilled out when you’re heading out! Honestly, the options are crazy and with the industry expanding, your creativity will too. Today, I’m going to share just a few things I like to take with me when it’s adventure time. These can be things from edibles, infusions, flower, beverages and even making your own mixes. Over the past few weeks, I have changed this up a little because some new products have hit the market or hit my radar. Keep in mind guys, these are my ways to grill and chill. Take these, use them or find ways to put your own spin on them. I want to try to hit all avenues today because I know we all medicate different so I want to make sure I include everyone. Alright, let’s get on with it shall we! Grab whatever your smoking on, grab your tray and let’s go!

First up, I want to mention beverages. I don’t talk about this much but I do have a post coming soon about one I do use often. It’s made right here locally in North Carolina and it’s a seltzer, infused with Delta-8 or D8 Seltzer. This one is great and can be brought anywhere with you. I use it as an alternative to alcohol. Since I can’t really drink due to my Epilepsy, this is a great substitute. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t partake in the Devil’s Nectar or maybe just wanting a break. Imagine having a good time without the hangovers. Yep, that’s cannabis in a nutshell. I also take one or two Kayaking with me. You can buy these online or locally from our friendly, neighborhood Hemp Store, The Hemp Company. Another one to take with you out and about is CBD water. Many brands are out there but always research it because not all products are crafted the same or with the same quality. CBD-Living water is one brand that is great to have on hand. It’s also a perfect way to stay hydrated and relaxed during those hikes that tend to drag on and wear you down.


Let’s talk about flower! Everyone loves the good ole herb and when it comes to this, the ways to enjoy it are endless. From pre-rolls, vapes and other portable devices, the options go on and on. I’ll keep it simple today. When I take the yak out or go on my hikes, I take either my APX dry herb vape or my Falcon by YoCan. I mention these two because they both operate different. One uses convection or bakes your herbs and one combusts or just burns them. If you want to get all the good stuff from your buds, like the terps, the cannabinoids and also really taste it, I’d opt for the APX. Not to mention it’s a more discreet form of medicating. Now if clouds are what you want and discretion isn’t something you give a shit about, the Falcon is for you. This thing fucking rips and even comes with it’s own water attachment so you can convert to a bubbler on the go! Now, normally I don’t take my glass out the house because I have broke a few – user error – so they stay home now. Don’t get me wrong, I take both of these just no glass. Vapes are a good way to enjoy your flower while out and about. It’s also discreet and mindful of others.


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Candy Jack Miss White CBG Indoor Cali Gold Diesel Fruit

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This wouldn’t be an adventure post without edibles and for this one, I have quite a few to mention. Granola bars, gummies and yes, Beef Jerky! You’ve heard me mention that in our SnapDragon post and those guys are whipping up all kinds of treats when it comes to infusions. Just when you think you’ve tried them all or even got close to scratching the surface, they drop an entire new batch. I mentioned the granola bars though instead of sweets because I think that’s just better when you’re out in the heat. Stuffing your face with junk and sweets mixed with the sun is just a recipe for disaster. If you want to go that route, just know it may not end well and you’re going to have a bad time however you’re free to do so. Another thing to keep on hand are honey sticks like ones with CBG. Infusions and edibles are a great way to medicate while out on an adventure and our friends at SnapDragon Hemp along with Harbor City Hemp are the people to go too when you need to stock up! Once again, for our local readers, The Hemp Company is the place to go for your needs.

Infused & Confused!

Selected from our favorite companies!

Delta-8 Granola bars Delta-8 Beef Jerky Gummies!! Honey Sticks – CBG, CBD, THC D8 Seltzer

Adventures are fun but they get even better when you add a pinch “let’s get a little medicated” with a dash of “where’s the edibles?”. These are just a few ways I do things and I am always changing it up. For instance, when I go kayaking, I take a D8 granola bar, CBG honey sticks and some flower. A great little pack to take, especially after hours of paddling and you get a little tired and wore down. That CBG will take the pain away and help keep you going. Anytime I am going on activities like that or hiking, CBG anything is in the mix even topicals. These are things to keep in mind and consider when bringing your goods. Consider what you’re doing and how it would benefit. CBG is good for inflammation, joint pain and aches so if you’re “going hard” at whatever you’re doing, bring CBG. Also, don’t forget about those terps! I can’t stress that enough. I know I have been slacking lately. We usually include a terpene a week in the “Weekly Burn” but since December, I have had multiple seizures and they have just took it out of me. I am trying to get back into everything while still tackling our projects. I am doing the “Purple Pumpkin Project” right now with a small patch. Be looking for an entire category that will keep you guys in the loop along the way! Well, there it is guys, go check out our friends, get your day bags ready and go get out there! It’s a big ole, beautiful world and I think it’s time you get to exploring. If you check out Harbor City Hemp, use our code “Relax10!” to save some money or at least the cost of shipping! I also get a small commission in return which I use to keep the site running, use on various projects like the Purple Pumpkin Project I mentioned and the next one which will be the “Cleaner Paths!” project. You guys help with all this whether you know it or not. I hope you’re having a great day, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya sallies!

Don’t forget to stock up!

Every adventure needs gear. Aside from the obvious stuff like your bag, first-aid kits and other proper equipment, you can’t forget those goodies for on-the-go relief. I added some here from companies I love and stores from around the Tarheel State! I’m always finding new stores and adding them so subscribe to us so you can get an email when it drops!

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