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Follow me down to the Pumpkin Patch!

Come on guys! Follow me down to the fields and greenhouse and see what I have been working on! You guys help make this possible too! Come check it out!

Come on down

to the pumpkin patch!

Last time we brought this up, we talked about what it was and the origins. This time around, we’re actually contributing to it!

Down to the patch!

What’s up Sallies! It’s your guy you know and love, back again for some great stuff! You don’t love me? Well that’s cool because I still love you guys! Sorry I have been away for what seems like forever at least to me it does. Today, I’m going to be giving you guys a glimpse of what has caught my attention lately and I hope you love it and if you do, don’t hesitate to subscribe to follow along. Especially for this post! This one means a lot to me, that’s why I have put so much of my time and attention towards it. Let’s get right down to it. Follow me down to the pumpkin patch. I’ve been hard at work bringing you guys a blank canvas – or should I say pumpkin – this year to tell your story and bring awareness to Epilepsy. I’m keeping it brief today and sharing a few photos of what we have going on. In a previous post a while back, I talked about purple pumpkins and mentioned the “Purple Pumpkin Project” and this year, I got a chance to grow a patch of my own!

Nothing brings me more joy than being able to bring awareness and contribute to something I too suffer from, especially within my own community. While I still consider this to be in the early or first phase, which is growing the pumpkins, there’s still some things left to cross off the list. Like distribution and getting the pumpkins out once they’re ready. I have been working on some ideas and getting in contact with a few local farms in the area to help with this. I want to make sure all the pumpkins get out to those who live with the Epilepsy!

Then came the Rabbits!

You may have noticed the little fence made out of trees. I wanted to keep the natural aesthetic and also harness the natural resources from my property. There was also another reason, the rabbits. I started to notice the rabbits were getting closer and closer to them as the days and weeks went on. The fence is to protect the pumpkins from our furry friends. However, I am thinking about growing a tiny little pumpkin and melon patch just for them as a way to get them some food and keep them occupied. I have always believed we need to learn to live with the planet instead of just on it and that starts in the community and at home as well.

Funny faces and Terps!

Thank you guys!

I also want to thank you guys! On this post and every post moving forward. This is all thanks to you. All the money made so far has gone to seeds, updated equipment and to fix what I have, fertilizer etc and also keeping the site going of course! I can’t thank you guys enough. Here lately, my seizures have started to come more frequently so I have taken somewhat of a break from a few things as a precaution and scaled back others. Fear not, I am still focusing on my Epilepsy project(s) because of what they mean to me. I’ll drop more post on our pumpkins and where we are as far as milestones when the time comes. Also where you guys can go to keep them when it’s time! I love you guys and once again can’t thank you enough! I hope you have a great day and to my Epilepsy Warriors, get out there and seize the day! To everyone else, thanks for reading, subscribing and following along. I hope you pop by again on the next. Check out some other posts while you’re here and remember to stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya sallies!

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