SnapDragon Extracts Collection!

Add these to your sleepy kits!

When sleep starts escaping you and you need something to help you catch it, we got just the thing!

Add these to your sleepy kits!

What’s up guys, it’s me and by me I mean me, The EpilepticToker! I hope you guys are doing well, I know I am. We recently started doing quite a few collections and since then, we have amassed a collection of posts too! You may see some changes around the site over the next couple of weeks so be ready for that but for now, let’s talk about what you can add to your sleepy kits. You guys remember the kits you put together for a nighttime remedy? This varies from individual so yours may be different from mine. I got a chance to try something new that helped me and I want to pass it along to you guys and if it helps, maybe add it to yours too? If not, well at least you tried something new right? Anyway, without further delay, let’s get on with it shall we!

As most of you know, we recently started the SnapDragon Hemp Collection but we didn’t just stumble upon them. Well, we kind of did. Brief rundown before we get into today’s topic because of who doesn’t love a story? I actually found these guys when I stopped into The Hemp Company on the way to go for a hike one day. I was just looking for some edibles to take with me and throw in my bag and got introduced to them. While they didn’t have gummies at the time, I did get a chance to try their brownies which were amazing! Today, we’re talking about something completely different and while it’s amazing, you’re not going to want to take these on a hike.


I keep various forms of cannabis products handy as I’m sure many of you do who read this. If you don’t and you just smoke, that’s your choice but I encourage you branch out and try new ways to medicate. You may be smoking for back pain but have you ever tried a salve with terpenes and cannabinoids added? That’s targeted relief and will probably help you a lot more if you throw that in. You may even be able to cut back on your smoking habits. Maybe you smoke for sleep? I know that’s what I use to do. Then I started using tinctures and edibles, specifically ones with CBN and THC. As of late, we have started using Night Time Relief Sticks from SnapDragon Hemp and these beauties are amazing and just what you need to have Mr. Sandman bring you that dream you longed for.

Coming at 50mg in total and with a recommended serving of 10mg, that gives 5 servings or doses for the average consumer. Packed cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, THC and CBC and already sweetened, I found the perfect way to get the most out of this adding it to a cup of coffee or tea about an hour or two before bed. That gives it plenty of time to kick in and you to relax, read a book, play a game or maybe learn something new you didn’t know you could do that you keep telling yourself you can’t. I used coffee because at this point, the caffeine in coffee has no effect on me. I also used just half of the tube which would have been roughly 25mg and was feeling pretty tired about an hour and a half in and I have a pretty high tolerance. 15Mg of CBD, 35mg of THC,CBN and CBC make up the rest for a grand total of 50mg of nighttime relief. So, if you’re finding that sleep is escaping you and need something to help you catch it, these little sticks are just the thing. I have enjoyed adding them to my nightly cup of Joe and found myself wondering why I haven’t done this sooner.

While we work….

Enjoy some more drops in this collection and other ones throughout the site! I’m working on quite a few Snapdragon articles right now and some new sections and even designing an entire new layout to the site. I want to make sure you guys have the best user experience possible. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know. We even have a Discord now where you can chat about everything Cannabis, Hemp, Epilepsy or just hang out. The only thing I ask is not be a dick. Here’s some good reads while I bring you more content!

There it is you insomniacs! I’m not judging, I just hope you give it a try and it helps and if not, I’ll continue searching with you guys until we both find something that helps. More hands make less work they say, at least that’s what my Papa told me and I’m sure some of you probably heard that a time or two growing up. As usual, my local readers and subscribers can pick this up from our local, friendly, neighborhood hemp store – The Hemp Company. If you’re not local, can’t get there or want to scoop it up online, that’s always an option too! You can order them from the Hemp Company or from SnapDragon Hemp directly. If you’re local, you may qualify for local delivery from the Hemp Company so check and see on the checkout page or give them a call! Also, subscribe and follow us for more drops as we continue to grow the SnapDragon Hemp Collection! We have more goodies to come like another drop on a collection of honey sticks, some ooey, gooey sauce and infused beef jerky?!?! Oh yes, you read that right, I said INFUSED BEEF JERKY! I love you guys and hope you enjoyed this read and if not, let me know below why you didn’t and where I can improve on. If you did, let me know that too! Feedback is how I get better and also how I know what you guys enjoy and want more of and what I shouldn’t do anymore because I Know you guys aren’t fans. Anyway, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya sallies!

Snapdragon Hemp

50 mg Nighttime Relief Sticks to help you combat sleep problems and find the dreams you seek. Look for the Sweetened Indica Blend for nighttime Relief! We have more articles coming on the other blends.

The Hemp Company

Same 50mg sticks, same relief. Look for the nighttime relief sticker or Sweetened Indica. The Hemp Company will have what you’re looking for as well and we linked it right here for your convenience.

Want to hang out with us? Have a question? Just want to chat and kill time? Join us on Discord! You can also follow our site or subscribe below!

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