YoCan Collection!

One device to handle it all!

Oh it can my friend! I’ve began to call this the Jack of Al trades and it comes with me everywhere! Have you tried the Falcon?

What’s up guys, EpilepticToker here and we got an awesome drop today! For those that enjoy concentrates, this is for you! For those of you who enjoy flower, this is for you! If you enjoy traveling, adventuring and medicating while you do it, this is for you! As the title says “one device to handle it all!” and indeed it is. With the summer time coming up and I know the good majority of us are going to be out and about doing whatever it is that we do. While we are out and about, we are going to need a device that’s going to be there for us when “life” tries to hit with bullshit. Even if you aren’t out and about and find yourself lounging around at the house, this beauty I’m sure will find a home on that Blazy Susan I’m sure you invested in. Oh no, I didn’t make a typo, I said Blazy ya sallie! Give them a look, your fucking table is a mess. Now, let’s go talk about this dam thing I’m going on and on and on about. Grab your stuff and let’s medicate while we learn.

Since our Soc device has been out of commission for a little while, we decided to grab something new to help us consume our terpy derps. Don’t worry, it’s just the atomizer. Once I get one found for it, I’ll have it ordered and back up in no time! In the meantime, we got the Falcon by YoCan or the “jack of all trades” as I have come to call it and guys, this thing is a beast! It can handle it all from flower down to those delicious terps you fiends like to drool over! Since picking this beauty up, it has accompanied me on my most of my outings, from kayaking, the greenhouse down to hikes! Being able to load up whatever you’re little heart desires at that moment is awesome! It comes with everything you need from cleaning brushes, different coils for your smoking styles, the charger to keep you going, a water attachment, a base to hold your new toy and a detachable base for you to put some saucy terps and get lifted!

Lets start with my favorite, the flower side of things. Now, I do want to state the difference here between the Falcon and other vaporizers like the APX dry herb vape from Pulsar, I feel like this would be a good one to use as a comparison for what I’m about to say. So, the Falcon uses a pancake-style coil to heat those sticky-icky herbs up. This is a combustible style of heating as opposed to the convection used in the APX. The convection heats it up but think of it like your herbs in an oven being baked and you’re getting all the goodies your strain has to offer, the terps, the cannabinoids etc without the other stuff. Just wanted to point that out for you guys who are new to these types of devices. I’m more of a convection person when it comes to my vapes because you get to taste your buds and it’s just cleaner. I’m not complaining here by any means, The Falcon rips and for a cleaner smoke, it comes with a nice water attachment that has a few slits to diffuse the smoke for an even smoother draw. You really don’t need this for the flower but I recommend it for those fat, smooth rips and to filter out the bad so you can inhale the good!

Now, let’s talk about how you terp fiends are going to get the juice loose. When it comes to ways to enjoy your terps, YoCan gives you a couple on the Falcon device. You have the QTC coil and the TAL tip. If you find yourself on the go, the QTC coil is going to be your go-to. Be careful not to just stick or poke down into this or you will risk damaging your coils. If you’re just lounging around and what to rip some sauce straight from the jar, the TAL tip is coming to play and helping you get to Cloud 9! Pre-heat both of these before use by pressing the button twice on your device. You will see the light blink twice and press the button once to stop it. The water attachment is going to be your friend here guys, I have found that out. I mean, if you take fat dabs all day, every day, you may not need it but to each their own. Try taking one with and one without and then tell me how you feel. I did and man, and I started to have a bad time. The TAL tip has to be a favorite of mine because you preheat, hit the button and fire away! There’s no need to torch it and get it hot, nothing. Just make sure to keep your device charged with the USB-C cable.

It’s a lifestyle….

Indeed it is and everyone has a different style when it comes to it! Which is one reason we created the Natural Lifestyle section along with showing you various ways to keep it natural and who’s making it easier! Here’s some good reads while we grow the YoCan Collection!

One device, many uses, that’s what you’re getting with the Falcon. If you’re like me and you are always on the go or outside in the yard doing something then portability is something you look for in a device. Even if you’re just hanging back or having a quick sesh with a friend, the Falcon is pretty sweet device. I added this to a new section called the “YoCan Collection” and for good reasons! YoCan is an amazing brand and has an expansive line-up so I’m sure we will be getting some more. Then there are the many ways “YoCan” enjoy your device as well as how-to articles such as cleaning your falcon which is a common question I have seen being asked around the net. We decided to make a short little drop just for that with a quick little video to follow which you can check out here! Well, Here it is guys, a nice little drop to introduce to The Falcon to start this collection! If you guys haven’t had a chance to use or try this yet, I highly recommend it. I have enjoyed every minute of it so far and can’t wait to see the many ways we get to smoke out of this! If you have one, drop me a line and let know what you like or don’t like about it or maybe what YoCan could improve on. Alright, now, go pack up some terps or sticky icky and get to medicating! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya sallies!

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