SnapDragon Extracts Collection!

Brain Melts!

It's a cool title because you have to melt these to achieve "Brain Melt", yea. I call this one "Brain Melts"

What’s up ya Sallies, It’s EpilpeticToker here, back to bring you more tears to use to fill your bong with so get ready. What, wait a minute. Why the fuck would I say some sad shit like that? My goodness, let me take a dab real quick. Takes dab as negative vibes leave body Okay, I think that did it guys. You know what, this shit is amazing man. We got to talk about this. Wow, what a taste. Yea, fuck it, I’m doing today’s post about this “Disty”. I don’t know, it’s what the box says so I’m going with it. I have another one that says “Space Grape” which is what I just took a nice dab-a-roo of and man. Okay, let’s go rant and rave about some saucy treats, grab your rig ya Sallie!


Man, while you were dragging ass, I took another dab. Phew, I’m nice and relaxed though. Great for this post and even better after a long day at work or in the greenhouse like I have been. It’s nice to sit back and unwind. Today, I’m talking syringes, which we covered in a separate post here. In that post, I talked mainly the versatility of them. However Today, I’m talking specifically “SnapDragon Hemp” and giving them their own collection! Oh yes, you guys remember those chocolate chip cookies and brownies? Well, that’s who cooked them up and now, they’re bringing us some more treats for us to unwind and relax to!

First up, we got their CDT syringes. These beauties are strain specific and are filled with Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Lab tested for quality and Terpene added for a step above the rest. These come in 1mL glass syringes and are ready at a moments notice. Currently, SnapDragon has a few strains available. If they are like Harbor City Hemp, these could rotate as stock sells. I’ll list them below. I have enjoyed their Space Grape and Awesome Blossom in my APX Volt and Soc devices for that terpy goodness! The Space grape being one of my favorites at this point so far. It’s just a great unwind-er. I’d have to try some more but for now, that’s the one! If you want to take these on the go, The APX Volt is going to be your friend. Check out our Pulsar article here and see what it’s about! As for the syringe itself, I have found the rolling it back and forth in your hand, using the body heat from your hand and the friction, heats it up nice and quick. Some say put it in a ziploc bag and run it under hot water but my anxiety kicks in and no, just no. We pumped the breaks on that whole dam thought. Here’s what SnapDragon currently has in stock for their CDT syringes at the time of this post:

Strains to melt your Brains!

  • Hulk Haze
  • Abacus Diesel
  • Space Grape
  • “Terpene of the Month”
  • Spec 7
  • Awesome/Berry Blossom

Now we got the no terp syringe or as SnapDragon Extracts calls it, the “Straight Disty” syringe. Honestly, it’s kind of dope they call it that. Just, straight distillate is what you’re getting here. Now, this is up to you what you do with this one. If it were me, I’d use this one as a bowl topper, wrap my cones with it or even cook with it. The reason is because you don’t want to have terpenes from this concentrate compromise your other terps or mixing. Maybe some of you like that. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but if you’re trying to unwind and you mix some terps that aren’t meant for that with some that are, well you’re basically knocked and focused at the same time. It’s not good. I’d use the straight distillate to enhance the effects of what you’re smoking. It’s just as well with cooking. You don’t want some grape/berry terps in some medicated pizza you’re trying to make, do you? Get two, one CDT and one that is just straight distillate and see for yourself. That’s the only way you will know. Remember, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. We are all different.

More Goodness!

Oh yes, we are giving you more and more just like we said! SnapDragon Hemp is a new addition! Because they are new, check out some more great companies and see what they’re collection is about while we poke and try to awake the dragon!

SnapDragon Hemp has some fantastic products. Their syringes and some of their edibles are just a few we have had a chance to try! As always, you can order them online or, if you are one of our local subscribers, you can pick them up locally from our good friends over at The Hemp Company! You can order them online as well from there and some may even qualify for same day, local delivery. They aren’t voted best in the triangle for nothing! Alright, well there it is! Get your rig hot and ready like that pizza guy who wears the toga and get you some terpy terps! Drop a comment if you have and let me know how you liked them! Thanks for reading and as always, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya silly Sallies!

Want more Brain Melts? Maybe more edibles or just be in the know? Maybe just some fire for your soul? I don’t know what i’m talking about at this point, i’m a little stoned. Here’s our subscribe box if ya want more content ya toker!

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