SnapDragon Extracts Collection!

Awaken the Dragon, the SnapDragon!

We're trying. I'm sure if we keep poking at em' well, soon enough it will wake. I'm just not sure if i will like what will ensue. Oh who am I kidding!

What’s up Sallies, it’s the EpilepticToker here, back to bring you more drops or flops. I say that because it’s all about how you perceive these at this point. You’re either going to go “Yep, that was a drop of the week!!” or you’ll say “Man, what a flop! He should have saved his disk space!”. So there you have it, the “Drop or Flop” system. Anyway, let’s get on with today’s post shall we ya fucking terp fiend! I’m actually introducing a new company that I’m sure will branch out into an entire collection in the coming weeks-months! In fact, I’m sure it will. Since you guys loved that syringe post so much, why not start with the actually company who are whipping them up and bringing us joy. Alright, grab your rig, flower, whatever you may be medicating with and let’s go rant and rave!

Today, I decided to step into the lab and awaken the Dragon that is Snap, I’m sorry SnapDragon Hemp, that’s it! If you’re thinking these guys are new here, think again. They have graced us quite a few times in the form of some delicious edibles. Remember grannys cooking and the brownie post? Welp, that was the good ole SnapDragon Hemp. They have pretty much anything your pretty little heart desires. Tinctures? Yep Syringes? Oh yea? Edibles? Didn’t we just talk brownies and cookies? Come on Jeff, rest of the class is on chapter 3 and you haven’t even opened the dam book. Honestly guys, SnapDragon Hemp has so much to pick from, it would stupid of me NOT to start a collection for them! Let’s go talk about just a few and where to find them at should you want some of these treats.


I got to start with edibles. You know so far we have had the chance of trying their brownies and chocolate chip cookies. At this point, I’m on a mission to try everything! They have crunch berry bars and even Delta-8 infused Peanut Butter! PB&J sandwiches anyone? Dammit man, does that sound amazing. Making some sandwiches for a trip or just leaving it out and having someone else use it that doesn’t partake and just watching that fucking train run it’s course. Man, what a day that would be. And as if the jars of peanut butter weren’t enough, SnapDragon Hemp is coming at us with infused jars of Honey! We got cookies, brownies, honey -sticks and jars – peanut butter, I mean the list goes on and on! If you’re and edibles person and need something for a trip, to snack on or just in general, it’s safe to say they got you covered on every angle imaginable!

Now it’s time for the concentrates! You know they have syringes which I covered here. In addition to those, you can some more hemp derived terpenes and cannabinoid isolates. Such as CBG, CBN, CBD and others. You can also get sampler bundles and even THCV isolate crystals. The syringes are great for everything we outlined in our last post. Such as cooking, dabbing, bowl toppers and wrapping your cones. Your isolates are a little different because they are just that, isolated cannabinoids. If you get a CBG Isolate well, you’re getting just CBG. Keep that in mind when picking your concentrates. If cartridges are your thing, they have you covered here too, don’t worry! From Delta-8, CBD, CBN, Hybrids, they have you covered on any combination you may need. All in all, they don’t disappoint here and I can’t wait to see wait else get’s added to the product line in the future.

While we awake this Dragon…

You guys can enjoy a growing collection SnapDragon Hemp and other amazing Hemp companies found in our Weekly Strains! I add to these weekly and try to add some of my favorites that I think you guys would enjoy as well! Give them a read while I get this going!

From “Customer Favorite Sample Bundles” flower, topicals, edibles, pet products, SnapDragon Hemp has a little bit of this and a little bit of that. If you’re local and want to get your hands on some edibles by them to get started or try them out. Maybe you want to try those syringes? Don’t worry, our friendly, neighborhood dispensary, The Hemp Company, has you covered! If you’re not local or want something they may not have, you can always order online right here! We are going to be growing this collection so make sure you subscribe that way you know when we got something new! If you have tried them before, drop a comment and let me know what you got and how you liked it! I’m going to be grabbing new stuff right with you guys so let’s do this! Alright, there it is, go get your brownies or cookies or gummies or whatever it is you keep telling yourself you’ll “never eat again” or “it’s cheat day so it’s okay” but it’s been cheat day for three months but we won’t talk about that. I’m going to go get these pumpkins planted for the Purple Pumpkin Project I’m doing this fall. There will be a section up soon that you can check out and see the progress! Thanks for reading! Stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya fucking sallies!

Get notified of the growing SnapDragon Hemp and other collections! I mean, we didn’t spam your screen with pop-ups and we won’t do that to your inbox either! Trust me, we hate those annoying things too!


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