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We got Syringes!

No, not those kinds of syringes ya fucking Sallie! What kind of site do you think I'm running here? These are full of terps and other goodies.

What’s up guys, EpilepticToker here and guys, we have a nice little drop today! Judging by that title, it could go either way. Is this a post about a new rig? Maybe portable vapes? Who knows, I guess you’ll have to keep on scrolling and find out won’t you? Don’t worry, it’s good one especially if you’re new to the community. Even if you aren’t but maybe new to this style, it’s a good read. I’ll try to be as informative as I can here while expanding further on future posts. Without anymore delay or rambling, grab your shit and let’s medicate and learn something new ya sallies!

Today, I’m talking syringes and distillate! I have started using them quite often a lot lately. These tiny beauties are going to be what we are talking today and if you have never used them then sit back and relax because the things you can do with these are overwhelming. From bowl toppers, wrapping your cones and blunts, cooking or just dabbing in general or maybe refilling your carts although I don’t recommend that last one. I mean, you can if that’s your thing but don’t be mad if the taste is off or something goes wrong. Anyway and on that note, let’s start with using syringes for smoking and dabbing purposes shall we!


Recently, I bought a device set up for concentrates. I couldn’t find a PuffCo or Pulsar locally but I needed something since I had some wax on hand so I bought something comparable. You can read about it here if you want. Using syringes for dabbing is probably the most common way to use them. I know some of you have found it hard to use the traditional nails and torch – I’m also one of those people – which is why these devices exist. They are so convenient and easy to use. One type I’m talking about today is the one I mentioned above, my Soc device. Very easy to use and inexpensive. Just like SocVapes, Pulsar and PuffCo have comparable ones and highly recommend those. I was able to snag the Soc device locally so I picked it up. When using your syringes for dabbing, you’re going to want to heat it a little. I don’t mean torching the dam thing. If you do that, you are more than like going to have a bad time. One method is to heat it under water. Put it in a zip-loc bag and put it under some hot water. Personally, this method drives my anxiety through the roof so I just use the heat from my hand and roll it back in forth and create friction. It’s easier and I don’t have to worry about ruining anything or water getting everywhere. Once you got your oil warm enough to push out the syringe, it’s time for a dab!

Another good way to use these beauties is bowl toppers! If you use your wax or other saucy goods and have found it difficult in the past then look no further friend, help has arrived. These make it so easy to just snail trail, happy face, whatever design that you have Bob Rossed up! After you have it heated a little and have the herb of your choice in your bowl, go ahead and get it topped! I wouldn’t use just any syringe either. Syringes with CDTs or Cannabis Derived Terpenes may compromise the terps from your flower. It’s not a bad thing but packing some Apple Jack CDT terps onto Bubba Kush flower would just be a weird mixture and a weird blend of terps and cannabinoids. If you want a good blend and effect, get you a regular, non-CDT syringe for your bowl topping needs. You’ll see what I mean if you have ever done this.


Did you know you could cook with these? Oh indeed you can. While it’s less common to do so, you can make some amazing edibles with some syringes. Just like with bowl toppers, when cooking with syringes, you may want to go with some that aren’t CDT or BDT. I say this because it would be weird to make some awesome edibles from say Space Grape terps and they have a grape/Berry taste and they shouldn’t. It’s not anything you did it’s just the syringe and terpenes that were present in the syringe. Not to mention you risk burning them off. Just get a regular, non-CDT or non-BDT one if you plan on cooking. Syringes, like tinctures, make cooking so much easier because they come measured and ready to go. It all really depends on what you’re cooking here too so check your recipes here guys.

When one isn’t enough!

I mean, if it isn’t, need not worry my friend because we have you covered! Here’s some more reads to ease your curious little mind. We add to these collections weekly so subscribe to be notified!

One little syringe yet so many uses. From dabbing, cooking, bowl toppers, you could even make your own salves if you wanted. I know there are many of us who enjoy making our own things from edibles to creams and tinctures and distillate make it so much more convenient. I have been using Delta-8 syringes lately and wanted to cover a few ways to use them but I am going to start dropping random post like cooking with them and so on. Also, I did drop that post about our SOC device which is right here. I’m going to try and get something new and comparable to that soon so be looking out for that as well. I want to give you guys a feel for the concentrates. Cooking with them though is coming next! Cannabutter is something I enjoy making and I have yet to put a “How-to” up here for those of you who may not know how. Drop some comments below on how you use your wax and syringes, maybe favorite strains! We also have SnapDragon Extracts entering the Weekly Stains under their own collection. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya silly sallies!

If you want to be notified about more drops or flops, drop your assortment of characters and numbers below as well as the server it can be reached. If not, that’s okay, you know where to find us if you change your mind!


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