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Soc Up!

I mean, seriously, Soc up dude! Get up and take a hit off this. Good right? Now quit chocking, Soc Up and take another!

What’s up you guys, It’s the EpilepticToker coming back at you again with a dope new device! Ha, see what I did there? Oh man, well, I don’t wanna explain it so fuck it, moving on. Now, in our last post, I told you guys I had a new device I wanted to rant and rave about so here I am. I’m not replacing my Pulsars though so pump the brakes. Those are my babies and also offer the portability I want. Don’t get me wrong, this one is tiny enough to take with you but it’s not all that concealable. Okay, let me shut up and get on with it! Grab some of that sauce I know you got, scoop it up and drop it down, get a little geeked and let’s get this thing started!

I dropped a video the other day on our Instagram page debuting this awesome little device. I was excited man. I had just got through hanging out with a friend who had a PuffCo and just had to get one or something similar. After searching around my hometown, the PuffCo was out the question but a rig wasn’t totally off the table. After leaving the second store, I arrived at the third thinking “third times the charm” as I walked in. Like I said, the PuffCo was out the question because I could see the clear case where the rigs sat, he didn’t have any nonetheless he did have some. Enter, SOCVapes and the coolest little rig that I have owned. Well, it’s the first one I have ever owned really aside from my APX Volts so yea. I have enjoyed it so far and believe me, I have been putting it to use, learning the in’s and out’s of it so I can bring you guys a nice post on this beauty.

The Soc rig is my first and because it’s my first, I can’t really compare it to anything else. However, I did use a PuffCo a few days prior so I will try to compare it to that a little. I was doing that anyway as I was using it. While the PuffCo has been around a little longer so it’s had time to get feedback and work out the kinks, The Soc is not something that lags behind by any means. After getting home, getting this beauty unpacked and inspected to make sure everything was there and good, I plugged it in to charge while I looked over the book. I also gave it a quick clean before I used it. I assume everyone cleans their new rig before just slamming terps or blowing smoke. If not, you should because it’s been sitting on a shelf guys, come on, that’s fucking gross. I think that’s the only point I need to make and now I’m moving on.


Now that I had saw our rig had finished charging, it was time to go terp town! Once I powered it on, I saw it was a green light which was odd. I had just read this book over and a full charge should have given me a blue light. Now, at first glance, it seemed it was a defect. I also thought it was just me just being stoned. This was an easy mishap and could have happened to anyone. I plugged it back in, it lit up, turned off indicating it was done and at full charge and nope, back to green. After scouring what the kids call “The World Wide Web” or the Internet, I was able to see that this was a common problem. Not even a problem maybe just a misprint. After taking a bong rip and calming down, I turned on my Soc vape, got my Sour Berry Terps ready and the rest is history. I kept the temperature setting in the green or roughly 500 degrees. It all really depends on how much you are loading inside your bowl here too as to how high or low the devices temp needs to be. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re new to devices, rigs and such. Even dry herb vapes.

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All in all, I enjoyed this cool little device. It came with three bowls. A quartz and 2 ceramics. I used the quartz more but the ceramics I feel provided a more tasty smoke. As usual, clean this and all your devices after every use. Unfortunately, after about three weeks of having and using this, the atomizer coil popped on one side and I haven’t been able to use it as of this post. I’ll try and get it fixed or replaced soon but until then, I’ll be using my APX Volt or regular Quartz Nail and favorite, trusty water pipe. If you want to give this a go, check them out. From the time I did use it, It’s a great device. Another great, comparable brand is Pulsar with their RoK device! You can check that out here. While it’s slightly higher in price, it’s more durable. Check them out and get to dabbing or just upgrade your set-up you terp slurpers! That’s it for now, we’re going to drop this short and sweet syringe post for you guys that I think pairs well with this one. I also need to start doing some cooking post! You know, show you guys how to cook with tinctures and what not! Soon, I’m going to start posting videos. I try and this dam thing keeps giving me “errors” but I try, try and try some more I guess! Anyway, thanks for reading ya stoners! I’ll check ya next time. In the mean time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya silly sallies!

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