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More mods for your pods….and carts.

It's mainly for your carts, I'm not even gonna sit here and act like it's all about pods with this one. I did mention one company who's helping you out though!

What’s up Sallies, It’s the EpilepticToker here, once again. I hope you all are well and staying medicated. Recently, I’ve just been slurping those terps down. From some of my favorites around here like Harbor City Hemp and Carolindica, I’ve kept quite a few selects. A diverse selection doesn’t stop at the concentrates though, oh no. I also like to keep a range of batteries for them. I know that may hit the ear weird or you may be wondering why. Don’t worry, by the time you get to the end, it will become clear and you’ll be saying “Okay, that makes sense now.” It’s not a bad thing either at least to me it’s not. It can be at times at least it was which is why I keep various devices handy for my cartridges, wax, crumbles etc. Let’s go ahead and get down to it shall we. You can get whatever you may be smoking on today, I got my bongaroo and some of the stickiest of the icky!

When I first started getting into wax, concentrates and all that jibber jab, it was cartridges. I got a little mod and kept it moving. It was something simple and easy to use. I’m sure most of you know the style as well. All you do is attach the magnetic connector, drop it in and pull, no button, no anything. At first glance, this was amazing. I mean, all you did was pick it, pull and go. As time went on though, the oil would thicken and if you couldn’t pull, the device wouldn’t activate. These types of devices immediately were a turn off to me. However, as someone new to carts, I couldn’t have known. For this reason, I opted for a mod that had to be manual activated as well as pre-heat functions moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, auto ones are still good, I’m not shitting on them, they just aren’t for me. With no variable volt settings or pre-heat functions, they just couldn’t cut it. Auto-draw devices may be good for the beginner, on-the-go use and just to keep as a back up. If you’re looking for all around good mods, let’s keep going.


The good thing is, you don’t have to spend a shit ton of money to get a good device. Pulsar is one of my favorite companies when it comes to portable devices. Sound familiar? I have dropped a few posts about them. They don’t fall short of products either. From dry herb vapes, devices for concentrates and carts, it’s such a good range of options. I myself have invested their APX line of devices. The APX Volt and dry herb have come to have a home here and they get quite a bit of use. If you have been on their site, you may see two APX devices for concentrates. The APX Volt and APX Wax which may confuse you at first because they’re both for the same thing so what’s different? The answer lies in the atomizer. The Volt features a coil-less cup which I love. That’s the reason I went with that one. The idea of dropping concentrates on top of coils didn’t sit right with me. The APX Wax is just that. The cup features a triple coil cup and that wasn’t for me. It doesn’t effect it. The APX Wax has great reviews but I love the coil-less feature so I went with that. I even bought another one for the design. Pulsar even gives you the option to upgrade the glass top to a metal one. You’ll come to find this is a great option. Why? It’s not that it’s thin or anything. Accidents happen, we know that and about two months into owning mine, I dropped it and shattered the glass top. Upgrading to the metal top is a no-brainer in my opinion.

Staying on Pulsar because they’re just bringing the heat, I have to talk about this one! When it comes to your carts, Pulsar has you covered too, why wouldn’t they? In addition to keeping it simple with variable volt mods as well as auto-draw ones, Pulsar has one-upped the game by introducing the ‘DuploCart”. Now, this thing is fucking sweet guys, I can’t deny this and neither can you. It’s a mod that allows you to equip not one but two carts full of nice thick oil for you terp fiends. This is so awesome and even better, you get the option hitting one cart at a time both together at the same time. What’s not to like about that? That’s in Pulsar’s top 3 devices. The DuploCart is the ultimate portable device if you smoke cartridges on the regular. Even if you don’t see yourself hitting two carts at the same time, I’d use the second one as a storage compartment for another blend. That way when you’re getting ready to unwind or maybe just chilling with some friends, you switch it up you know. That’s such a plus in my book. Another thing that makes it a plus is the price. It’s not going to break you or your bank account when you snag this bad boy. I’d add this to your collection and see what you think.


A few weeks ago, I stopped in my local tobacco shop and grabbed a mod for carts. The Klasik by KangVapes. Now, I have had KangVapes brands before however I had never had this specific model so why not. I needed something new and I needed it kind of like now and I knew I didn’t want anything with the auto-draw function. This is a good one too. Another great inexpensive device that you can pick up locally. Odds are, your local vape or tobacco shop has one of these on the shelf you can grab. If features the magnetic connection, variable volt as well as pre-heat function. The only downside to this is it’s color coded for the variable volts. It didn’t come with a manual either which sucked. For those of you who may have picked this up and are wondering what each color means, I found them and added them for you here:

  • Red – 3.2 Volts
  • Blue – 3.5 Volts
  • Green – 3.8 Volts
  • White – 4.1 Volts

The Klasik is a good one as well. If you’re thinking about grabbing something or need something inexpensive, this would be a good one. Like I said, odds are, your local shop has one so check them out!

We covered these back during the holidaze if I’m not mistaken but we’re bringing them back! 02Vapes is such a great company because like Pulsar, they specialize in vapes. I mean, they even help you out to “low-key medicating” man, remember that? With their car-key disguised vape, you’ll always have your favorite terps on hand. 02Vapes doesn’t stop there though. Offering many styles of batteries for your carts and even ones that come with hard shell cases for easy storage and portability. It reminded me of BioCBD. They were they ones a while ago that offered a hard shell case when you bought their terp blends. I enjoyed and even kept my case to store future carts and batteries in. Came in handy actually, especially for our “Happy Kits” we like to talk about. 02Vapes provides everything you need though from mods, pods down to the carts you need for those terps that have you walking on sunshine!

More good reads!

Oh yes! I couldn’t really dial down what to bring you guys this time so I said “screw it” and randomized this one. You get a mix of everything. Enjoy ya joker smoker tokers!🤘🏻💚

After giving auto-draw mods a go, they just weren’t for me. There’s a ton of mods and batteries that fit everyone’s smoking lifestyle, you just have to know which one is right for you. It’s also okay to have multiple ones and of different varieties. That’s how I do it. I keep multiple devices handy for many reasons. Also I’m a believer that “shit happens” so yes, keep multiple devices handy. If you’ve used any of these I mentioned above, let me know below! If you haven’t well now is the time man. I enjoy my portable smoking and it’s even better now that the weather is starting to warm up. Drop some more comments on your favorite smoking devices. I know you guys probably have some and I’m interested to hear them! Thanks for reading ya silly Sallies! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural. I love you guys!

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