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Coming at you live!

It's Thursday Midday, from my desk!!!!!!!!! Get it? It's like a Saturday know what, forget it.....

What’s up ya silly Sallies! I hope we’re all doing good and if not well, this bong rip is for you and maybe you should do the same. You never know, it may help or at least put things into perspective for you. I mean, nothing helps me when I need to slow down, clear my head or when I’m upset like a good bong rip or four. Now, back to why I’m dropping some lines today. We dropped a new strain today oh yes and I hope you enjoyed it! Did you notice the change though? Maybe tiny so you probably didn’t but big enough to where I decided to actually make a post about but also to talk about some more things with you guys because why not man, I’m getting back into social mode and that’s a good and bad thing I guess? I haven’t been social like I was growing up and I don’t to pull any excuses or point fingers because pointing fingers only leads to three fingers pointing back at me. Anyway, let’s briefly talk about why I’m here today shall we. We know I got my pipe, do you have yours?

So, I mentioned the weekly strains in the beginning rant so I guess that’s where I’ll start. Our Weekly strains section has started to amass quite a collection of strains and blends of terps. Hey, I’m not complaining and I know you guys love them. To bring you guys a better user experience, you will now see “Collections” under weekly strains. Collections like:

– Hemp Hop Collection

– Harbor City Hemp Collection

– Carolindica Collection

These are just a few examples of the collections that you will start to see over the coming days moving forward. I’m super excited to see these collections grow and where we can take them as a community. I have had the pleasure of trying so many different strains and blends from quite a bit of companies and farms from the Tarheel state and across the galaxy! Okay, maybe not that far. We don’t have space bud just yet although Hemp Hop has ‘Space Glue’ we need to get our hands on. Point is, we have started to build the collection so much, we needed a better organized cabinet.


That’s not all that’s changing! Over the months, I have been brainstorming a way to bring even more creative content to you guys. The Weekly Burn has been such a hit and I know I haven’t brought any new edition’s of it lately but there are some reasons for it. The Weekly Burn is coming to you guys in the form of not only a video now but also a podcast series! That’s right, you will now get to see this guy bring your weekly dose of terps, flower and tokers right to you, front and center! I’m still going to write them too but I also wanted a more visual aid to go along with it! I know some of you would appreciate that or maybe have something to listen to while on a drive or hike. That should be coming in the coming weeks but in the meantime, The Weekly Burn will get a nice update. I’m putting it in it’s own category so it will be archived and you guys can look back on what I call “past burns” in case you missed one. In the past, The Weekly Burn had it’s own page. This meant that when it got updated, you may have missed what we highlighted like new stores, influencer of the week etc. To me, that was unacceptable and just wasn’t fair to the people who started to look forward to it but maybe got busy on a weekly basis. What if they missed the week before? Maybe it contained something they would have enjoyed or useful information. Thankfully, you guys won’t have that problem once the new edition of “The Weekly Burn” drops in the coming weeks. These will be easily accessed with a quick search from the site, the drop down menu or the footer.

So many reads, not enough time!

I mean, I’m not wrong. I myself was looking at all them the other day then I saw my “drafts” folder and don’t even get me started on what’s on my desktop. It’s a lot you guys. Hey, it’s what I do though and I love every minute of it and you guys make it just as enjoyable! 💚🤘🏻

Alright man, I think that about does it. Sorry to take you away from whatever you were doing but I wanted to let you know the changes either made or that were coming. I’m sure some of you would have seen them. It’s not like they’re bad things, not at all. Still, I myself like to be kept in the loop so I like to do the same to others. There are some things that I will be surprising you guys with but for now, these are what I wanted to tell you about. I hope you all are enjoying the nice spring weather and getting out. I just went kayaking the other day and it was so relaxing. Just know you don’t need the devil’s lettuce to relax but hey, it helps. Anyway, thanks for reading you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys ya silly sallies!

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