Harbor City Hemp Collection

You don’t need milk for these cookies!

You really don't though. Unless of course you like drinking milk. I do. I know some of you look at people like us and think "EWWWW DEMON..WITCH!!! BURN THEM!!" but yea...

What’s up you guys! It’s The EpilepticToker here again and you may have guessed what we got this week. If not, allow me to demonstrate…….with this pencil, some string and this paper clip (blue). I’m just fucking with you. Today, we’re opening up the cabinet again for another weekly strain post! Oh yes and I know you guys loved the last couple so I know you’re going to love this one. I would say break out your tray but for this one, you’re going to need whatever battery you’ve been using. I may need to get a new one going on that huh? I still recommend Pulsar however we’ve been switching it up lately and using the Klasik by KangVape. I’ll go over why I switched things up in a seperate post. It’s nothing bad, don’t worry. So, let’s go slurp some terps and see what we pulled out the cabinet this week!


This vape ban fucked everyone up, let me just say that. I know I haven’t said what any of you haven’t said or thought already. On to what we came to talk about shall we. This week, we got Harbor City Hemp bringing the heat again with their strain Oreo Cookies. Is this another cookies strain? Man, am I sub-consciously thinking about treats again? Dam, well, maybe this will be sufficient enough to hold me over. I’m sure it will, I’ve never been big on sweets and shit, unless it’s the “good” kind. I must say, The Cookies that are Oreo coming out the lab at HCH are amazing, tasty and are something you can puff on through-out the day without putting you out. This is a good thing if you need something to smoke on and don’t want that “Couch-lock” feel.

It’s funny I say that because that was the first thing I told our friend Drew over at The Hemp Company I didn’t want. Thankfully, we got a nice terpy-licious blend for clarity that didn’t have us slumped. Don’t get me wrong, I love to unwind and get settled while I puff on something nice. However, I do like my days where I have shit to do and we can’t be couch surfing, wondering why our shit’s buffering and dropping crumbs on the floor after you swore you’d “never eat in here again”. Oreo Cookies isn’t one of those blends thankfully. After a few hits on this, you’re feeling nice and on your way to whatever you have planned. For me, all the thoughts we had going were slowed and I was able to finally put a pin in them. It felt nice to focus and get that slow down feeling but also not feel shitty if that makes any sense. Being mentally drained can take it out of you at times too. Puffing on this seemed to really help.

Browse the collection

If you liked this blend, see what else we added to the Harbor City Hemp collection. It’s pretty nice actually. We’ve had so many blends from them, it’s starting to pile up man. Just when you think you’ve caught up, they drop 10 more!!! Check out what we have so far.

There it is ya sallies. A nice blend to puff while the sun shines down on your pretty faces. I know some of you still like your strains that have you slumped and hey, that’s cool. I have some nice picks in the weekly strains and I’m expanded the collection so go check them out! For now, I’m serving up some cookies and these, you don’t need milk for. Now, if you’re fancying something to satisfy that hunger, our infused section has some goodies for ya or just eat a Snickers man, you’re not yourself when you’re like this. We have expanded on our Harbor City Hemp blends and they can found in their own collection to bring you a better user experience! Check them out below. You can also subscribe so you can be in the know when I add another to the collection or just in general because you’re cool, I’m awesome, we’re both squares in a circle that keeps spinning. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it as much I enjoy bringing these to guys! I’m going to keep bringing them as well as finding ways to making the site better for everyone. Until next time, I love you guys! Thanks for reading ya silly Sallies! As always, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤘🏻

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