A Natural Lifestyle!

It’s like a home for your Jays!

Tired of rolling jays or packing cones for an outing only to have them not make it? Not because you couldn't wait so you smoked it but because you didn't have proper storage. Look no further!

What’s up ya silly sallies, knob gobblers and ya little stressed out bundles of joy! It’s me, EpilepticToker here, once again with some rants, raves and I guess words of wisdom. In fact, here’s something to get us started. To cool down a hot drink, add ice. That’s some profound shit right there. Now, on to the real task at hand here. Now, it’s no surprise the weather is warming up around here. That means you guys are going to be getting out and of course taking the goods. You’re going to want to be organized but also protected. In this post, we’re going to be talking about how to get all the relief you need on the go while staying protected. Let’s do it! Grab your flower, your goods, your tray, whatever your smoking on and let’s meducate!


Now, it’s safe to say we may be in the clear and out of “Spring’s Deception”. That’s what we call fake spring around here. Where Mother Nature likes to fool you into thinking it’s all nice and shit for a few days and then BAM! Winter all over again. To my North Carolina readers, you know what I’m talking about. Assuming we are in the clear though, you little joker smokers are probably going to be getting out after being locked up inside for an extended winter. Also assuming you took a stroll through the garden and found some of the devils lettuce, you’re going to need something to protect those greens! Thankfully, you have options a plenty. Today though, we’re going to be talking about only one. I’m sure I have mentioned them in a post we did around the Holidaze but they have since added new designs to the collection. Without further delay, let’s get it!

Protect the Goods!

In addition to being dope as fuck, J-Case started bringing some amazing finishes to the community! It didn’t stop there though. Wanting the community involved, they started letting us pick designs when new additions dropped! Make sure you’re following them for new drops and to know when voting starts!

Protection while on the go all while being sleek and stylish, is that what you’re looking for? You should be. Who the fuck want’s to be plain and boring? You do? Oh, you want something to match that personality do ya? Here’s a shoe box then. Now, if you’re not trying to be Plain Jane Dawson over here, it’s time to spruce things up and get out that comfort zone. You know, live a little and it starts with this little fucking case. More specifically, the J-Case! Gracing us with new designs and finishes, this case is sure to keep your Jays and bud encased and protected. Nothing says “natural” like the wood these are made from! Put it in your pocket, throw it in your day bag for hikes. I’m sure you have a “smoke spot”. Who doesn’t? Now, you need not worry about your goods being destroyed during transport.

“Will it fit everything?” Well dam man, if you’re packing ALL your stuff, just have a sesh at home. This case isn’t meant for that. It’s just a little case for the little things. Throw some cones in there, throw some papers, a little bud. I like to think of just the necessities. I’m sure it’s even roomy enough to through a small battery and cart for those of terp slurpers out there!

See what fits our Lifestyle!

We give you options but at the end of the day, the choice should always be yours! I mean, the only one who truly knows you is you, right? Unless you have some crazy stalker which is weird as fuck, them not you. Anyway, check out some more great reads and see what fits your lifestyle.

Peace of mind while you get your mind at peace. Dam, that was pretty, at least I think so. You don’t even need to take the J-Case with you but it doesn’t hurt. I think it would just help with all around organization. Remember that piece we did on the Blazy Susan? This would be dope on that center piece we know you added to your table. Give these a go and let us know what you think. Drop some comments and let us know your favorite design, how it pairs with your smoking style as well as durability out there in this crazy world! Thanks for reading and as always, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Until next time, I love you guys ya silly sallies!💚🤘🏻

Did you get them a home?!

Good! Now I guess there’s um only one thing left to do then. That’s right jack, I’m talking about entering that email so you don’t miss out on our next post. Who knows, we might find a fucking Cannabis car or something. We won’t spam your inbox. If we do, you can yell at us.

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