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An “L” you’ll want to take!

Wait, are talking about losing or blunts? I'm confused. You're a confusing guy. Let me just click this and find out.

Most of the time, we hate losses. It’s just in our nature as humans to not accept defeat, at least for the most part. In terms of today’s modern slang or I guess what the kids are saying, we don’t like taking that “L”. Another term for “L” I guess, at least what I am used to hearing growing up when I hear “L” I think blunt but that’s the smoker in me or maybe I just smoke too much. No, that’s impossible and now I am being a dam negative Nancy. Someone help! Maybe I need to call the doctor. Yikes. The irony here is that the Doctor delivered these bad boys to us and on a rainy day like today, nothing says “Relax & Enjoy” like these. Flips package wait, they actually say this. My goodness, I’m gonna smoke both of them. Maybe I’ll save the other for a bake session when I wake up? Enough, let’s get down to brass tax. Spark up and chill with me real quick on this short and sweet post on these pre-rolls!


Prepackaged and fresh as hell, we got “Ellz” coming in and holy shit are they amazing! I’m not gonna lie, I was hesitant at first when I ripped the seal of this guys. My first thought was “Oh dam, these are gonna be all crusty and shit” but they were as moist and fresh as the day they were put in and sealed. What helped with this? The moisture pack these guys threw in there which was kind of thoughtful and considerate. I also got to thinking about how a smoker definitely thought of this. How many times have you ripped a pack of cigars or just anything for that matter open and they have been stale and crusty as shit? I’ll answer that, too many to count so stop!

Keep in mind that these are going to pre-rolled blunts not joints. So, for you joint smokers out there, “Ellz” may not be for you or are they? While they have the appearance of the average blunt, what you’re pulling out that package is far from. With paper consisting of natural material including hemp fiber, these relief sticks are just so smooth. I’d say, they’re about as smooth as those tires on your car you keep saying you need to replace. Smooth as shit, right? Thick like a blunt, hand-rolled for quality and slow burning for those nights where the weight off your shoulders needs to be gone, these are what you need. Even if you’re taking these with you on a nice outing, they’re perfect. Just don’t forget your light. Maybe a nice innovative idea for packaging is a box featuring some matches? Mmmhmmmm

Want More?

Who Doesn’t?

If you’re loving those “Ellz” then check out these other companies we have came across and stumbled upon on our path to wellness! Come on, just click it!

I know some of you who decide to wonder through the fields and off the path love pre-rolls so I wanted to feature these bad boys. With freshly ground hemp sourced from U.S. farms, hand rolled and packaged for freshness, you’re not going to have to look too long. I can’t get over the smoothness of these either. It seems like with each pull, it retains it. You know how some things get a little harsh? Not these. Someone else give these a go or if you have, let me know below. I’m a flower guy but also a bong-a-roo smoker so I don’t really have a dog in this fight. I love me a good cone but I know some of you live for that so that’s your area. I’d love to hear your feedback. Well, there it is you knob gobblers. Go wander through the garden where the Devils Lettuce grows and see what treasures await. In the meantime, we’re gonna take one of these “Ellz” and see where the night goes. Thanks for reading! Stay safe, stay medicated and as always, relax, it’s natural! Until next time, I love you guys ya silly sallies!

Knock, Knock!

It’s us! I have no idea why we’re knocking. Do emails come to your door? That’s be weird. Unless your phone or device has a “knock” sound when you receive notifications then I guess it was. We’re not an email but we are a little baked. You, you’re a subscriber. At least you’re gonna be when you enter that email right there! 💚😁

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