Path to Wellness

So Many Terps, So Little Time!

So many terps! Recently, I got asked about some of my favorite terpy derps. So, I wanted to give you guys some great places to stop on the path to wellness if you're looking for some waxy treats!

Whoa, break out your rigs, your vapes, your little DabCo thingy. Whatever you’re using, grab it! Today, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite concentrates and dabba doos I have come across and are just fucking amazing. Packed with terps, hand crafted and just right for the dabs and slabs or maybe you’re packing bowls? Whatever the case may be, these are sure to make your cones and bowls better and lead to more enjoyable nights. No matter the reason, we got some good ones today and I really hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I’m going to try and span them out. While some of these are local shops, most if not all of them can be purchased online. Let me shut up now and get on with it. Let’s go talk about some dam concentrates!

I’m starting this off with a Tarheel great! If you don’t know about these guys, you must be new here because I feature them in dam near every drop. With products as dope as these, it’s hard not to and their shatter isn’t going to be any different. First up, we got Carolindica. Always bringing some of the most fire products we have puffed on in North Carolina, they recently introduced wax to the line-up. Like all the products coming out the lab over there, It’s handcrafted, it’s quality, it’s tasty and most importantly, it’s fire and potent. Of course, it’s dealer’s choice when slurpin’ up these terps but we keep it simple and use our trusty APX. It’s portable, it’s discreet and still gets the job done.


While we’re on the topic of D8 terps, let’s introduce someone we’ve never talked about up here but will soon make a name. Let’s throw a new name on the board. It’s time to introduce H-Town Extracts. If you remember our “Friends Indeed” post, you might recall “Mr. Mitch”. He’s notorious for showing love toward these guys and for good reasons too! With the options to pick from when it comes to their line-up and new ones being added, I’d keep them posted up too. Not limited to D8, H-Town also has some CBD concentrates as well with strain selections like Blue Genius, Carolina Peach and so on. If you aren’t a fan of the D8 yet, you have choices and if you are, well you have choices. H-Town extracts has strain selections in their 1:1 live resin too! They also have relief options like gummies and flower. If you’re indecisive like me, they even offer a variety pack on their live resins which is almost as dope as their strain selects!

Extracts from the Town that is “H”

Or if you’re fancy, H-Town Extracts!

  • 1:1 Live Resin w/ Delta- 8
  • Blue Genius Live Resin
  • Carolina Peach Live Resin
  • Sour Space Candy Live Resin
  • Suver Haze Resin
  • Special Sauce Live Resin
  • Sour Space Candy Crumble
  • Purps Flower Rosin
  • Concentrates Variety Pack
  • Other Options available but at the time of this writing are “Out of Stock”

These guys know all about freedom, they fought for it! Let’s talk about Extract Labs and what they bring in terms of those terpy derps you’re slabbin and dabbin. Extract Labs is going to be your go to when it comes to CBD terps and guys they have quite an amazing line-up! I’m talking AC Diesel, Green Crack, Blue Dream, Cookies, Tangie, the list goes on and on and on. Like H-Town extracts, Extract Labs also offers a nice Crumble pack if you get to that shop section and have that “It all looks good so I’ll just take one of everything!” We’ve all been there so I guess it’s okay. Or do you just have a spending problem that you’re having a hard time coming to terms with? Did we just have a breakthrough? I’m kidding, I don’t get paid for therapy sessions. Just smoke some of this Pineapple Express, you’ll feel better. But seriously, figure out that other stuff. Don’t forget about their discount program. We covered this in our article about these guys as well as our recent post here!


Coming back to another local favorite and Tarheel Great. Always on the path to wellness with us and hopping down the canna-trail. Still nothing? Not ringing a bell? Dam guys, I thought the little pun on that last one would have done it. Maybe I just suck at this. After I finish this up, I might just go walk off a cliff. Before I go doing all that, let me tell you about this. Next up, we got Hemp Hop! It’s been a minute since we got a chance to feature these guys so let’s get them on the list of terpy derps! Which such a huge flower section, I tend to overlook their concentrates and I’m sure you may have done it too. Hemp Hop has a great selection of concentrates and their Otto II Live resin took 2nd place at the High times Cannabis Cup in 2020 for best CBD concentrates. With options like Gorilla Cake, Space Glue, Fruity Og, it leaves your mouth watering. Other options like Delta-8 sauce, CBG wax and sauce are their too for the relief you need. We couldn’t forget about Hemp Hop and neither can you!

Hemp-ity Hop

Wait, It’s Hemp Hop!

  • Wild Bourbon Live Resin
  • Gorilla Cake Live Resin
  • Space Glue Live Resin
  • Full Spectrum Wax
  • CBG Sauce
  • Delta-8 Sauce
  • CBG Wax
  • Otto II Live Resin
  • Fruity OG Live Resin
  • Orange Kush Live Resin
  • There are many other options available from Hemp Hop! Check our post out here and see what they have going on!

I’m gonna call this one the “CBD Marketplace” because that’s what it is. These guys have a little bit of everything, dam-near all the brands and at amazing prices. Last but not least, we got Dr. Ganja, a company we just recently stumbled upon on our path to wellness. Is this your first time here? Check them out here! When I say they have “the brands” I mean. They have Harbor City Hemp, Hemp Hop, Koi CBD and much more. Like the flower, self-care and so on, the concentrates are on there too. Dr. Ganja has a nice selection and some might look familiar. They carry a few from Hemp Hop and Extract Labs and some we haven’t talked about yet. I’ll make sure I include a list, don’t worry. Even offering syringes making things like dabbing, cooking and even wrapping your cones or blunts up for a nice smoke session a little more easier. Whatever you need, Dr. Ganja has it!

Don’t worry, we called the Dr.

Here’s that list the Dr. ordered! I’m gonna list the brands though.

  • Extract Labs
  • Johnny Apple CBD
  • Secret Nature
  • Hemp Hop
  • The Hemp Barn Terp Sauce
  • Triangle Trading Co. ( Distillate Syringe)
  • Rogue River Labs ( Distillate Syringe)
  • 3CHI

Alright you terp slurping maniacs, here’s some great companies just for you. I know some of you may be new to community and are taking you first journey on the path to wellness and that’s okay. It can be bumpy at first but hey, that’s what I’m here for! I have got some great reads throughout the site just for you and it gorws daily, weekly, monthly, hell, it grows. Kind of like them weeds in your yard you get bitched at for. Not those weeds! Give those a read. To you other cats who have some experience, drop some comments below and let me know what you think. Maybe where some other shops are or maybe some other good strains are. I always enjoy trying new things and hearing from you guys! Well, there it is so get to slabbin’ and dabbin’. Thanks for reading you silly sallies! As always, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Until next time, I love you guys!💚🤘🏻

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