Path to Wellness

Maintaining funds while acquiring herb

I know in such a huge industry that continues to grow in every sector, it can seem like quality products can be hard to come by. Not at all.

I think that title pretty much sums up what I’m going to be discussing here today. Saving some money man. Who doesn’t like saving money? If you say “It doesn’t matter” or “Fuck it, it’s just a swipe” well, I guess there are a few things going on here. Either you’re massively in debt or you’re right, “fuck it” and I love your mindset. Unfortunately, not everyone can have this mindset and needs to be vigilant financially given current events. Right now, there are many companies looking out for the cannabis community and consumers. Making sure you have the relief you need without sacrificing potency, cutting corners and still bringing the quality you’ve come to love. Today, I wanna talk about some you’ve known and maybe a couple new ones. Some have discount programs. You know the deal guys, grab your tray – I got the panda – grab your flower or whatever your toking on and let’s meducate!

Don’t get me wrong, I know the devils lettuce and all the other treats and temptations coming out the garden are….please help me, tempting. You also don’t have to go wondering too far or dig too deep to find what you’re looking for. Quite a few companies through out the community offer what they call “budget cartridges” alongside their regular or premium cartridges. While it’s still the same quality you’ve come to enjoy, it may be not be packed with the same THC or CBD. Maybe it was extracted using a different method. Other companies offer discount programs for various individuals like veterans, front line workers – EMS, LEOs, Fire Fire fighters – and much more. Like I said before, this is great given current events. Everything going on aside, it’s just great! It helps out so many people who are in unfortunate situations. I wanted you guys to have access to some of this as well so let’s start talking about them!


Starting off, we got Carolindica! Of course, no drop is complete without them. With their handcrafted line-up, their prices are already amazing and competitive. To see a nice budget option listed was one of those “Yo, am I high?” moments. Where you kind of look twice, make sure that’s what you saw. Shit, you might even rip the bowl or bong to get a sense of things. Which makes no sense but you do it anyway. Fuck it, right? Carolindica has great budget options alongside their premium cartridges. Even if you don’t like to toke, they have a nice assortment of quality goods for the price that won’t have you making a decision on what to get. Like their tinctures or gummies. If you remember our post about nighttime remedies, the gummies are amazing and are the perfect bedtime treat.

Extract Labs is coming up next. While they don’t have a huge selection when it comes to their Delta 8 line-up, Extract Labs is still worth noting. They have what seems like an endless menu of relief options. Ranging from picks like tinctures, cartridges, CBD-infused coffee and those terpy-licious grams of shatter in various strains. Although they don’t have any budget options, Extract Labs has an amazing discount program, allowing many individuals to get the CBD products they need. A veteran founded and operated company, the folks at Extracts Labs knows how vital the right product at the right time can be. By offering and extending the program to multiple individuals in the community, it ensures peace of mind and gets them back on the path to wellness. I put a short list of who qualifies for the discount program. More information can also be found here.

Qualified Individuals:

  • Veterans & Active Military
  • Teachers
  • First Responders ( EMS, LEOs, Firefighters)
  • Health Care Workers
  • Disability
  • Low Income

More information on the discount program offered from Extract Labs can be found above. I also wanted to include a brief list of qualified individuals so you guys could get a glimpse and idea.

Heading back to those docks. Who doesn’t like a breeze coming off the salty sea? Shit’s awesome man and let’s not even get into the calming sounds of the waves as they crash. Probably as calming as that or a company to help get you there is Harbor City Hemp! You should have guessed it by the dock and sea reference you sallie! I wanted to add these guys up for their ever evolving cartridge selection. It just gets better and better just like our Tarheel mix masters, Carolindica. Harbor City Hemp brings us a multitude of drips and drops and also recently introduced Delta-8 chocolates and some new tinctures. In addition to those, they have their premium carts and of course what we “the budget option”. Your differences are going to be the extraction methods used. Currently, Harbor City Hemp has three types of cartridges starting at $18. While you can taste the difference, I still enjoyed all of them that tried from each category. Even their new BDT or Botanical Derived Terpene cartridges! Give them a go and see what you think. They have some bundle options too like a cartridge and tincture or pack of three, you get it. Our code “Relax10!” saves you more money. Unless they have a sale which I would use their code, it just makes more sense.

Just Some Weekly Strains

Nothing to see here!

That’s right, move along, nothing to see here. Well, I guess if you like dope strain selections, terpene profiles blah blah then maybe there is something to see. The Weekly Strains is a good place to check my collection of great strains, what they helped with, terpene profiles and who brought the fire. Check out a few here.

We called the doctor, he’s back in the house! We got Dr. Ganja coming back with another awesome delivery of goods. Like Extract Labs, Dr. Ganja has even more to offer at what seems like a never ending menu of choices. To some this isn’t a bad thing and I know to others, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, everything is broke down and categorized nicely for your viewing pleasure. I mentioned the doc because the prices are unbeatable and the brands are there. It’s like your one stop shop for everything. With the Delta-8 section a hit and now expanding, it’s blowing up. One way to maintain funds while getting your herb, especially if you’re a cartridge smoker is syringes. If you know you’re going through them, these can be a good refill for half the price. Dr. Ganja has several options available. I’ll go over this in another post as well as other companies who offer some dope ass hardware for this very reason!

There are many options out there, trust me. I know at times it may seem like there aren’t any that will fit your budget but don’t stray. There are quite a few companies to look to when you’re needing to maintain funds but still need to acquire the herb. We’ve all been there, it happens. The important thing is looking out for one another, extending a hand and getting you guys on the path to wellness. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. Well, there it is guys. For those of you looking for some budget options without losing potency or quality, here they are. Check them out and let me know what you think. Drop a comment below and tell me how you like them, maybe don’t like about them or another company with good budget options! Check out some other good reads and companies while you’re here or just be a square, either way, I still love ya. Thanks for reading guys! As always, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Until next time, I love you guys ya silly sallies!

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