Harbor City Hemp Collection Weekly Strains

Crown OG for the win!

I'd say it's a win. A nice all day puffer that also makes for a sweet-ass bedtime toke. Yea, that's a win-win!

It’s that time once again and guys, I am sorry for the delay. I haven’t opened up the ole captain’s cupboard in a while and pulled out something delicious for you guys! Let’s go ahead and see what we can find. I have had quite a few terpy-licious treats lately so this one might be a little difficult. Let’s get something relaxing shall we. Well, shit, isn’t it all relaxing in some form or another? We need super relaxing. Something we can puff in the afternoon and be super chill but not down and out. Something that will also double as a sweet evening toke. I think I have the perfect thing. Grab the tray, the flower, the pipe and let’s get to puffing!


Bringing all the relaxation you could handle is Crown OG from our friends at Harbor City Hemp. Such a great strain to puff on throughout the day when shit hits the fan and you can’t find the “Off” switch. Also a good one for the evening puff after a long day and you need to just unwind. Recently, Harbor City Hemp – like Carolindica – started doing botanical derived terpenes in addition to their cannabis derived ones in their carts which makes the flavor outstanding! Once you pop the seal on that bag that houses your relief, you can immediately smell it. Smells aside, Crown OG is that perfect strain for relaxation and unwinding. If used in moderation, you can use this throughout the day. The more you find yourself puffing on it, you may find yourself stuck. This isn’t your all day puffer.

Some more Weekly Strains!

Because one is never enough!

I mean, is this a bad thing? I thought it would be great to give you some more reads from the Harbor City Hemp Collection. Sorry for being thoughtful. Maybe next time I’ll just put some random shit up here like, I don’t know, a pineapple in sunglasses. On second thought, that actually sounds kinda cool. 🤔💭

Relaxing strains are what we lean toward around here. Lately, it’s safe to say that’s what we need anyway. We need all the relaxation we can possibly handle. If that’s what you want, you’re getting it with Crown OG that’s for sure. This was my favorite to puff on while I got stuff done in the evening when the thoughts came to dance but the music never stopped. Sometimes it could to let the mind wonder however it also gets tired too and needs a little break. Now, Harbor City Hemp rotates strains quite often and we got this one around the holidays. Odds are, they don;t have this one anymore but not to worry, we got you covered. Kandy Kush is a great alternative and packs a heavy punch. Another great toke for the evenings or just solid, all day smoke. Be careful though as this is an indica leaning hybrid so she will have you stuck if you aren’t careful. As always, if you want to try any of these strains or tinctures, our code “Relax10!” saves you some money which is always good. Go grab you some terpy derps and see what you’ve been missing! Let me know in the comments you’re favorite strains so far coming out the lab at Harbor City Hemp. Thanks for reading! As always, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Until next time, I love you guys ya silly sallies!

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