Path to Wellness

What snooze button?

We've been sleeping in a lot longer than usual. I think we may have finally figured out why. I'm no complaining. I could use the sleep!

nudge nudge I didn’t even feel it. No, that’s not anyone pushing me because I have slept the day away, missed an important appointment for the third time and now everything is shit. No, that’s this cool ass feature through this sleep app on my watch. It’s a great way to wake up I might add, when you actually feel it. Today, while we’re talking about sleep, we’re not talking apps, maybe another day. I want to talk what’s got me snoozin’ through these alarms while cruisin’ through some dreams. I covered in briefly in our Sleepy Kits post. Let’s get it! Grab your tray, grab your stuff and let’s meducate!


You know all about them I’m sure and if not then you’re about to! Today, we got tinctures from Harbor City Hemp. More importantly, we got some of their new tinctures they just added to the line-up, CBN and a 1:1 of CBN:Delta-8 THC. Both are hands down amazing and you may be wondering what’s the need for a mixture. A good question indeed and I hope to answer it here to the best of my ability. As someone who mixes tinctures on a weekly, the CBN mixture was a blessing. Not to mention that in comes in handy as an aid with my Epilepsy as well as my sleep. With the neuroprotective properties of both THC and CBN, that is one powerhouse of a tincture.


  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Appetite Stimulant
  • Neuroprotectant

CBN, a cannabinoid you get when you expose THC to high temperatures and oxygen. While it’s not psychoactive like its predecessor, it’s more beneficial than you think. The effects that this beauty gives to us are amazing. I’m talking pain relief, anti-inflammation, stuff like that. I have found that when I feel a headache coming on, CBN works wonders. Then there’s the matters of the sleep aid. It shouldn’t be a surprise giving the sedating effects put off by CBD. Generally, heavy Indica or broad leaf varietals have high levels of CBN as opposed to Sativa strains or broad leaf varietals. It’s also found in aged cannabis too. Some growers will go past the harvest window for this reason. I know that’s not ideal and may seem like a turn off to some but everyone has a preference and a different level of care when it comes to cannabis. CBN by itself is amazing and great for pain relief. Adding that THC is what gives it that kick, that sedating feel. It’s what really tucks you into bed at night.

Docking in for relief!

Whether you’re starting out on the path or heading off, Harbor City Hemp is the perfect place to find the relief you need when you need it!

Speaking of Harbor City!

I wanted to throw in our post about them! I love these guys. From their tinctures and cartridges, you never know what they’re going to be adding next. Plus, their cartridge selection rotates quite often so the choices are endless. Give this a read and use our code “Relax10!” to save you some money if you find yourself wanting to try anything. We know you will!

Speaking of tucking you into bed, you can add these to your Sleepy Kits if you haven’t already. The CBN:D8 tincture is amazing on it’s own. However, if you find that you need just a little more boost, grab a bottle of the 750mg Delta-8 tincture too. Use that one alongside it and see how it helps. Most nights I don’t need but there are those others nights where the sheep just don’t find the pasture. I found that the 750mg is a good one because it’s not too much. You don’t really need too much anyway as you’re just going to be micro-dosing it out with the other tincture. Anyway, if any of you were wondering why the music was playing and I never hit the “Snooze” button, now you know! Thanks for reading guys! Make sure to check out our Weekly Burn here, it keeps updated weekly, obviously. Stay classy ya sallies. Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys!

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