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A Breath of Fresh Air!

Phew! That is like a breath of fresh air! I should know. After having a foot on my neck for months, it feels good to breathe!

It’s no surprise that in recent weeks censorship has been a topic of discussion. Censorship, a topic of discussion I never thought would be brought up yet here we are. Recently, many of us have been shadow-banned, restricted or even banned altogether from platforms that we have built a business on. I know I fall under all three of those categories actually. Recently, I have been appealing “TikTok’ on some video about CBD and Hemp but fearing these words and appeals are falling on deaf ears and blind eyes, I have given up. For most of us, we spend hours, if not days and weeks on our content. Hopping we don’t violate some sort of guideline as we take the breath and hit “post”. What if there was a place where you didn’t? Where consumers, influencers, educators, entertainers, growers, extractors, everyone! A community centered around the cannabis community. That would be awesome.

After having my video flagged for removal for a fourth time on TikTok, I saved them the time and deleted my account myself. A friend told me “Just go back and re-word it or shoot it different”. Why? It was about CBD oil. I had read the guidelines and I knew that video in no way, shape or form violated it in any way. Instead of shooting videos and posting content around community guidelines, why not post content for the community in a community without fear of restrictions? Fortunately, a few social apps and networks have emerged lately. One of them I have had the pleasure of trying and absolutely loving is the ‘Keep in Kush’ social networking app.


Rooms, challenges and good reads. That’s what you will find on the discover tab of the ‘Keep in Kush’ app. Of course, all cannabis related and just what you need. I love tapping into it on a daily and seeing what’s going on in a community centered around what I love. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing when you hit that post button, you’re not violating a guideline or possibly getting your account banned or restricted. For those of us running businesses in the industry, this is the breath of fresh air we were looking for. In today’s time, social media and business go hand in hand and to have your account restricted over something is becoming more modernized and widely accepted is nerve-racking and can have a ripple effect across the board.

It’s nice to have these apps start to come about and Keep in Kush is one of them that I have come to know and love. If you find yourself becoming more and restricted and even to the point where your account is banned and you feel like you have nowhere to go, you do, you have options. I know it sucks to have that “start over” feeling but hey, some times you have to two steps backwards in order to go five steps forward. In the vent you have to start over, just know you wont have to worry about a foot on your neck anymore. Check it out and see how you like it. I know currently the developers are working on the version for the Google Play store. For now, you can check it out in the Apple App store. If you have checked it out, let me know below what you think and give us a follow! Thanks for reading and as always, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Until next time, I love you guys ya silly sallies!

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