Relax, It's Infused!

This ain’t your Grandma’s cooking!

I don't know, there have bee a few times where her cooking was questionable. Especially those times where she was just jamming and with the vibes.

I would hope not although it would explain that one time gets lost in thought okay never mind, I’ll circle back. Today, I want to talk cookies and cooking, really whatever floats your goat. When it comes to infusions and cooking, there really is no wrong way, well, there is and you can fuck up but it’s okay, you’ll eat them and make them better next time. For those of you who aren’t so experienced, maybe are in a hurry or just don’t want to take all that time and make some sweet cannabutter, I got you covered. I found a way to make some scrumptious, “my teeth hurt but I need more” cookies and other treats you shouldn’t have. How? I’m glad you asked. We’re gonna be using those delicious mini chocolates packed with Delta-8 from our friends at Harbor City Hemp. So, grab your your flower and let’s get baked while we baked!


Baking while you’re baked!

Okay, so, you probably saw these little guys drop recently from Harbor City Hemp and if you didn’t you should definitely check them out! We got a chance to try them out and they are so tasty. Great for that cup of coffee in the morning and to get you going. I mean, at 25mg, you don’t need the whole thing but hey, we aren’t here to judge. I know some people may need a little more than others so whatever works. For what we are talking about today though, you might need a couple of these mini bundles of relief. What’s better than a tiny bar of chocolate? It’s already infused with cannabinoids so there’s that. Let’s break into chunks and make something, yea? Yea, let’s do that because I got the munchies!

When it comes down to cooking with these, we have some options but today I don’t want to overwhelm you too much. For the sake of this, we are going to make something I love to make and can’t get enough of! We are going back to my pancakes! Now, we aren’t going to infuse the batter with anything but if you want to live on the edge and say “fuck it!” go for it, that’s what we love about you, you silly sallie! I’m not going to go that route today, I’m just going to break these little beauties up, add a few regular chips in there, give it a quick stir and get to flipping! After all, I have my coffee and you guys already know this roast has a few drops of those tinctures in it. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. After you got that nice brown finish, flippity-flop them on your plate, drizzle up your favorite topping and you’re on your way to relief.


This is just one way we have found to enjoy these sweet mini chocolate’s, infused with Delta-8 from Harbor City Hemp. As time goes and with our mind that just doesn’t stop, I’m sure we will have some other tasty drops coming out the kitchen. We love our breakfast foods though. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not put a twist on it? Of course, like we mentioned, add some tinctures to the batter but we have come to find that less is more so too much isn’t good. That’s why we always say start small and work your way up until you know what works. I hope you liked this and try your own little recipes. Let me knows in the comments. Thanks for reading you goofy goobs. Stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Until next time, I love you guys!

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