Path to Wellness

Topical Paradise!

We need relief like stat! Get the can, get the rollie, get something! Rub it in, now!!!! Phew, that's better. You didn't know you could rub cannabis in? Oh man, come on over friend.

Did I forget the “r”? No, although after you rub these topicals in, you will definitely be in a tropical paradise. Phew, it’s safe to say we didn’t forget that “r” now. We need these topical oils, salves and everything. Topical ointments are good for what we over here call “Targeted Relief”. You may have heard that phrase a time or two and if not well now you have. There are many ways to get the relief you need when you need it and today, we are going to be discussing yet again another way to get it. After the month I have had, this is the perfect topic actually. In fact, I think this came at the perfect time! Let’s not delay this any further actually. Grab your tray, your vaporizer, whatever you may be medicating with and let’s get this party started!

If you follow me on Instagram – you should, if not, congratulations, you’re a square – then you know Lady Epilepsy decided that she had a late Christmas present for me and one nice last minute gift to give before 2020 was up. This one came with some other shit though like a fractured back. I have never fallen asleep in one place and woke up somewhere else. I imagine after a lot of drinks, that tends to happen. However, I don’t partake in the drinking at least not anymore so I wouldn’t know. After learning my back was fractured and being in pain unlike anything I had felt, I was prescribed some pain pills. Of course, I wasn’t going down that road but I also couldn’t be in pain either. Smoking wasn’t going to be an option given the type of injury I had but I did have options. That’s where our topical oils came in and boy did they come in handy! Let’s take a look at a few, who’s bringing them and just how they helped keep me back on my feet and back on the path to wellness!


Remember, we have options and the store right in our town, The Gypsy Wagon, was one. In fact, they have an entire section of topical relief so we decided to give it a try. I started with the dry spray and went from there. To be more specific, I went with their in-house brand. The reason being was because this stuff is formulated with water-soluble CBD for faster absorption. Since our bodies are made up mostly of water, oils formulated with water-soluble CBD is better as opposed to oil-based. While both will give you the same benefit, Water-soluble is faster acting and boy did we need it now more than ever! Keep these in mind. I will be doing an article soon as well as give you guys some companies who strictly do water-based CBD, like BioCBD! I love their spray because well, you guessed it, it came in a spray bottle. Most companies offer a “Roller” which is great too. For what I had going, I couldn’t really do much rolling so the spray came in handy!

Not around the Louisburg area but still need relief? Not a problem, our friends at Carolindica have you covered with their CBD body Butter and boy is that stuff potent! At roughly 1750mg per can, this will fix all your joints and aches and yes, even your back pains if you’re like me. Carolindica is known for their quality in handcrafted products and their salves are no exception. In addition to broad spectrum CBD, these slaves also include a blend of essential oils, coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax. The benefits of CBD when you need it in the areas you need it the most, that’s what you’re going to get with these handcrafted salves, crafted right here in the Tarheel state. Dam, that’s awesome. Let’s just go ahead and pop that top and um, rub it in. Carolindica is back at it with quality and I just can’t wait to see what they bring out the lab next. They just expanded their cartridges to include Cannabis derived blends, improved their Delta-8 gummies, we can keep going but you get it, right?


Targeted relief you need, when you need it most. That’s what you get with salves and topical oils. If you need it today, these are just a few companies that come to mind that we love over here. For our experienced readers, if you remember our article about the shake then you know you can make your own. That’s right, if you have some coconut oil just sitting around, decarb some of that flower and add your own essential blends and boom! Need some essential oils? The Gypsy Wagon sells all the oils and blends you need too! They have an entire wall of oils, teas, blends, just everything one one need for holistic living and if not, they can get it or can point you in the right direction. The ladies over there know a thing or two because they’ve definitely seen a thing or two. Well, there’s our topical dreams and paradise ted talk for the day. I love topical oils. There are many ways to utilize cannabis and using it as a topical solution is one. Some of you may not even need to smoke or simply can’t. If you find the topical isn’t helping or maybe isn’t enough, try using a tincture alongside it for extra relief. I find a CBG tincture works amazing to fight the inflammation associated with joint pain. Harbor City Hemp has amazing tinctures. Our code “Relax10!” saves you some money if you want to give it a try. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did! Okay, I’m really ending it here! Go try some topical oils and see how it works. Drop a comment and let me know ya silly sallies! Stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Thanks for reading! Until next time, I love you guys!

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