Liberty Brand Hemp Collection Weekly Strains

This Sunset is Relaxing.

Smoking on Sunset Sherbet as the sun sets in the distance, what could be more relaxing?

Squeak Ah, you got me. I was trying to make it a surprise. I couldn’t help myself this week though as this is a good one. I can’t wait any longer though. With this year being the roller coaster that it is, we need more relaxing strains more than ever. This one however isn’t going to be a flower strain this week Record Skip That’s right, I’m coming back with another cartridge, exploding with fruity terps that will have you drenched in relief. Sorry guys, I’m not trying to change things up too much, I just want to get a bunch of different strains in various forms like extracts, flower, resins and so on. Cartridges can be a good way to go if you want to medicate, low-key. Offering more relief in your favorite strain and portability, what’s not like? Now, if you insist on sticking to flower but want to keep it on the low, not sacrifice potency and still taste terpenes, vaporize it! That’s a topic for another day or right here! Let’s talk about this weeks strain!


With mental health on the rise lately, it’s no surprise we are all little anxious balls of energy and depressed bundles of joy. Daily, we all wonder what curve ball the universe is going to toss our way next. What if we could predict it? Maybe just not even care and just watch the pitch go by? Our friends at Liberty Brand Hemp knows what we’re talking about! They have recently expanded their line of cartridges to include Delta-8. Delta-8 is known to have anti-anxiety properties. Throw some Sunset Sherbet in the mix, sprinkle some Liberty on top and BOOM, you got yourself a nice way to start or end the day. You know that feeling you get when the sun is setting and it just paints the most beautiful, watercolor scenery across the sky? That’s what washes over you while you’re puffing on this, everything melts away and nothing else matters. As it should, an offspring of Girl Scout Cookies, this indica-leaning hybrid elevates your mood and gets that head-space clear. With terpenes like this, we can see why:

Some Benefits: Anti-oxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Gastroprotective. This terpene is the only known terp to directly activate a cannabinoid receptor. Some scientists, consumers, extractors, specialists believe it also lessens the effects of THC.

Also found in: Oregano, Basil, Cloves, Cinnamon leaves

Aroma : Spicy, Woody, Peppery

Some Benefits: Anxiety and stress reduction. Known to amplify serotonin-receptor transmission, resulting in euphoric and anti-depressant effect. Anti-Convulsant. known to reduce skin scarring.

Also found in: Lavender, Mints, Laurels, Cinnamon, Rosewood, Birch

Aroma: Fresh, Floral, Lavender

It’s safe to say when it comes to battling those anxiety demons, Sunset Sherbet is coming in for KO. Hey, with terps like, bring it, we need all the relief we can get, especially my Epilepsy community. We struggle with anxiety daily. We welcome relief with open arms and is more than happy to step up!. I’m glad to see Liberty expanding that cartridge section. I’m super excited to see what else is being cooked up in the lab over. For now, let’s see what other strains we will get from them in the Delta-8 line-up. I usually say less is more and that holds true but not for this. No, for this, give us all the options you can! If you have tried Liberty’s CBD cartridges but not their Delta-8’s, what are you waiting for?! Head over their now! Thanks for reading. I love you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 🤟🏼💚

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