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Low-Key Medicating

Medicating can be hard. Well, sometimes. It doesn't have to be though. Here are somethings to help make it easier or low-key.

With laws surrounding cannabis changing and this amazing plant becoming more widely available and accepting, being discreet is something you’d think you wouldn’t have to be. Sadly, it’s still something you have to do nowadays in a post semi prohibition society. When it pertains to our beloved plant that we have come to use daily, rather it be for medicinal purposes or just a social smoke, you can’t be too careful. Still, sometimes you want to have a smoke or sneak a toke and that requires a little finesse and discretion. Luckily, there are a few companies who understand and they too know the troubles. They also have our backs when it comes to low-key medicating and have perfected the craft. Let’s take a look at some I have come across and explore the various ways shall we while we Meducate!

Fill it and rip it! That’s right, this company is one we got a chance to highlight in ‘Baked Nick’s Guide to the Holidaze!’ and I have enjoyed seeing where they have come so far as well as what’s to come. With out further delay, let’s get started on O2Vapes! If you read our guide to the Holidaze then you saw their way to smoke discreetly. That’s earned them the spot on our ways to low-key medicate. I can’t stress this enough guys. Your oils and resins can be great but if the cartridge or rig your using is shit then so is your product. It’s like, you can record a great video with amazing content but if the audio is shit, scrap the video. Some of you might not agree with that but hey, it’s the truth. How can you smoke on or taste those amazing terps without a proper setup? Exactly! You cussed me for nothing. O2Vape has been perfecting some amazing products too. I have been following them for quite sometime and have watched them grow into the company they are today or the well oil machine I should say. Please don’t unsubscribe. 😩😂 I wanted to bring up refillable cartridges and what better way to start than with an amazing company as O2Vapes! Keep in mind guys, these are empty by default. These are for those of who are getting your distillate in syringes or just make your own. Yep, that’s a thing and it’s on the rise. So, if you have been looking for quality and quantity, look no further, your journey has ended!


Cartridges are another way to medicate on the low. It’s no surprise that we are fan of them over here and we have a very select few we have come to know, love and trust when it comes to getting our daily dose of terps as well bringing relief and balance. These can be found throughout our site but why not mention them here. I do have some new ones we will be adding in the coming weeks. I haven’t had time to review them yet and some haven’t arrived in the mail! Once they get here and we get a chance to try them, I’ll make sure to pass along the information. These types of cartridges are for those of you who may not refill yours, can’t, maybe don’t know how or just don’t have the time or resources. In that case, going with one already loaded with what you need is the way to go! Companies such as these will help you out. These are a mixture of Delta-8 and CBD. Some have both!

Cartridges offer portability and discretion. I don’t recommend keeping them in your pocket because they can break and of course, static electricity but hey, to each their own. Just remember, you were warned. I am also pretty sure they warn you in the book but, who reads anymore, right? 👀 These are also good for smells as in they keep it low. You can puff away without anyone really knowing what you’re inhaling. Not that it should matter but still, it’s nice to be respectful. Keep in mind also that not all oils are formulated the same. You want to remember this when making your selections. The ones I mentioned above are amazing to start off!


While we are on the subject of puffing and blowing clouds, let’s talk vapes. For the sake of this, I’m talking dry herb vapes. I don’t really see anyone taking some of their wax vapes out but, once again, to each their own. Moving forward, when it comes to this, we have two different types. I haven’t mentioned this in the past and that’s my fault. I’m sorry guys. My APX dry herb uses what’s called convection, so it heats it up, sort of like an oven, it bakes it. There’s flame, no heat, no combustion. It’s a better way to get those terps and taste your flower. There is also no smoke but I assure you, you are getting what you need. The other way is combustion. That’s where it is being ignited by some form of heating element. I don’t really go for that but I know some of you have your preference and that’s cool. However, it defeats the purpose of medicating on the low so we aren’t going for that route. I wouldn’t recommend one like that either. The APX is perfect and it’s inexpensive. It’s perfect for those of you new to vapes and need a good starter. It’s not cheap and gets the job done. Mine comes with me everywhere.

Ah, one of daily routines, we got tinctures. How could I even write an article on medicating without mentioning these. I start my day these everyday and before I go to sleep and take my seizure medicine, I take some as well. Tinctures are a great way to stay medicated on the go. You can add these to your favorite drink, coffee, snacks, whatever it doesn’t matter. There are many companies out there that have you covered on tinctures but few I have found that help me and won’t break the bank are:


Harbor City Hemp offers many options for you. Not sure what you need? Not a problem. They offer little sample bundles for you to try and then you can go from there. They even offer ultra-concentrated blends. Guys, these are not for people new to community. We mean these are ultra-concentrated. I’m talking 2,000mg-4,000mg! Carolindica is another great company coming in with the blends! While they offer 10ml, it’s also concentrated at 1500mg but so tasty and a great way to start the day. Harbor City Hemp has Delta-8 blends, CBG, CBD with plans to expand their line-up to include some amazing options very soon so keep an eye on that! Carolindica is just as well. They are constantly expanding their line and improving existing options. If you haven’t used either of this, you’re definitely missing out. Head over there now! Your body will thank you and so will your wallet!

Alright, well, there it is! Some ways to medicate on the low or low-key medicate! It’s crazy how in 2020 I even have to write this but hey, here I am. I can understand in some cases you do want to be respectful and that’s understanding but seriously? It’s a plant. It’s helped way more people than it has harmed. In fact, the harm has a came as a result of the prohibition In the first place. If you take that away, no harm would exist at all. I could go on and on about the harm done from this. You know what, I am. My passion for this plant will fuel this next article or section so be looking out for that! I hope this has helped you out. Especially those of you making the transition to the industry and community! Thanks for reading. I love you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural!💚🤟🏼

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