Relax, It's the Holidaze!

Baked Nick’s Guide to the Holidaze!

Making a list and checking it twice, kind of. Ol' Baked Nick is here to give you his guide to the Holidaze. Usually he splits it up but this year, he decided to go big or go home!

Break out the marshmallows. The hot chocolate, nestle up by the fire, it’s time for some gifts and guides for the Holidaze! Man, this is honestly my favorite time of the year. There is nothing like it. It’s magic in the air and, if you’re doing it right, maybe in that cocoa! Hey, we’re not judging over here. All year long is stressful but around this time, it gets a little intense. Sprinkle some 2020 vibes on there, and we got our self a recipe for disaster! You know what, go ahead and add a few more drops to that cup good sir! While your at it, make sure those snacks are infused please and thank you! We’re going to need all the relief we can get while we look over these gifts and guides today! Need not worry, I’ll try to make this as pleasurable as possible. Remember where you are guys! We make this path a little less bumpy so we won’t overwhelm you too much. Let’s go see who’s bringing the peace and joy this year with some great deals, bundles and just amazing products.

I wanted to start this off with bundles. Bundles are great because you can pretty much mark one person off with one gift. I know I’d be okay with a bundle then again, I’m not picky. To me, it’s always been the thought that counts, you know. I’d rather that money be spent on someone else anyway. Anyway, bundles are amazing because they offer great products, bundled into one great package at one low price. Typically, these are products you or the person you may be shopping for use daily or have been wanting. What a perfect time to scoop them up! Even better, there are just a few companies we have used offering bundles for the Holidaze.


Carolina Hemp Company is one of them! They aren’t stopping at one bundle though. Giving you choices like His/Her bundles, bundles for that fur baby in your life, you know what, let’s just make a quick list. They have quite a few they are offering and I am absolutely loving this:

  • Romantic Bundle
  • His/Her Bundle
  • Pet Bundle
  • Smokers Bundle
  • Skin Care Bundle
  • Coffee & Tea Bundle
  • Immune Support Bundle

Giving so many options serves a wide range of the community. I mean, guys, a coffee bundle? I’m probably a borderline addict. I’m on record admitting my caffeine addiction, I’m just not ready to deal with it right now. Coffee is the one thing I have, okay. Carolina Hemp Company is giving us basically two amazing things, well three. Coffee, CBD and a Bundle, all in one! Check these bundles out for that special someone when looking for the perfect gift or for you! It’s okay to to treat yourself here and there. Hey, grab two! One for them and one for you. *Softly Whispers* Their Jar flower is also 42% off!

Bundles are great. They can be great gifts for you or someone else. They can even be a good starting kit for someone who may be new to the industry or just a good way to save money. A good starting kit should provide a nice range of products. That way you can get a feel for what you like or what may work you. Is it oils? Maybe flower? Edibles? Hell, maybe you like a good mixture of them all! Not a problem, we got you covered and so does The Hemp Farmacy. Giving you the “Starter Kit” which is pretty short, sweet and to the point! It consists of:

  • Full Spectrum tincture
  • Hemp Farmacy Salve
  • Hemp Farmacy Pre-roll (2)
  • Giraffe Nutts Chews (2)

What a great way to get introduced to CBD, right? It’s packed with some amazing goodies from the folks at The Hemp Farmacy. All these can easily be stored in our Happy Kit too! Wow, that’s a win-win! They even had some other type of Holiday Bundle they were speaking about on their Instagram page however it was limited. If that’s not available anymore, give this a go. It’s just as amazing!


Moving out of the bundles for now, I want to discuss those dope ass accessories! Don’t worry, I’ll discuss more of them soon and cover some great starter bundles as well as some quick bundles like cartridge bundles, tincture bundles even little sample pack bundles! Now back to those accessories! These can come in many from guys. I’m talking pipes, vaporizers, even some cool subscription boxes! Of course, it’s Christmas time so I’m going to keep it in the spirit of the Holidaze! Starting off, Let’s start with a couple of subscription boxes. These are a great present. They can be one time buys or a way to get that special someone a dope box full treats. It could consist of a new water bong, maybe a glass pipe, some rolling papers, a grinder, all the things a cannabis lover needs and uses on a daily. Speaking of daily, if you’re a daily smoker, this first pick is great.

The Daily High Club is a subscription box for the cannabis consumer on your list. Offering way more than just a box. It’s the contents and the love inside each box delivered to your door every month. Don’t want a subscription? Don’t worry, you can also just to a one time purchase. Just want a bong or love the awesome Bear bong because it’s just giving off some cool Christmas vibes? You can swag that too! This months subscription box consists of:

  • “Snowy Tha Bear” V2 Bong
  • 14mm Male Glass Bowl
  • Beamer Smokehouse DePiper
  • Elements 1 ¼ wide Natural Rolling Papers
  • Monkey Tail Lighter Carrier
  • Full Size Clipper Lighter
  • Royal Blunts XXL 2 pack Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps
  • Smojo Stainless Steel Smoking Screen
  • Daily High Club Stickers (Set)

That is some awesome gear packed in one box. Someone is going to love opening that up! I know I would! In fact, I’d be happy with just the Bear! 😁 I love pipes and bongs so that would be all I need and I’d be happy. Of course there are some other little kits and options for you there. Like their Candy Cane Sherlock! That’s sure to give the cool vibes with every puff. Give them a look. You never know, you might end up being a subscriber to some awesome goodies to your door every month!


*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, DHC has limited their staff and orders are not guaranteed by Christmas.

“It’s a gaming theme today!” Uh oh! If you remember that line the you follow me on Instagram and know who’s coming up next! That’s right, we got Hemper coming in and delivering the goods! This month is the “Jolly Pack” and it’s packed with the Snowman Bong and guys, I thought I loved my Gaming bong from them but this might have me second guessing this love. Let’s see what’s in the Jolly Pack because it’s looking a little magical! This month, it’s packed with:

  • Hemper Snowman Bong (Colors vary)
  • Hemper Assorted Jolly Themed Carb Caps
  • Hemper Tech Snapcap or Spray
  • 14mm quartz banger
  • Hemper Filter Booklet
  • Assorted OCB Cones
  • Assorted Clipper Lighter
  • Assorted Twisted Hemp Designer Wraps
  • 14mm Flower Bowl
  • Limited Edition Sticker (2)

This months box is looking very Jolly and giving off those vibes that Daily High Club were. Now it’s a matter of which one. Sorry guys, I know I said from the get go I’d make this pleasurable and I have failed you. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. You can have it next. Just like DHC, Hemper offers some amazing smoking accessories and pipes like the gaming bong you’ve seen in some of my videos! Definitely check them out and give them a follow. Hemper is constantly dropping updates about what’s to come and sales!


Let’s talk vapes! These are amazing because they offer portability and discretion. Discretion comes in many forms too. From concealing your sessions to hiding the smells. Basically, low-key medicating. It’s crazy how in 2020 I even have to say “Hey, hide that plant” but hey, here we are. To keep it simple, I have found a couple of vaporizers to help smooth out that path to wellness since I have thrown some rocks in it. 😩 I’m sorry guys! I said I was going to keep it simple and I am just throwing you curve balls left and right! I thought you were medicating while going over this list of treats for the Holidaze? What happened?

If you remember my Pulsar Vapes article then just should sound familiar. I’m starting with them because they have added some new toys the line-up. I am a fan of the Pulsar line-up and for good reasons. I have 2 of their devices and I hope to add some more soon! Their APX dry herb vape is my go-to device. I suffered a terrible lung infection last year as a result from a contaminated cartridge – some of you are probably thinking I shouldn’t be smoking – and this little guy paired with some flower high in Pinene is the reason I can breathe better. That’s MY experience. Pinene has been scientifically proven to open your airways. I love using my APX. In was perfect for my hikes, in my greenhouse, just everywhere. It provided relief for me and my wallet! Meaning its perfectly priced. In fact, I went ahead and bought the APX Volt when I started dabbling in the extracts. Ha, see what I did there? Let me stop. This year, Pulsar has added some new toys including one that caught our eye, the DuploCart Vaporizer! This beautiful device allows for dual cartridges for simultaneous hits or just hit one. I love this idea because it’s double the puffs, double the relief. Put two narrow-leaf varietals, maybe two packed with some terps for anxiety! How about load one for daytime and one for night-time! I mean the possibilities are endless here guys. Of course, this isn’t the only thing Pulsar has. Extracts are great and the RoK is making sure you get them delivered on demand, at the right temperature! Right now, They even have a nice Limited edition one that is just gorgeous! Head over there and check out all their amazing devices and get that special someone marked off your list!

We’re introducing something on the list new to us too! Honestly, these are changing the game when it comes to vaping and oils. This is a good thing too. If you’re one of those people who get your resins or distillate and love filling your own cartridge, these guys are for you! O2Vape is up next. I have been following them for quite sometime and watched them evolve into the company they are today. It’s nice to see the shops, farms, extractors etc grow into what they are actually. Just want to take the time to say that. Here’s to all you guys who pulled through and used your failures, experiences and past as fuel for your passion and spun that negative into positive! A lot of folks can’t do it or haven’t figured out how! Okay, back on track. O2Vape is bringing the heat and I mean HEAT! From all glass cartridges, discreet cartridges and pod systems, vape kits and so on. They offer a range of products and cover everyone from consumers to companies. It’s a good thing to bring this up because recently, a few shops have started selling Delta-8 by the syringe to refill your cartridge or if you’re crafty, make your own moonrocks, maybe an amazing Twax Joint/Blunt? No Kief? Don’t worry, some good shops are coming up in just a few who will have your back on that! O2Vape is great if you just need some empty carts and that person you’re shopping for is known to maybe refill their own! Check them out!


Okay, Okay, there was the Peace, ready for Joy?! Ha, see what I did there? In a way though, is this not all Peace and Joy? I mean, these all bring peace, joy and happiness into our life. Life by itself is a gift I think we sometimes take for granted and I think 2020 has taught us that. Moving on, Let’s talk Cartridges. Not the empty ones ya silly sallie! No, we covered those. These beauties are packed with some tasty terps. I’m going to mention some companies I use. If you are a subscriber of mine, you’ve come to know and love them too. If you’re new here, welcome. I hope you’re doing amazing. Cartridges are great for on-the-go relief like the vaporizers mention above and can be a great way to medicate discreetly. Better yet, let’s just bundle all these great companies together! Let’s take a look a some you’ve come to know and enjoy!

Ring Ring Ring Uh oh! You guys already know what that sound means! That’s the sound of freedom coming in! Liberty Brand Hemp is coming in with the relief you didn’t know you needed! Liberty makes the perfect gift for the next one on your list. They recently expanded their line-up to include Delta-8 cartridges. Something we knew would happen and are so glad it came sooner rather than later! A company as good as Liberty expands on their best products which would be their cartridges. It doesn’t stop there though guys. They do have some amazing gummies as well for even more relief on the go. Perfect for the stocking so get to stuffin’! If you want some pointers, their Wedding Cake cartridge is amazing and so is their Sunset Sherbet (D8). Liberty also offers a battery if you don’t have one which pairs perfectly with your cartridge. Don’t forget to grab one if you’re not sure who your shopping for has one.


Docking back in for relief, we got Harbor City Hemp! Cartridges, tinctures, everything you need for a good day of relief. I start my day with tinctures from HCH. They have helped so much with my Epilepsy and I have seen such an improvement. Back in July, I had a series of seizures in one day. I went back on flower but nothing seemed to work fully but it did keep my seizures at bay. Since using cartridges and tinctures though, I have seen such a turn-around. I’ll cover that later though. Harbor City Hemp uses Cannabis Derived Terpenes for what I call a true to taste experience. True to taste it is. It’s like having the bud squeezed into the cart, in the palm of your hand. If cartridges aren’t for you then try their tinctures! Tinctures are great and can be used in a variety of ways from orally to cooking. If you’re not sure which one is right, try a sample pack or grab a tiny bottle to get started. The tiny, 10ml bottles are great for the stocking too! Delta-8 is good for anxiety and for those who may be sensitive to THC. It’s still THC so you’re going to get that feeling of euphoria, it’s just not as intense. CBG is good for inflammation, relief as well as CBD among other things. While you’re their, don’t forget to use their code for savings! The choices are there yet not overwhelming. Harbor City Hemp even has their own little Holiday bundle that features a nice, Hemp Holidays coffee cup, 1500mg of Delta- 8 (WOW!) and your choice of Delta-8 cartridges! That’s an awesome combo for coffee lovers who love adding a dose of tinctures to their morning routines! So many bundles, so little time!

We going Sativa? Nah, We’re going Carolindica bud, always! One of our favorite Hometown Heroes! You know, Hometown Heroes. These guys bring relief to the Tarheel state and bud, we got some to drop from Baked Nick’s list. Carolindica is one of them. Hand-crafted oils, innovation and quality is what’s coming out the lab over and it doesn’t seem to stopping anytime soon. From Delta-8 cartridges, gummies, CBD tinctures and salves, Carolindica knows how to craft the goods and shines through their products. Crafting oils by hand, in small batches ensures the quality is there when it arrives at your doorstep and everything is sourced from NC hemp! Whats even better is they’re having a store-wide sale until 12/25 so, if those prices are looking good, it gets even better! Their cartridges and tinctures will make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Like Harbor City Hemp, Carolindica also uses Cannabis Derived Blends in their cartridges!


If you thought we were going to leave this guys off the list, you thought wrong! What kind of madman would we be?!?!? You know what, just for that, you’re getting a lump of resin out of ol Baked Nick’s bong when he’s through cleaning it! Next up, always hopping down the trail with us is going to be Hemp Hop! That’s right, we would never leave them off. These guys have been by our side through it all! Hemp Hop just kills it with the flower game out here in the beautiful Tarheel state! They are also bringing us other goodies too like some tasty terps, joints, blunts and, for the “Cannoisseur” in your life, they have Moonrocks, Asteroids, Twax joints/blunts, Hash, kief, just the works. If you need it, odds are, Hemp Hop has it. Remember earlier when we were talking about making your own moonrocks but needing Kief? These would be your guys! Or, you could just buy the Moonrocks. Some of you already have the Delta-8 on hand which is okay! From Moonwalker, Indoor Bubba Kush, Delta-8 Yummy Gummies and some Delta-8 sauce, it’s all there. Once again, some of these would make some amazing stuffers for the stocking. Especially the pre-rolls or a few grams of great strains. Hell, even a bag of shake makes for a great present. Our article Shake it up outlines some great things to do with shake so you can save those buds for other things,

Okay, these are a few amazing shops and companies we were able to see on Baked Nick’s list. Oh dam, he’s coming back! Quick, put it back, put it back!!! Phew! That was close. We almost were the ones getting a lump of resin too! Don’t think we forgot about you. You’re definitely getting one, maybe two. Nah, you know what, just one. I’m sorry we have to do that but we have to. We do it because we love you. Leans down Here’s a joint though, don’t tell anyone. Now run along. These awesome treats, goodies, pipes, just gifts are the perfect presents to unwrap on Christmas. Nothing fancy, just good ole relaxation! I hope you enjoyed! I also hope you all have such a wonderful Holiday! This year sure has taught us that life is precious and the one true gift is “Life”. I love you all so much. If no one told you today, I did, remember that! You are loved and valued. Until next time, you guys stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼

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