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Shake it up. Shake it up. Ohhh Ohh Oh!

Whoa there! Don't waste ALL you big nuggies on your cones and rollies. Use these instead! also good for infusions and edibles!

Ah, I see you made your way back. That means you must be in need of some more good reads. Well then do I have some tips and tricks for you. This one is going to be great too at least I think so. I haven’t been able to tackle the subject of shake and trim yet so why not today! That’s right, we are using every part of the plant over here not just the buds. I use shake and trim for a few things actually. I don’t mind saving or even buying it. It can save you money especially if you’re the type to roll a ton of joints, pack cones or make a shit ton of edibles and infusions. You don’t even have to go too far to find some good trim and shake either. Some farms and shops will break it down for you by the strain. You can even get what we call “small buds” for this too to save your nice nuggies for the bong-a-roo and vape! Let’s go meducate and see whos shaking it up and trimming it down for you as well as the best way to utilize this amazing plant!

Them: I usually just throw my trimmings and shake away.


Last year, I got a chance to take a tour of Topia Hemp Farms out near Mebane and it was there I met Alexander, one of the Hemp Farmers bringing relief to the Tarheel State. At the time he was growing ‘Sunbeam Haze’ which was amazing. He also gave me some insight on how to get to most out of your trimmings, shake and small buds that way you can save your best buds for those nice moments. One way he explained and pointed out to use your shake was for pre-rolls! It hadn’t really dawned on me to use it for that as I wasn’t a heavy joint smoker. I mainly used my pipes, namely my bong. Ripping that bad boy was just tops. He did make a good point though. It’s easier to use shake, makes for smoother hit and less resinous build-up on the end; of course we use tips. Using shake for your pre-rolls or cones is the perfect way to conserve you nice buds for other things like your pipes or that dry herb. You can also use those small buds for this too!


Here’s where you get to really shake things up! Growers, you probably already know the best way to utilize trimmings as you already save them. I know I have saved the trimmings off my babies for this very reason along with some small, popcorn buds. Grab you some shake or trim and use it to make you some amazing dishes and get to infusing! Why are you still grinding up your good bud for this? Sure, it’s okay to use whole nugs but normally, you wouldn’t. Most people use trim, shake or small buds. To each their own I guess but to save money and product, it’s recommended to use these instead. Not a grower? Not a Problem. There are some great companies you can get shake and small buds from and an unbeatable price. Usually, you’ll even get the strain you want too, sometimes. Still, save those big buds for your bong slams and use your shake for the pre-rolls and brownies man!

Some, if not most, don’t just have plants at your disposal. Some of you are probably wondering where to get shake and/or trim from. Well, actually you can get it from the same great places you know and love who already have your favorite strains, in most cases. To save you some time, I’m gonna drop a few on here that I have used and yes, I have of coursed mentioned here. Come on guys, you didn’t expect me to just name some rando’s I have never had a chance to puff on, right? That’s a little shitty of me. Let’s get pointed in the right direction so you can get on your way to baking, vaping and relaxation!


It seems like I am becoming a broken record with this one but hey, that’s not a bad thing is it? When you’re delivering the goods then you want to be mentioned over and over. We got the Hemp Hop shaking things and hopping to what’s hip! That’s right guys and I have gotten some shake from them before at a nice reasonable price I might add. The trade-off here is while you still get to pick strains, it’s not a huge selection like you’re used to but that’s not a deal breaker, not at all. Hemp Hop is bringing you strains like Blueberry Pie, Orange Kush, Blue Genius, Bubblegum and some more greats. You have the option to pick your strain in a nice, resealable, odor locking bag. Coming in ounces, this is just enough for a nice batch of butter or to get you through on your pre-rolls if you are a heavy smoker.

Coming in for some more good strains and things, we got the Jane that is plain or Plain Jane. I absolutely love this company. It’s just plain ol’ Jane and, like Hemp Hop, they are serving up the goods, the strains and the shake! While you don’t get as many strains to pick from like you get at Hemp Hop, Plain Jane makes up for that with quantity. What I mean is, you get options ranging from a quarter all the way up to a pound, wow! That’s a lot of herb coming to your door. Once again, like Hemp Hop, it’s priced so nice that it’s nit breaking your bank. To give you an example of these prices, 56 grams of Sour Space Candy shake is $45 out the door! Of course, you could split that and do 28 grams of this and 28 grams of Elektra for $24 and $20. Phew! Don’t want shake but still wanna save? Try some small buds. Plain jane offers them at a great price too! I just gave you some options and now you got some thinking to do! Hope you brought the cones!

While there are currently some amazing farms and shops out there with some great flower and strains, these are the ones I have had so far that have the best prices and options on the shake and trim. Don’t be deterred from using Shake either guys. Growing up – I still am, we all are – I use to get shit for using shake and trim but never understood why. To me, cannabis is amazing and so beneficial is an all forms, from stalk, leaves bud, everything. It’s all about how you utilize and get the most out of it. Now, I am not discouraging you from using some nice, sticky buds in your cones, blunts or edibles. I’m simply just giving you some options to help you save some green while saving some green. Ha, see what I did there. Alright sallies, go forth and medicate. Thanks for reading. I love you guys. Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural!💚🤟🏼

Do you use shake?


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