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Depression. Just another word for sad

It could be. Maybe we should just pretend it doesn't exist like society wants us to, then it will just magically go away.

You’re feeling bummed. It’s okay man. This is all in your head. You may have even just woke up like this or are just having an off day. It sure seems like it. In fact, it seems like you’re being draped in this feeling a lot lately yet it’s something you’ve been wrapped in your whole life isn’t it? So, by this logic, have you been sad your whole life? Has it just been a varying occurrence? I wish I knew. It’s something I have dealt with my whole life as I’m sure a good majority of you have. Given recent events, odds are, it’s only exacerbated it. What if though, like with our anxiety, there were ways to combat that? No, not with shitty ass pills. Yea, they might help in some cases but not all and for some, they may even make you feel worse! Now, why would something meant to help make you feel worse? Weird.

Depression sucks ass!


That it does. Just like anxiety, friends, enemies, hell even like my Epilepsy, Depression comes in many forms. It can even greet you with a smile. A smile that’s so inviting but slowly fades to let you know it’s true intentions. A smile that you will come to know is a lie but will soon miss as yours fades away. Don’t worry, you’ll see again from time to time. Depression also comes in the form of setting goals because you’re afraid of what may happen should you ever stop. It comes in the form of not getting out of bed for 2 weeks but you also don’t care about the fact that you haven’t moved, showered or practiced basic hygiene. Depression doesn’t discriminate. It sucks. Depression sucks major ass. I began dealing with early signs of it after being bullied through school. It got worse and I was officially diagnosed shortly after having my first seizure. My seizure medicine doesn’t make it any better. No matter what one’s i have tried, they always bring it on. It’s always the same thing from my doctor, “why don’t we give you a prescription then?” No. It was no roller coaster and still isn’t. Some days are better than others but, like anxiety, I have found some things that help make it so much better. Hopefully this will help you like it’s has helped me!

It doesn’t have to!

Indeed it doesn’t. Remember our anxiety post? Just like those strains, extracts and cartridges we use to help combat that pesky little demon called “anxiety” we also have some great aids coming in to help keep that monster called “Depression” at bay. I’m going to name a couple of things I use as well as a mixture of them. It’s not all cannabis related here though guys. Record Skip That’s right and I’m sorry I didn’t include some of these in my anxiety article I dropped for you. That’s my fuck up. I’ll make up for it with this one, somehow. In addition to the mother ganja, you can also use other things like calming sounds, favorite music, positive thoughts etc. These good vibes you’re bringing into your life will help rid the bad. I know, I know, it’s a lot easier said than done. I have my days where I don’t want to do shit but lay around and sulk in my own sea of negative emotions and thoughts. I slowly start to pull myself out of it with tinctures, maybe some flower and then I throw on some tunes. Sometimes though, I need those bad days to help me appreciate the good ones. I think a lot of you forget that. It’s like a ying-yang thing. Take the good with the bad.

How though?


Okay, I’m glad you asked! Reverting back to my previous statement of “It’s not all cannabis related here guys.” It’s not though. While, okay, yes I use a mixture, I still mix things up like tinctures followed by my good vibes playlist or maybe reverse order. Starting your day the right way is key to a good day. If you wake up in a shitty mood and it gradually declines into chaos, just go back to bed and start over or get a handle on it and finish it off strong and great. I recommend the latter. Remember, it can’t rain all the time! Always start your day positive, that sows the seeds of a good day, moving forward. Put that energy out there that YOU WILL have a good day and if not, well, what are you gonna do? Sometimes, you can’t worry about things you can’t change. Spark up that strain, take that tincture and get relaxed, relieved and medicated. Go on that nature hike. When I’m in that negative headspace and need to clear it out, nature is my friend and the sound of the wind blowing through the tress is the music nature provides to us when we leave our earbuds at home. Natural music if you will. Maybe even start that hobby you’ve been wanting to start or hit that greenhouse. The winter hasn’t been kind to me. Not to mention a storm took out my plastic so it needs to be re-framed. In due time but that work will keep busy and my mind occupied.

Play some tunes!

Music has been something, for me and I’m sure most of you, that can elevate your mood or tear it down. Which is why I use it to help me get out a funk or get through one to get me out of it. Even on a bad day. Remember, we need that bad, maybe those sad songs will help you reflect and push forward. Keeping toxic feelings and thoughts inside only leads to destruction. It’s like a poison inside. Use music to help rid yourself of that. It helps me a lot. Spark a nice cone and throw on some tunes! Sit back and relax and just let whatever emotions are going to come, just let them flow. If you need to cry and be upset, do it.

Tinctures, pre-rolls and strains for days!


Fuck it, just burn it down! I mean, I know you have probably already been blowing it down and staying medicated but hey, if you need to smoke a few extra grams or cones, do it! Life is short, go for it. I have had my days where I smoked an extra gram or two. That’s okay, it was a shitty day, at least it was. Cannabis is such a wonderful plant and helps so many. When it comes to this or what you’re using, I’m recommending some narrow-leaf varietals here guys. Some with high amounts of THC to help uplift your mood and put you in that state of bliss and euphoria. Look for Terpenes like Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool. These terpenes have been scientifically shown to have antidepressant properties. Your COA’s should show you overall cannabinoid and terpene content so look for these when picking a strain, extract or oil. You may just notice a difference. I know I have seen a big difference in overall mood change and stability. Understand though that the strains and tinctures, doses etc that work for me may not work for you so this is where you may need to do your own digging. Start with those terpenes I mentioned and go from there. Get your dosing right as well.

Show the world the warmth of your smile!

It will take time but I promise, there is a light at the end, you just have to keep going. Just because you have had a bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life. There will come a day where those waves don’t knock you down anymore but instead just crash around you. It’s the best feeling you’ll know. Will those feelings and days still come around? Absolutely. You’ll be a stronger person though and able to fight them or just accept them. You’ll have your umbrella readily available for the passing storm. Don’t worry, it won’t rain long and hey, if it does, throw that dam thing down, throw some jams on and go dance out there in it! You’re a lot stronger than you think. Maybe even take a dab, take a few drops of oil or even eat and edible or maybe three! Hey, I’m not judging. It’s cold out here so make sure to show the world the warmth of your smile! Thanks for reading, I love you guys. I mean that. You’re loved and appreciated. Just in case no one told you today, I wanted you to know. Throw some music on enjoy life. It’s yours. Thanks for reading! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚


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