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Let’s talk flower

We got some newcomers on the path who look like the may need some guidance. No worries. Whether you have flower already or need some, give this post a read!

Walking along this ole path, it occurs to me that we have some more newcomers to the community! I wouldn’t say new comers so much as just needing some guidance. Today, we’re going to talk about flower, some different varietals and the many ways they can be enjoyed. I also want to point out where or should I say who has some good flower. I know I often get asked where to get some good flower. It seems with the rapid expansion of the industry, it can be hard and overwhelming so hopefully I can help take some of that away. I too get slightly overwhelmed in my decisions however when you get a good farm or shop that has amazing flower and they are consistent, you tend to stick with them. Some of you might not even know where to get some good flower from! Not a problem. In my time and travels, I have came across a few and I’m delighted to share them with you.

Let’s elevate that spirit with some beautiful, mood enhancing Sativa strains. These varietals are what you are going to want when you have those family functions and you know you’re not in the mood but it’s best you go because if you don’t, it will be a topic for the next four to come. At least you have these strains to keep you smiling and waving and smiling you will be! Sativa strains are good for those who may be dealing with anxiety, depression or just simply need to get the creative juices. While typically these varietals are used during the day, if you’re a night owl you will enjoy having a toke on these beauties. Maybe even going into a hybrid that leans sativa! As always, keep an eye on those terpenes too!

Some good Sativa Varietals:

  • Sour Diesel
  • Sour Jack (Hybrid that leans sativa)
  • Blueberry Diesel
  • Pineapple Haze
  • Charlotte’s Angel

Just like gearing up for the day with our sativa strains, we need something to help us wind down and that’s where our indica varietals are going to come in to pick you up off your feet. Don’t underestimate these either. These are going to be the strains you toke on when life has been kicking your ass all day and you just need to relax. Wait, isn’t that just cannabis in general? Well, yea but these are your evening and nighttime puffers. Typically more high in certain terpenes and cannabinoids, these would be the ones I would make my canna-butter and oils with. The exception to that is if I making gummies or snack foods for daytime use. In that case, I’d pick a different, sativa varietal. Indica strains will be your friend when you need remedies for pain, sleep, anxiety, inflammation etc .

Some good Indica varietals:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Sour Suver Haze
  • Space Glue
  • Frosted Kush

Shake & Bake!

I’m sure that reminds you of the ole “If you ain’t first, you’re last” gem we were blessed with. However, we are talking about some infusions and edibles this go around although we could definitely go for nice Netflix and Grill after this! Using cannabis as a way to infuse your favorite dishes are a great way cruise along the path to wellness. Just make sure you’re using some good buds or strain. Some people use the trim or shake so it’s really dealer’s choice here. I don’t have much of an in depth guide on here yet however I will provide one for you guys so you’re not spending your time searching. That’s time that could be spent making some trippy treats! Infusing your favorite dishes and treats with your favorite strains is just one way to enjoy your flower. Next time you get you a nice strain and ask “What can I do?”, how about make some oil and bake some muffins, maybe make some canna-butter and make some PANCAKES!?!? my goodness!


Many ways to blow some smoke!

You got your flower and you know you can infuse but what about your other options? This should be obvious at this point. Smoke it! There are many ways too. From packing you a nice, fat RAW cone filled with a nice strain to start the day that you enjoy with a cup of coffee. Maybe grind you up some and fill that vape and bake away! Don’t have a fancy pocket oven? No problem, fill that pipe that bubbles when you draw on it. There are plenty of ways to get the sweet relief and goodness of that herb. Ripping the water bong is my favorite. I have amassed quite the collection over the years and they come and go. I still like to collect them though! There’s nothing like ripping the pipe or even adding a nice pre-cooler to it. Some people call them ash-catchers but whatever. The beauty of these is they diffuse they diffuse the smoke and cool it down for longer, smoother draw. Water pipes also filter out all that unnecessary shit you don’t need like tar and resin. That’s another reason i opt for them. You should also remember to keep them clean. Smoking out of dirty bong water is disgusting and bad for you.

These are just a few ways to enjoy that flower. What? You don’t have any? Well that sucks. I wouldn’t want you to leave here empty handed. Since today we’re talking flower, I’ll leave you with some amazing shops who are bringing the strains and keeping them coming. I know you won’t be disappointed. To name one, we got the infamous Hemp Hop. You have heard me mention them so it’s no surprise here. They are a Tarheel Favorite and Hometown Hero. Hemp Hop has the strains you need when you need them. I’m serious guys, offering local delivery, it’s literally when you need them. Plain Jane is another favorite when it comes to some great flower and having a nice selection. Even offering sample packs by the gram depending on mood. This is great if you’re new or just starting out and want to get a feel for how its going to feel or what strains are going to be right for you. Carolina Hemp Company is another local favorite I want to mention when it comes to flower. They have some amazing flower strains coming out the fields over there. Packed in airtight, smell proof jars or convenient, strike-top box for your pre-rolls. A great pick there for my outdoor readers. I loved my box of pre-rolls on my hikes. It housed everything I needed. Pre-rolls and matches. Simple.

You have your flower. These are ways you can enjoy it. IF you don’t have your flower, I left some nice shops in here to get you started. Flower is great and like tinctures, it’s a great for those new or just starting out to get a feel for how cannabis is going to make you feel. For some people, it’s all they need. I encourage everyone to journey out though at some point and try other ways to medicate through cannabis. It can be amazing and not to mention beneficial. I’m glad I did. Of course, I started off like most people smoking flower and now I use a variety of cannabis-based products like oils, tinctures, edibles, extracts. I know many say they won’t but they do. It may not be daily but at some point, you’ll try them and that’s a good thing. You never know what you’ll like or dislike until you try it. I always tell everyone I meet to try something at least once before dismissing it. Flower has helped me so much because no matter what, at the end of the day, that’s my go to. It’s helped me so much and I credit it for my seizure aid along with my tinctures. Give it a try. Maybe it will help you on those off days. It might even help you take that load or weight off your shoulders. You might find a new strain. Thanks for reading. I love you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural!🤟💚


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