Relax, It's Infused! Seize The Day!

Cakes of the pan!

We hit em with the ole "Quick Flip Dip" and drizzled these with terps! Man if these aren't screaming yummy! Relax, it's infused!

Yummy yummy in my tummy! You see these bad boys! Delicious, scrumptious and oh so beloved, pancakes. These though have a twist. Come on guys, why would I just put some food up here and NOT infuse it? That would be crazy. I love to cook, don’t get me wrong but I also love to infuse my foods while I’m cooking. While I don’t do it all the time, I have came to the conclusion that most people only use cannabis through edibles, oils and infusions so it’s nice to show them what I do and share experiences. I use a varieties of ways to infuse as I’m sure many of you do and will come to such as tinctures, using flower to make my own oils and butters. This morning however, our pancakes will be made with tinctures from our friends at Harbor City Hemp! I love starting my day with tinctures. Some mornings are sublingual, some are through infusions and some are both because why not? Let’s go see what kind of awesomeness I have added to our pancakes this morning!


While on the outside, it looks like the perfect cake of the pan, I can assure you, these beauties are packed with even more delectable items. To start it off, we have pancakes, duh! These can be enjoyed morning, afternoon or night so let me just state that right now. If anyone ever tells you that breakfast is only for one time of the day, go ahead cut them out of your life. That’s too much negativity right there already and they’re holding you back. Breakfast and breakfast food can be enjoyed whenever. Okay, now there are a few ways you can do this. We can either use cannabutter or tinctures for our mix or use a simple “Just add water” mixture. I’m going with the latter today to save some time but I’ll make up for it later. I’m also going to throw in some White Chocolate Chip morsels in there for extra goodness. Flip them for perfection. Once they are done, I’m going to heat my syrup up while mixing up THC:CBG on a 50/50 split. Each tincture is 1500mg so that’s roughly 25mg a piece per .5mL for a total of 50mg total. I even topped each Pancake with a Strawberry spread for fruit explosion.

Make it yours at this point. Well, at any point you can make it yours as long as you’re infusing it! That’s the whole point. Still, we are getting to the point of accessorizing our dish right here so anything goes. You can rock with the simple eggs, bacon and sausage. Eggs, hash browns and bacon. Hell, go all out and just feast on it man. That’s what i do when I’m in the mood for a good munch. I just do the works. Why not. For this one, I’d go with scrambled eggs, sausage and gravy, and hash browns! Boom! That’s a dope ass choice right there! At least for me. That’s the beauty of this part. You get to make it yours man and it can be whatever you want even the pancakes. I added chocolate chips. Last time I made pancakes, while i didn’t post them, we did a holiday theme. It would have been a good idea with Christmas time but it’s whatever.

I have been talking about infusing our foods a lot more recently in an effort to help our friends in the Epilepsy community get familiar with CBD, CBG and other oils and tinctures. I use these oils every morning to help aid in the nausea brought on from the Epilepsy medicine. It also helps me in the recovery of them. That’s a big reason I do this as someone with Epilepsy. You guys will start seeing these in the Epilepsy sections too! I want you to know there are options out there to help. I used to have mornings where I would wake up feeling so shitty, forcing myself to eat and now I have days where I can’t seem to put the fork down. In a rapid expanding market, I know it can be overwhelming. Tinctures can be a great place to start. You may even start infusing your own foods one day or even your own breakfast! Check out my other breakfast posts and ways we start our day including my coffee post! How do you infuse your foods? What’s some ways you have infused breakfast? Haven’t tried tinctures yet? Give them a go here! Drop some comments below on your experiences. Thanks for reading. I love you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural!💚🤟🏼


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