Relax, It's the Holidaze!

Properly blazed for the Holidaze!

We all have that one family member who disappears during functions or goes on that "Walk" and comes back happy and smelling funny. Is it you? If so, maybe this will guide you on a smoother path and help you avoid some crazy glances!

It’s that time of the year again. You know, where we gather and stuff our faces until we get stomach aches and then wonder what happened. Yep, that time. I bet you were thinking “Oh, is it some Cannabis Festival or something? Are we gearing up to get smacked?” Guys, we do that everyday, come on, get with the program here. Now, the problem is, some of you may still be in that gray area of the bubble where you smoke but have family that don’t know or you just still keep it hidden. If you’re like me, they know anyway due to medical reasons or you just don’t care because we have acknowledged it’s a pant and there is far worse shit out there. No matter. I have gathered a few things to help you out in these trying times. These should help you get properly blazed for the Holidaze! Some you know and some are new! Let’s see what I’m rambling about today, dam, dam, dam!

Grind it, pack it and bake it! Oh yea, I’m talking about the easy bake, the easy take, the one and only, Pulsar APX! This little gadget will be your friend during your Holidaze Blaze! For those who have to keep everything hidden, it’s your side kick. It’s tiny enough to keep right in your pocket, palm sized and using convection, it’s baking your herbs so there’s no smoke, no smell and all the relief! I often hear from people sneaking away during family event to get medicated. I have family who do this and I’m guilty myself. Mainly out of respect but over the years I have adapted. I always used to come back smelling like smoke and never really liked that but also never thought of it. I mean, I was too busy on cloud nine and munching out. Technology has allowed us to medicate without raising eyebrows from dry herbs to tinctures and the APX is no exception!


I couldn’t leave this one out. It’s even the perfect fit for our Happy Kit. Allowing for a few pre-rolls, some bud and papers, the J-Case is perfect for every smoker and their adventure during the Holidaze! Fitting right in your pocket or day bag, it’s the perfect case to have when you need a toke or to stow away the goods on that “walk”. Featuring some beautiful designs and some trippy, The J-Case is perfect for those outings, a spot on your Blazy Susan, Happy Kit or just your pocket. It’s the perfect fit and is pretty dam durable. I remember watching them run this over with a car!! You’d have to be nuts or crazy stoned to attempt this. We’re going with the latter giving the goods they’re serving up! I know after seeing that and all the hard falls we take with our seizures, we definitely need one of these!

If you remember seeing everyone rip their favorite strain out a turkey rig recently but couldn’t figure out what the was going on or maybe missed out then head’s up! Daily High Club is coming through with some good selects during the Holidaze and Christmas time is no exception! If you follow them on Instagram then you probably saw the reveal of December’s box featuring the custom Smoky Water Pipe and man what a gorgeous piece. It really sets the tone for Christmas time kinda like the whole Turkey pipe did it for Danksgiving! Head over there and get your box so you can be toking and choking on some sweet buds this holiday season. Don’t miss out again!


Getting away or having a toke means you probably want to be discreet as possible. Why not bring a cartridge? I know I have mentioned some amazing farms and shops that have your back when it comes to bringing the smiles and jokes and keeping your social anxiety pretty much non-existent. Take Harbor City Hemp for example and the strawberry cream Delta-8 cartridge. We also have Carolindica coming through with those delicious terps as well as Liberty Brand Hemp with their Delta-8 Cartridges. These are a great way to get the relief you need this holiday season without raising any eyebrows or coming back smelling like a skunk. While normally, we wouldn’t care, a toke is a toke however some people would and respect is always something you should have! Keep those cartridges handy dandy!

A couple of ways to stay blazed!

These are just a couple ways to stay properly blazed during the Holidaze. Some might be a little more discreet than others but hey, staying medicated is the goal! While Daily High Club and their pipe isn’t one of those discreet ways, it’s a sure way to stay in style while tokin’ up this Christmas so I wanted that to make this drop. So, don’t caught coming up in your grandma’s kitchen smelling like that stuff she said she always found in your moms room. Uh oh, now we all got some explaining to do! Man, what a great year to start bringing those cartridges to family dinner huh? Don’t come to one without the proper equipment guys. Whether it be your J-Case, your Happy Kit or just a cartridge to keep you going. Thanks for reading! I love you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural!💚🤟🏼


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