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Docking in for relief!

Whether you're starting out on the path or heading off, Harbor City Hemp is the perfect place to find the relief you need when you need it!

Grab the rope, we’re coming in to dock. Phew! I didn’t think we were going to make it. Have you guys been out there recently? It’s a dam mess, peace has become more like the sea of nightmares! Thankfully, I made it back and good thing to. I didn’t come alone, oh no, I brought some goodies. From tinctures to drizzle and sizzle up and get your day going to cartridges of some sweet, delicious terps. Who’s greeting us on the shores this week and making our path to wellness a little less bumpy? Grab you tray, your bud or whatever you’re medicating with and let’s go find out.

Oh dam, I dozed off for a second. These cartridges will do that if you’re not careful or forget what one you’re puffing on. Who’s serving up the terpenes this week? We have Harbor City Hemp docking in and bringing relief. To start this one off, I’m bringing up those cartridges. From Orange Kush, Blue Cheese OG, Cherry Drop and so much more, Harbor City Hemp has something for everyone to puff on and for every budget. I know I have been enjoying the Orange Kush before bed time. In fact, I keep in right beside the bed on my desk for those nights when I just can’t find those sheep or am having trouble sleeping and just toss and turn. A few puffs on these sweet terps and it’s off to dream world for this guy. I do want to add out of all the delicious cartridges from Harbor City Hemp I’ve had so far, this one hit the hardest!


Why are these so dam tasty?!

Cannabis Derived Terpenes or CDTs are what make that possible when it comes to the cartridges offered from Harbor City Hemp. I’m talking about an amazing, true-to-taste experience as I call it. It threw me off for a second just how much the Kush and Orange Kush were coming in on the taste. In terms of strain for everyone, it’s true and like Carolindica, Harbor City Hemp has some for every budget! How can they do this you ask? The answer lies within the extraction methods used. Using steam-distilled and CO2 extraction, Harbor City Hemp offers an array of strains in multiple varieties without sacrificing potency and breaking your bank account. It’s amazing how a puff on these terps taste like your taking a toke straight from the plants itself. Keep in mind your option picked. When getting your CO2 extracted option as opposed to the steam-distilled, the effects will be more stronger. The flavor is still there on the steam-distilled, oh yes it’s just with the extraction method used, your terpene content isn’t as broad. Just something to keep in mind but it is nice to have options!

Relief you need, one drop at a time!

Tinctures are some other goodies coming out the lab over at Harbor City Hemp. If you read some of our drops in the infused section then of course it’s probably sounding familiar. I use Harbor City Hemp in most if not all my infusions when I’m using tinctures and for good reason. If you habe had these then you can understand why. If not, then you’re definitely missing out. Harbor City Hemp using MCT oil as a carrier for those cannabinoids and, well that’s it other than the extracts itself. Right now, Harbor City Hemp is offering Delta-8 THC, CBD and CBG as part of their tincture line-up with plans on adding CBN which I absolutely cannot wait for. Their CBG tincture for example is great for anyone with gut issues as CBG has anti-inflammatory properties. I fall into that category and it has helped me tremendously. I have seen improvements over the past week with using them. Harbor City Hemp offers a variety of strengths and for those of you who just want to sample these, they even offer that in a nice bundle too! give it a try, you will be glad you did. Tinctures can be used in a mixture of things from on their own to cooking.

More relief and peace of mind!


With all this relief that Harbor City Hemp is bringing, I bet you thought that was it? Nope! To help you get that peace of mind and relief you need, Harbor City Hemp offers a 30% discount on everything plus free shipping to:

  • Veterans
  • First Responders
  • Healthcare workers
  • Individuals with long term disability benefits
  • low-income households

Of course there are some requirements which can be found here. A discount program is a great way to say thanks and give back to those who do so much. It’s also great for individuals with disabilities. They are already on a fixed income and most of that goes to doctor bills and other medical needs. Low income families who may use CBD as an alternative to failed pharmaceuticals benefit from this as well. Definitely give it a peak and see if you benefit from it and fill out that application.

Use our code “Relax10!”

for 10% off your order!

Harbor City Hemp is definitely the ones we need greeting us at the shores when we need to start our journey on the Path to Wellness. Who else to make it a little less bumpy than these guys! Their tinctures are one thing but these cartridges are definitely something to keep on hand if not your ‘Happy Kit’ we just talked about! Maybe even that Strawberry Cream on hand for those family functions you tend to always go on a “walk” during. Keeping one of this on hand will help eliminate those excursions or hell, take that walk anyway and have a good time! Maybe even take a few drops of some CBD and/or CBG before too for a nice balance. Have you tried Harbor City Hemp yet? Drop some of your favorite smokes or strains you’ve had in the comments! If you haven’t tried them yet, head over there now and grab some cartridges and tinctures! They even give you some amazing bundle deals if you’re like me and are indecisive! Want to save more, use our code “Relax10!” and take 10% off. Thanks for reading. I love you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼



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