Harbor City Hemp Collection Weekly Strains

Two for one!

I couldn't decide on which one this week so here's two great strains from our friends at Harbor City Hemp to help you power through the "Holidaze!"

BOOOM Dammmm, I just dropped my box. I hope I didn’t break my selects! Phew! They’re good and thank goodness because that would suck ass. This week in our weekly strains, we are getting a chance to showcase one of our latest additions in the Path to Wellness section. Typically, I am highlighting flower strains but I wanted to start switching that up. Everyone uses a variety of products so I wanted to mention my favorite varieties that have helped along the way. Is it going to be concentrates? Maybe some of those cartridges we are constantly puffing on? What about those tasty terp-infused crumbles? Well, let’s open the captain’s cupboard and find out shall we. I know I’m excited and I hope you are as well!


Woah, looks like we got some cartridges today and not one but TWO!!!!!! WHAT?? Oh yea, we got some goodies coming out the box today I see. I wanted to give you guys a mixture of relief with this one! Thanksgiving has just passed but the “Holidaze” are just getting started which means you’re probably going to be going through some social anxiety if you aren’t already. In addition to that, you’re more than likely tired and wore out after having your ass kicked all day from life. Not to worry, I have been puffing on some sweet, delicious cartridges from our friends at Harbor City Hemp. Today, two of them will call our Weekly Strains section home.

Tokes and Jokes!

A berry delicious hybrid!

First up, we have the Strawberry Cream Delta-8 THC cartridge. Absolutely amazing for those of you going out and about, at those family functions and need to relax or just need a mid-day toke in general. A tasty hybrid strain from Harbor City Hemp, Strawberry Cream definitely comes in handy and gives you the relief you need, when you need it most. If you read our “Properly blazed for the Holidaze” drop then maybe you’re one of those who sneak away during functions. This would save you from that or make it easier. This strain helps you find the smile you were looking for and the conversation starter you didn’t have. Especially for me. I found everything I was looking for in this when it came to easing my anxiety but still needed the clarity. I kept this in my pocket for quick puff and pull during family functions recently. It was the go-to I needed and I didn’t even need to “go on a walk”.

Want to see more from Harbor City Hemp?

Check out their Collection and see what other strains we have added to the collection. From Melonatta, Oreo Cookies and more, HCH has some mouth-watering, terpy-licious blends.

A puff before bed!

A citrusy blend and nighttime strain!

Now, after a long day you definitely want to medicate properly and while that Strawberry Cream cart is amazing, it’s not what you need right now. To end the day the right way and get the full relaxation you need, Orange Kush is going to be your friend here. An indica varietal, Orange Kush is going to leave you wondering where the bed is after a few puffs and with those Cannabis Derived Terpenes, this beauty really is a true to taste experience. This one was one that I kept by the bed on nights where I couldn’t find those sheep. A few puffs and I was off to some sweet dreams. You can definitely feel it behind the eyes too. With Orange Kush being the Indica that it is, It was expected along with that full body relaxation effect as well. I don’t recommend puffing on this beauty during the day unless you want to nap. If so, grab the pillows and snuggle in.

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for 10% off anything at Harbor City Hemp!

Harbor City Hemp nailed it with these two. We have used their tinctures to infuse some of our dishes. Even most of days are started with a nice 1:1 of THC:CBD of those sweet terps in our coffee. To me, it’s the perfect way to start the day. Going back to our cartridges, these beauties are perfect for a nice balance or even if you’re puffing on that hybrid strain. I found the mixture of the two worked for me and made a nice combo. I also want to mention those terpenes again. I’m a terp guy and it’s one of these reasons I love flower. I enjoy those aroma’s that terpenes give off as well as the taste. It’s another reason I invested in my dry herb vape and started researching them years ago. Terpenes are very beneficial and also play a huge role with cannabis and cannabinoids. Harbor City Hemp uses Cannabis Derived Terpenes or CDT’s and it just set’s it off for a more pleasurable experience. Check them out if you haven’t already and use our code to save a little bit! Have you tried them already? What’s your favorite strain or tincture? Drop it in the comments below. Thanks for reading. I love you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼


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