Path to Wellness Relax, It's the Holidaze!

A friend indeed!

Strayed off the path? Still trying to find a direction? Don't worry, We've gathered a few friends to answer some questions and help you this holiday season! Check them out!

You’ve seen them on the news, in your feed getting smacked, in the sky Record Skip wait, what? What are you talking about guy? These people aren’t just the usual influencers getting baked all day, they actually give you great products and information. Today, I have hand-picked a couple that won’t fry your brain or dumb you down. They aren’t giving you bullshit or here to say “Hey, buy this. We got paid money to push garbage to you.” I have seen that one too many times and it’s quite annoying to be honest yet people continue to fall for that shit. It’s not as heavy as it was however it’s still happening. I call it modern day cannabis scams and hopefully, we can start breaking that cycle. Let’s go meet just a couple of these people.

Mr. Mitch is on the path!

Check his story for savings!

First up is someone who has provided me with many laughs over the months but the product knowledge outweighs it a little bit. Stepping out and onto the Path to Wellness is going to be someone we’re going to call “Mr. Mitch”. This guy has all the goods. If it’s on their page, believe me when I say, like us, they have tried it and are passing it on to you. It doesn’t stop there though. Mr. Mitch is always giving out some type of code for some savings. For you newcomers who may just wanna try something but weary, you can save a little. Don’t be hesitant here. Give it a go. Mr. Mitch outlines many of the products on his with effects, how it made him feel, the taste etc. While this can vary from individual, the overall effects don’t fluctuate too much so expect the same. Definitely give him a glance and, if you like, give him a follow. I promise you will be glad you did. From concentrates, flower, salves, you name it, they are dropping it! I have discovered quite a few new companies and products I didn’t know existed and I myself have saved and that’s freaking awesome!


Good vibes have arrived!

Speaking of freaking awesome, guess who’s up next? An influencer by the name of “EverydayisFreakinAwesome” and just like the name has implied, well, everyday is pretty freakin awesome sallies! You know what else is pretty dam awesome? Their page, products, guides and reviews. Just like Mr. Mitch, they keep coming at you with videos, reviews and products as well as detailed posts on what you get, what to expect and the best ways to use it. I recently discovered their page and it’s been, well, freakin awesome! She’s dropping all the good while keeping you entertained. I love seeing what’s getting dropped, mentioned, how it’s going to effect you overall and so on. From sweet Terpy Derps, CBD topicals, flower just everything natural, she’s wheeling and dealing and bringing all the vibes! She’s awesome and you need these vibes, check em’ out, you’ll be glad you did!


It’s heating up!

Knowledge is power. Our friend here is all about giving you this. I have been following Inferno for quite some time. Her posts and page are just dope and you may remember her as we have featured her before but we have to bring her back! From Terpene drops, cannabis and medical conditions, just everything. I always look forward to seeing what she’s got cooking up and dropping. Each of her posts feature slides, one after another of just dope content, cannabis information as well as terpenes and how beneficial they are. Keep tabs on this page and her content. With each drop comes newfound knowledge on everything from terpenes to medical conditions and just how cannabis can help and it’s backstory. I have enjoyed every post from her and it seems to get better with time just like fine wine. I can only imagine what she has in store for us next! Check out Inferno and get the relief started and the knowledge you didn’t know you needed!


Cannabis news, treats and reads!

The name implies news but thats not all that coming out the studio over at “CannaNewz”! From cannabis jobs, terpenes, the history of cannabis, hemp, hell one day they talked about bongs and joints which was pretty sweet. Cannanewz has all the deets as we say when it comes to keeping it Natural! I know it’s always a great sight to see that drop and bouncing swipe slide pop up on our feed and to wonder what treasures await on the next couple of slides as we swipe right. A great place for the newcomer and experienced cannabis user alike to find some great reads and knowledge. Check them out for some facts while you medicate, you may learn something you didn’t know.



Exploring Hemp!

Like Cannanewz, Hemploration explores the boundaries of cannabis and all it’s glory. From cannabinoids, terpenes, random cannabis facts, moments in history involving this glorious plant, I mean there is so much to cram into one paragraph, Hemploration definitely has the blend of herbs and spices and we aren’t talking K-2, get that stuff out of here! This would be the newcomers dream and ultimate one-stop on your Path to Wellness. Need to know what a certain Cannabinoid is? They’re on it. Random hemp fact? They’re on it. Everything cannabis, Hemploration is on it. Sort of like they’re name implies, exploration of hemp all tied into one. This is one whole vibe along with everyone on this list!

Everyone we have outlined are definitely individuals and groups you should have been following and if not, they’re notable and worth it. I have been following them and have enjoyed every minute of it. Not only for the entertainment provided but simply the knowledge provided. It’s no surprise that cannabis has had a bad wrap and dirt thrown on her name yet has amazing qualities and untapped potential. It’s also no mystery that the “Reefer Madness” still lurks and lingers among us today and that’s something we aim to take away and help educate people to give them a better understanding that this plant is not dangerous. Check these individuals out, give them a follow and stay up-to-date with great news, stay informed on products and some awesome cannabis facts. Drop a comment below on some other great influencers, organizations and bloggers who are bringing some knowledge to the industry. Thanks for reading! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼

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