Relax, It's the Holidaze!

Smoking Deals!

Need to cross some things off the list for the "Holidaze"? Maybe you just wanna get in on some of those sales. Here's some stores to get you started!

Time to roll out the goodies and I’m not talking food! Well, maybe I am. Am I? Shit, hang on guys because now I’ve lost my train of thought and need to re-calibrate. Thanks Epilepsy worry not though. It’s nothing a bong rip can’t fix! Alright alright, where were we? Yes, meals and deals and guys, we got a good one for you today. With Christmas time coming and many of you wanting to give your loved some goodies, I got some savings coming your way! From some great companies, local and nationwide, who have some great deals, gift bundles and sales along with some promo codes. Get your pens handy to make some adjustments on those lists, grab your tray or that blazy susan because you may need to treat some anxiety soon! Let’s go see who’s bringing home the goods during the “Holidaze” this year!

Use code “Greenfriday” at Plain Jane !

Hurry!!!!!!!!! This code EXPIRES SOON!!!!!!

Starting off the Holiday list this year we got a good one that I’m sure you have heard of and if you haven’t, you’re about to! When I first got wind of this shop, it was great and newcomers paradise! Why? Simple, it asks you one question: “how would you like to feel today?” and then you’re on your way to relief. Who’s helping make your shopping a little less stressful this season, Plain Jane Hemp of course! From Hemp flower strains like Purple Gas, Cats Meow and Durban Diesel then we have the Caviar Twax blunt and joint which is for the Cannabis Connoisseur in all of us. What are those? Guys, it’s only some of the best premium buds, in your choice of joint or if you’re feeling froggy, a kingpalm, rolled in some CBD distillate and then rolled in CBD kief. Think of it like rolled Moonrocks! Moonrocks? Oh, Plain Jane has those too! So, if you’re finding yourself needing some relief during the “Holidaze” this year, give Plain Jane Hemp a try. They have the relief you need. Need some savings? Use code “Danksgiving” for even more relief, in your account that is!


Use code “BLACKFRIDAY” at Harbor City Hemp!

This code gets you 25% off your purchase! Sale Ends 11:59pm on 11/30

All aboard, it’s time to sail away into the sea of bliss. Maybe I meant dock at the port of peace? Yea, that sounds better. Who better to greet us at the entrance than Harbor City Hemp! Sound or look familiar? These guys are the ones we like to spice up our morning brews with! Between Delta-8 THC tinctures, CBG, CBD and other amazing hemp derived oils, the perfect gift isn’t hard to find. Not limited to just tinctures though. Oh no, Harbor City Hemp has some sauce in the jar! Serving some sweet Delta-8 cartridges for your vaping pleasure. With strains like Blue Cheese OG, Tahoe Dream, Orange Kush and other great terpy derp delights. On a budget? Not a problem! Harbor City Hemp has some great steam-distilled terps coming at you too in strains like Kush and Mango Pop for starters! Having a hard time deciding between all those great flavors and terpenes? I don’t blame you, I’m indecisive myself. Luckily, Harbor City Hemp gives you all the juice in some sweet combo packs. Still can’t decide between some cartridges and those tinctures? Get both and save some dough! Let’s take this a little further with some more codes! Use our code “Relax10!” for 10% off your order and get those terpy derps today!

Liberty Brand Hemp

Use code “GIVETHANKS” starting 11/27-11/30 for 30% your entire order!

Ring Ring Ring! Next up we got Liberty CBD and they’re giving back again but this time with relief AND savings! This is great because Liberty just introduced Delta-8 THC to their line-up and man oh man. If that doesn’t peak your interest, you’re missing out! Liberty is known to have some premium products so those Delta cartridges are no exception. Like some, they feature no fillers! What you see is what you get and if you remember, they have a beautiful, wooden tip for a full on, natural aesthetic. I love it and they have some great products in the mix like gummies, flower, salves. Liberty has definitely gave so many their freedom back in terms of normality. If you haven’t tried, now’s the time.

Hemp Hop!

Use code “BLACKFRIDAY” for savings!

Ah, a local favorite! Getting you back on the path to wellness is going to be another Hometown great, Hemp Hop. This wouldn’t be a Holidaze exclusive without mentioning our friends at Hemp Hop and guys, the deals are smoking and sizzling over there. Buy 2, get 1 free on the vapes, flower prices have been slashed. I mean, at this point, they might as well just give these away, shit! In addition to all these goodies though, Hemp Hop is also having a “GramsGiving Sale” with a huge sale on grams of their famous herbs and spices! If you have been eyeing those strains, now’s the time! Hemp Hop has strains for days and they aren’t slowing down any time soon! Head over there now, stock up and enjoy free shipping on those orders because you’ll definitely hit that minimum with all these deals!


Carolina Hemp Company

Sale starts this weekend!

Who could forget Carolina Hemp?! We got a chance to try them when we had that memorable, strike-top box of pre-rolls! Great for that active person in your life who also needs a toke or two or seven! Starting this weekend, Carolina Hemp Company is offering 25% off the entire store, site-wide! If you’ve been eyeing some good strains like Golden Sour or Banana Bread, now’s the time! Offering other deals and smoking sales and even “Holiday Bundles”? It kind of makes you wonder what they have brewing. If you have ever been in the Youngsville location we talk about, definitely stop in. Whether this applies to each store, I can’t speak on. Carolina Hemp Company varies by location so it’s best to stick to the website or refer to their Instagram or Facebook.


Hand-crafted to ensure quality and keep those prices right where you need them! You guessed it, Carolindica is coming back with all mouth-watering terps you didn’t know you needed! It seems they are always improving everything over there. That’s a good thing though. Making the user experience more pleasurable and easier to use is always a plus in my book. The Delta-8 gummies and their container are better quality and just like Harbor City Hemp, the good folks at Carolindica have introduced an amazing, budget friendly Delta-8 cartridge alongside their premium line-up. Still the same great oil and terpenes you’ve come to know and enjoy just slightly less potent. Carolindica is in my top Companies out here in the Tarheel State and for good reasons too! Quality tinctures that deal a blow to pain, amazing topicals that blend essential oils and CBD, and quality Delta-8. Give them a try. You’ll be glad you did!


These are just a few shops we have selected who are slinging the goods and bringing the relief in all aspects whether it be physical, mental or even hey, a little financial. Of course, there are quite a few out there this year with some deals we might have missed. If so, drop them in the comments below so other jokers and smokers can cash in on the “Holidaze” and so you can help a fellow small business owner. It’s no surprise they took a hit this year so let’s help them out the best we can. I hope this helped you too cross some things off your list as well and made it easier. Until next time, thanks for reading. You guys stay safe, stay medicated and relax, its the holidaze! Enjoy the time with your family. I love you guys! 💚

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