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Spaced Out!

Sometimes the flower just isn't enough but the concentrates aren't for everyone. We want a little in between. Some of us still like our flower. We have just the thing. Let's go to Mars dude!

Look at that sparkle. It brings a dam tear to your eye, doesn’t it? Maybe I’m being a little dramatic. I just like bud, okay. This is a little different though. Today, we’re taking a look at some Asteroids by our friends at Hemp Hop. Oh yes, I’m sure the title implied some form of galactic type hijinks today and if it didn’t well, you’re stoned and didn’t read into enough or maybe I just suck, hell, maybe both. Wait, a minute, what’s this? Oh dam, we got Moonrocks too?! Oh yea, we’re taking a trip to the galaxy. Well, we’re definitely going to be medicated, that’s for sure. They’re not the same either so let’s get that straight! In fact, let’s break down what makes these two gems different. It’s not too much but there is a tiny difference. Let’s go, grab your pipe you sally since you wanna compare apples to oranges.


Moon Rocks!

Pop the top and break it out! I wouldn’t grab it with my hands but hey, to each their own. Starting off, I wanna dive on in to the Moon Rocks and what makes them so different from those Asteroids. While yes, they are almost the same, it’s one thing that makes them different, the outside. Starting with a hemp strain, dipping it in pure CBD distillate and then dusting it with Kief, we now have Moon Rocks that you have come to know and love. Honestly, Hemp Hop has some of the best I have come to enjoy and they make the best bowl topper for me. I don’t smoke joints that often unless I’m packing a cone. When I do and need some extra relief, I’m gonna throw some of this in there for sure! I have really bad joint problems that stem from years of seizures so needless to say, these definitely get the job done on days the pain gets the best of me. For you newcomers, mixing it is your friend as opposed to smoking it alone because it burns better.

It’s time for maximum relief!


Asteroids coming in hot! How are these different though? I’m about to explain ya goob. Here, Sparks cone for relaxation hit this, you need to calm down and it’s filled with those Moon Rocks I just mentioned. Try that while I talk about this! What set’s this apart? While these strains are still those amazing hemp strains you love from our friends at Hemp Hop and still dipped in CBD distillate. However, instead of Kief on the outside, you’re gonna have CBD isolates on these beauties for absolute maximum relief! For those who may need the max and love flower like me, Asteroids will be your go to on this one. Don’t get me wrong, the Moon Rocks pack a punch too but the Asteroids are coming stronger with cannabinoid content due to the isolates. Just isolates though so keep that in mind when making a decision. Sometimes less is more when it comes to cannabinoid content. The Moon Rocks, in my opinion would be better because of the kief. That has more cannabinoids at a broader range. With these, you have everything there up until the Isolates which is just that, isolated CBD. Just like the Moon Rocks, these work best if you mix them with your bowls, doobers or cones! It’s dealers choice at this point.

3…2…1…Blast Off!

Browse the collection young one!

So much to learn yet you have, well, you have time or do you? I mean, I’m not trying to be philosophical or anything but life is uncertain man so how much time do you really have? Yea, let that roll around in your head while I roll this up.

Now that we know the difference, are you guys ready to go to Mars? I know I am. I’m gonna do something wild man. I’m going to mix them both! Don’t judge. I think we can all use a toke after the shit we’ve been through.

That’s right, strap in! We’re definitely getting spaced out on this one! I’m blend them together along with a good evening strain like Bubba Kush and that’s it. Let’s go ahead and get strapped in before we blast off to the Milky Way! I hope this helped you out on your search and answered that question of “Well, what’s the difference?”. Now you know ya midnight tokers! Once you identify what YOU need it for and which one will work for you, get after it! So far, I can only speak for Hemp Hop since those are the ones I have had experience with aside from one other company but i can’t remember them so, for now Hemp Hop holds the title! Let me know in the comments which ones work for you! Haven’t tried Hemp Hop? Oh no! Give them a go. Let me know how you liked them. Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Thanks for reading. I love you guys. 💚🤟🏼

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