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In case of glass, break fire!

Happy kits are meant toprovide on-the-go relief and be portable! Let's see what's in mine!

Accessories. It’s what brings things together. Hell, it’s what we think about with almost anything we do and make. What can I accessorize these items with or my car with? Maybe you want to get a dope ass stash box and wonder what cool accessories come with it, right? That would be dope. Mix and match some compartments and what not. Does that exist? Someone make that if it doesn’t or maybe it does and it just hasn’t hit my radar yet. Moving on. Today, I don’t wanna talk about one specific accessory, we are going to be talking accessories! Oh yes, I’m finally gonna break down the contents of my “Happy Kit” to you silly sallies! Of course, what’s in mine may not necessarily and vice versa. You might not even have one or know what I’m even talking about right now, do you? Don’t worry, all will become clear soon.

Happy Kits are great and should consist of a couple things:

  • Rolling Papers (RAWs)
  • Lighter
  • Cannabis (Duh)
  • Pre-rolls
  • Grinder

Now, these are just basic accessories for your typical “Happy Kit” but what makes it so “Happy”. I can’t believe you’re asking this. HELLO, the cannabis, did you not see the cannabis part, dam man. It’s like, okay, you break the glass in case of a fire to get the extinguisher. This is like that except there’s no glass and no fire, well, not yet. You break this out in times of need to calm down and relax or “Put the fire out” that life has caused. It can also be utilized for on-the-go relief too! That’s what mine is for. In fact, that’s what I made mine for initially. But what exactly is in mine? Let me grab it and we will all find out!

Baked Goods

In addition to everything listed above, I have a few extra goodies in my kit. However, there is one thing different in my kit but we will get to that later. Let’s see what we got here ah, dry herb vape! Of course and a good one at that. My trusty APX dry herb vape. I went with this for many reasons but to name a couple, portability and size. If you’re on the go and bringing all this with you, then you’re not going to want to lug around some huge, bulky device. That’s not cool, it’s just bad vibes. Another reason was it’s price point. It wasn’t cheap but it wasn’t crazy expensive either so if something were to happen while I’m out on the trails or outside in the greenhouse, I wouldn’t beat myself up too bad. It’s just an all around, solid device to have in your kit. Dry herb vapes are amazing and perfect for any solo smoke sesh, especially when you want to taste those terpenes without sacrificing potency. Pulsar gives you what you need with their APX.


Store it!

You know what, Let’s go ahead talk about those grinders! I’m sure I have talked about it several times and you’ve seen my “Med-tainer”. It’s one of my favorite pieces and I always say not to confuse it with the “Herbsaver” grinder. I’m not shitting on them by any means. Of course everyone has their preference. Mine falls toward the Med-tainer and here’s why. As opposed to the Herbsaver, The Med-tainer has a locking lid to keep air out and it’s also waterproof. This is why I recommend it for your kit or outings. If you have your bud in there or whatever you’re storing, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe if you drop it. Now, if it hits a river, you’re just screwed. It’s a container, with the grinder at the bottom so you can grind and store. The Herbsaver is essentially the same thing but reversed so it’s at the top! The herbsaver also has a magnetic top so it’s not really safe in my opinion and a lot of people have had bad things to say. One drawback to the Med-tainer is it doesn’t have a Kief catcher. That’s one thing I wish it had.

Dispose it!

Throw some disposables in there for fun or comfort or hell, both! I wouldn’t put a glass cartridge in there! If you do that, you’re gonna have a bad time! It may result in leaking, breaking etc so go disposable that way you can avoid all that. Many companies are carrying some amazing disposable CBD and Delta-8 pods right now including The Hemp Company in Raleigh with their “Hii” disposable pods. Great for your kit and/or on-the-go relief. Best of all, if you’re finding yourself needing them right away, The Hemp company offers same-day, local delivery so if you need it now, call them or hop on their site on grab one or two or 10, just kidding or am I?


Happy Kits are fun and I love mine. I typically take it with me everywhere I go. On my hikes, outside in my greenhouse, when I’m chilling on the porch, shit just anywhere. It’s perfect for any occasion. When is medicating not? If you say “There are a few instances” get out, I don’t need that negativity, those are bad vibes buddy! Anyway, get your “Happy Kit” together for your next hike or outing. If you already have one, let me know in the comments or tell me how mine can be improved. Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! Thanks for reading, I love you guys!


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