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Taking your table back!

We need to organize this mess! Yes, it's time to take our table back and luckily, Blazy Susan has just the thing!

Dam look at this mess! Shit everywhere. Dam, I need to be a little better organized or maybe have something to help me organize better. Maybe I just have too much shit? NO! There’s no such thing as too many pipes! Stop with those negative thoughts right now. We don’t need those, it’s just, it’s bad vibes. You know what we need? Going back to my previous thought, something to help me get this back organized. Where would we even begin to look? Do they even make anything like that though? Rips bong for creativity I don’t know man. I feel like I saw something similar to this a while back. Rips bong again to validate high thoughts Oh shit, I did! I remember the whole dam thing!

Blazy Suan on IG

Not your typical rolling tray!

Spin, Spin, Spin until we find what we need! Incoming, here come’s the last centerpiece for your smoking accessories you’ll ever buy! Getting our stuff back in place, Blazy Susan is coming in to make sure we’re not breaking pipes and losing shit we need! I remember watching Blazy Susan coming to life into the brand it is today. From the prototypes, the 3D printing down to all the beautiful models you will come to find on their website today! Founder and Owner, Will Breakell had the same vision and mindset we all do “Dam this is a mess!” and then an idea was born and a brand was created! Today, we’re left with all sorts of goodies, accessories and Blazy brands to enjoy. From those pink rolling papers down to that famous counter-top spinner you’ve come to know, Blazy Susan has it all! Let’s take a look at a just a few!


Take back your table!

That was the end goal, taking backing your table and get it back organized. I can’t tell you how much of a pain it is when you’re not even thinking about it. A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, at least that’s what they say. The Blazy Susan is the perfect, all-in-one every smoker should have. It’s a rolling tray, a lighter holder, dab holder, a place to store pipes and bongs, store your grinder, dab tools, need I say more? It feature removable silicone inserts and it comes in a ton of colors and finishes like Walnut and Birch. Dam, that’s amazing. How many pipes can you stand to lose or break? I have broke a few and while I shouldn’t admit that, I will. It’s all because of the shit everywhere. Maybe I should be a little more organized but dam, how much more can I get? I keep everything in place, rolling tray is over there and then we have my stash box filled with all the good stuff. The point is, the Blazy Susan puts all that together for one, solid piece that you didn’t even know you needed. It puts a spin on cannabis lifestyle. Literally, just spin it around to get what you need. Dam, that’s convenient!

Spinning up your stash

Spinning up the goods isn’t all Blazy Brands has coming out the shop. Pink products everywhere man! Pink rolling papers, pink cones, ashtrays, rolling trays, clothing for you to rock to know who has the goods! I love Blazy Brands. It has this 50’s aesthetic to it that takes you back. Those pink rolling papers are making sure you’re getting the perfect burn every time! The awesome ash tray/debowler is something no smoker should be without. What’s even better is that it even fits right on your Blazy Susan! Rolling trays are a must too. Not your typical rolling tray though, oh no! These beauties feature compartments for your Blazy cotton swabs, ashtray, pipes grinder etc. Think of it like a scaled down Blazy Susan. Basically, more bang for your buck! It’s a good starter for those of you, like me, who need some organization in your life. 😩


I love where Blazy Brands have came versus where they were! I have enjoyed following them since Day 1. From the printing the trays, getting them dialed down to giving back to the community. I think what really makes them special to me and, quite frankly a lot of people is why they do it. If you’re wondering what all the pink is for, more importantly, the Pink Papers, “Mama Susan” is the inspiration for all of it! Diagnosed back in 2013 with breast cancer, the struggles from this illness she faced inspired her son, Will, to give back and he set to do just that. Now, Blazy Susan partners with multiple cancer organizations. As someone who has had multiple family members succumb to this terrible illness including my Granny who also suffered at the hands of Breast Cancer, this was an amazing thing to see and hear. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2019, they’re estimating over 1 million cases with over 600,000 deaths expected. Funding research to help early detection and development could cut this number down and Blazy is helping blaze that trail! Head over and grab some papers, a tray or even the entire Blazy Susan! You might help save a life. Be looking out for our next drop to help make your cannabis experience a little better and, dare I say, blazed! Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, its natural! 💚💕🤟🏼

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