Hemp Hop Collection Weekly Strains

The sleepy strain!

When you're having trouble finding those sheep to count, this is the perfect strain to get you to the pasture and tucked into bed!

Sniffs air You smell that? I smell bud! Oh shit, that must mean we’ve busted out the captains cupboard again! What’s coming out this time? Let’s see, let’s see, oh I got the perfect strain. Go grab that rolling tray, it’s time for another Weekly Strain! This one couldn’t have came at a better time either. I was having a little bit of trouble sleeping so this one should tuck me right into bed. I’m glad I found this one actually. Someone had just messaged me and asked about a good strain and nighttime smoke and while our Bubba Kush strain is a good end of the day smoke, this one is sure to have you counting sheep in no time! Alright, it’s nearing bed time so let’s rip the bong, talk some bud and see who’s bringing relief this week!


We got Hemp Hop coming back in again with the flower! I mean, guys, Hemp Hop is dominating the game out here and with strains like this, we understand why. For this weeks pick, I wanted to go with something that is sure to help you get into bed. I know lately I have had a hard time sleeping so I wanted to pull something out that has/had been helping me sleep. Let’s pop open that bag or flip it first! Look at that! We got Amnesia Haze coming at us this week! With a name like that, it’s sure to make you forget you even had trouble getting to sleep in the first place! This was my very first strain I ever got a chance to smoke from Hemp Hop and I was not disappointed. Quite the opposite. The local store in Wake forest kept their flower and pre-rolls on hand at the time so once a week I made it my mission to grab a quarter. Let’s see what make’s Amnesia Haze the powerhouse strain it is!

What makes Amnesia Haze so sedating?

Outside looking in, it has about or around 23% cannabinoids with 1.4 percent of those being those sweet terpy derps. The main one found in this nighttime strain is going to be Terpinolene. Known for it’s sedating effects, Terpinolene is going to be your friend when insomnia comes a knocking. Any strain high in this terpene actually. Mix some Myrcene in there and you got yourself a knockout cocktail! Terpenes are important. I’m pretty sure i say this all the time so for you first time readers or people new to the cannabis community, know your terpenes! We have a new section coming out soon that outlines terpenes, what they are, how beneficial they are and who has those terpene-rich strains you’ve come to know and love starting right here in the Tarheel state!

Gotta Love those Terps!

Seriously though. Terpy derps and cannabinoids play on each and vary from strain to strain. In addition to making those buds smell pleasant, they are very beneficial. Let’s take a look at what makes Amnesia Haze so dam good.




Grab a dobbie instead!

At the time of this, Hemp Hop doesn’t have Amnesia Haze currently in stock, flower wise. Don’t be deterred. You’re probably thinking “Why is this asshat mentioning something they don’t have then? Thanks assclown!” Well, first, I’ve been called worse. Second, hear me out. While flower might be out right now, Hemp Hop is constantly rotating flower. Will they get any back? It’s always possible, for now, grab some Amnesia Haze in a pre-roll! Yea, see, you jumped the gun for nothing. You can grab a pre-roll to see if you like (You will) and grab some awesome flower while you are there! A good one I would recommend for evening and nighttime use while you’re there to check out would be Early Blossom! Get it quick because it’s going fast! Remember, you can also get that Amnesia haze in the pre-rolls. Hemp Hop also started doing Blunts and pre-rolls by the 3-pack so that’s something to consider too! Always innovating to bring you relief, I love it!

Check out the collection!

It’s growing man! Concentrates and terpy blends are one thing but flower is another. I love my sticky, trichome covered buds and Hemp Hop is always delivering. Check out our Hemp Hop Collection here. I’m always adding and so is Hemp Hop so let’s get after it! 💚🤘🏻

Closing up the cupboard this week. Maybe next time we will focus up on some extracts or edibles. I know this is a “Strains” section but I want to get a little creative and mix it up a bit. You never know. Some of you have asked about a great nighttime strain and I couldn’t think of a better one than Amnesia Haze by Hemp Hop. If you want to really make sure you have a restful night, take a few drops of a tincture before you go to bed. Not too much. If you really want to taste that flower and those terpenes, toss that strain in a dry herb vape. Don’t have one? Start with an inexpensive one like Pulsar. That’s what I did and I didn’t look back. I know some of you have a preference and that’s okay just don’t cheap out. Short term gains never helped anyone or solved anything. Your device breaks then you’re buying another one and now you’ve spent more money when you could have just got a good one to begin with. I’m just saying. Now, go get you some flower so you can get some rest, you look like you need some sleep! Until next time, I love you guys! Stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural!🤟🏼💚

Wanna know when we add something to the collection? Well drop you email ya Sallie! Don’t worry, we don’t spam people. We hate that shit too.

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