Relax, It's Infused!

What’s for breakfast? Is that infused?

Not all of it however since today is tinctures, let's see what's on the menu and fire up the griddle. I'm starving!

They say a balanced breakfast is the key to perfect day or at least the start of one. Shit, wake up most mornings singing and whistling, that sets the tone for me. Positive attitude with just good vibes. Until some “Negative Nancy” chimes in and tries to shit on your whole morning. In which case you have a few options. One, just cut that negativity out of your life. Burn that bridge. Two, we can serve them up something delicious with a touch of relief sprinkled on top. Either way, we need to kill these bad vibes and cut the negativity out. Let’s go make some breakfast, maybe infuse these goodies with some tinctures? I got some sweet Delta-8 on hand so why not! Let’s go razzle dazzle these dam cakes of the pan!


Now, if this sounds familiar to my post “How to Properly start your day!” it is but it isn’t. That just basically said “HEY!, before you head out, take your tinctures!” and if you can’t, here’s a few ways to take it on the go. This is a little different. Today, I want to actually focus on a dope ass breakfast choice that I love infusing with Cannabutter or tinctures, whichever you have on hand, I go with both sometimes. For today, we’re going with tinctures. I think you will love what’s on the menu and what I’m serving up. It’s an old favorite of mine and the best part is, you can enjoy it in the morning or at night. I know some of you are a breakfast all day type person and that’s okay, I am too!

On The Menu:

  • Waffles or Pancakes (Or both, I won’t judge!)
  • Red Hots!
  • Eggs (Dealers choice)
  • Coffee (This is a must!)

Yum, my goodness. Can we just skip everything and eat now?! DAM!!!!! I know that’s sounding good and you’re probably wondering just by looking at these few items how we’re going to infuse them. Well, there is actually a few ways however since we are just focusing on and cooking with tinctures this morning, I’ll keep it simple. Let’s start with the Waffles! Oh, you went with Pancakes, that’s cool too, this one doesn’t require anything out the ordinary. Cook them how you usually do. For your waffles, break out that waffle maker and for those pancakes, get your griddle!Since we didn’t infuse these with cannabis infused butter this go around, what I’m going to do is grab some hot syrup or caramel and add my Delta-8 tincture I have and mix them together and drizzle them on top. That’s going to be amazing! Especially with that caramel. Just a touch though. Depending on how much syrup you put aside, i added about .5mL – 1mL of my tincture into a small bowl of syrup/caramel. it’s all about how much you need or use.


Maximum Sizzle

Red Hots time! Oh yes, these are my favorite substitute for sausage I guess you could say. Red hots are so great. I remember the day I had them many, many, many years ago, I thought it was a huge, over-sized hot dog. You can imagine my face when I had this thing in a bun with all the fixings only to take a bite out of it and go “What the hell?!?!” Fast forward to now and they are one of my favorite things to fry up in the mornings or night with my waffles and eggs. Slice them right down the middle, toss them on griddle for maximum sizzle and boom, you’re on the way to some good eats!

Crack a shell!

Eggs coming in! I really can’t speak on this one because so many people have a way they like theirs. I like mine a few different ways but at the end of the day, scramble them. It’s just quick, easy and I’m not fancy or picky about my eggs. I know some people have a direct way they want their eggs cooked and will not eat them any other way. This is one that will come down to how you want them.


Roast and Toast!

I saved this one for last. Coffee. Smells the roast, immediate rush This is how I start my day everyday. No roast is complete without some sweet terps though! I always make sure I add a nice blend of CBD:THC into my morning coffee. It took my a little while but I found a nice ratio that works for me with my epilepsy. I have seizure medicine that makes me really sick in the morning and only recently was I able to get that under control so it’s kinda nice.

This is it! This is one of many of my breakfast choices or dinners. I have actually cooked this on several occasions and any given time of the day although it’s usually my go to for mornings. To me, it’s a great meal. Add in those cannabinoids and terpenes and that just makes it even better. Next time, I’m going to dive into some sweet infusions that involve cannabutter so get ready. Go heat that waffle maker or griddle up, grab your tinctures and get your munchie on! If you don’t have any or need somewhere to start, our Hometown Heroes section has some good local places and our CBD companies has some other great companies! Thanks for reading. Until next time, I love you guys. Stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 🤟🏼💚

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