Relax, It's the Holidaze!

No Tricks! Just Treats!

That's right, no tricks here. I grabbed a couple Hometown Heroes that offer local delivery to bring the treats to you! Oh sweet relief!

It’s that time of year again where we get the chilly thrillies! It’s safe to assume that we’ve got a taste of that all year though, right? 2020 has given us all, at some point, a scare. Halloween is here though or should I say “Hallo-weed”. With that comes getting ready to give the candy, getting ready for the scares, preparing with the decorations which can leave you with little time for you. Luckily, there are some stores who have your back delivering the those treats you love so much right to your front door the day you put the order in! No tricks here. Just treats and sweet relief. Let’s take a look at some companies offering local delivery. A couple of these you already know and love!

Hemp Hop!

Flower strains for days – Local delivery – Charlotte, NC

With an already crazy huge flower selection that shows no signs of slowing down, Hemp Hop just expanded on their edibles section as well. Adding some delicious, mouth-watering Delta-8 gummies, these are going to be a fruit snack you add to your cart. Especially my epilepsy warriors! Delta-8 has shown to have neuroprotective properties so antennas up Epilepsy Warriors! The vape section has some great picks too that is free of fillers and solvents and then we have our connoisseur section for the smoker in all of us! With picks like Moon Rocks, Asteroids, Hash, Hemp Hop has all the treats when you find yourself needing relief from those Halloween decorations! Offering same day, local delivery means you get the relief you need, when you need it! Did we mention they’re having a sale on flower strains right now?! Including several limited strains, they have kicked off their “Gram Graveyard” sale with grams starting at $5/each!


The Hemp Company

Family Owned – Local Delivery – Raleigh, NC

The family owned and operated company is back again! That’s right and guys The Hemp Company is offering multiple ways to bring you relief. From simply just walking in, curbside pickup, local delivery around the Triangle area as well as shipping right to your front door! Why not offer all these, right? When you have so many options like Honey Stix, CBD infused Honey, Teas, Hemp bars, Caramels, Delta-8 tinctures, cartridges and pods along with so many ways to stay balanced, you have to. Who’s going to get in there car after carving pumpkins all day and being in a shitty mood when you can just get online, place and order and have it delivered? Come on now. Put the knife down for a second, give them a call, grab a tincture or some Giraffe Nuts, those little caramel chews and relax a little! Oh, and they also offer Medtainers! If you remember my “Life is a highway” post, those are great to bring on the go when you need to “Grind and Go”! Just some food for thought!

Salvation Coffee Company

Veteran Owned – Community Loved – Burlington, NC

This is one you’re going to have to head to but I promise it’s worth it! Next up, we have the one and only, Veteran Owned Salvation Coffee Company. I absolutely love this establishment and as a coffee addict, I did drive just to get a cup of coffee from here along with the added CBD they throw in there. Oh yes, that’s right CBD in your coffee. So when you get that Pumpkin latte because you’re feeling those fall vibes or just need a pick me up after getting through this crazy ass October we’ve been through, ask them for a shot, no, double shot of CBD in that bad boy, it’s been a long month! Salvation Coffee always serving up some good roasts and looking out for the community. I know I look forward to what’s on the menu when they come across my feed! I even contemplate heading back out there for another steaming brew! Not without my shot of cannabinoids of course!


Communication is key to a better community

Relief can be at your door or, depending on what you’re craving in your cup. With options for everyone at any given moment. These are just a couple to get your Halloween weekend of frights and flights underway! As time goes on and we find those gems, we will expand on it and add more great selections, don’t worry. The path to wellness is already bumpy, let’s get some of those rocks out that road and make it a smooth walk. I hope you all have a safe weekend ahead. Try not to eat too much candy. Should you decide to have a craving, head over to our Hometown hero section and see who’s bringing relief or give one of these guys a try. They’ll be happy to bring some goodies to your door! If you know of a store in the Tarheel state that offers local delivery, drop them in the comments below! Not in North Carolina? Not a problem! Communication is key to a better community. Drop a store that’s local to you. Delivery is a great option for individuals with a busy life or suffer from disabilities and can’t utilized modern transportation. I will work on a future article in the future with more stores and farms that offer delivery and where to find them in your area! Until next time, I love you guys. Stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural!💚🤟🏼

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