Seize The Day!

Seizures Suck!

Oh that they do! In fact, that's an understatement. I have something that will make then a little less crappy though!

There’s no way around it. I know it, you know it. Seizures just outright suck! We can’t cure them. There isn’t some miracle drink that we can sip and *Poof* everything just stops! However, there are supplements out there that have shown promising results and making waves! Ones that won’t make you feel shitty, worse, bring on more seizures or deteriorate your body or condition even more. In fact, quite the opposite. These oils, tinctures and natural alternatives alleviate the side effects of those medicines, help to curb those anxieties you have and ease that pain from seizures. I’m talking about good ole cannabis oil! Failed pharmaceuticals cause more harm than good and it’s normal for people to seek alternatives to them. You’re not alone in your journey though and i’m sure you will have a ton of questions! I thought of that!

There’s no way around it, Seizures just outright suck!


I have created an awesome Facebook Group just for that and everyone to talk about their Epilepsy, share experiences, how Cannabis and CBD has helped them, effected them, just a place to share and feel welcome! Don’t worry, I also made sure it was a private group to keep everyone’s posts hidden. I know that everyone is different. While our website is a great place for information and continues to expand, everyone is still different! We want you to have access to all types of information and share freely and any given moment. That’s where our group comes in. You can still come to our site of course!

You can access our group from any on the links on this post and it can also be found in the social bar above and below! I hope you enjoy the group guys. I made it just for you. To have a place to feel welcome and talk about your Epilepsy. I know I have times where I wish I had someone to talk to about it but I feel just as invisible as this illness. I don’t want you guys to feel like that. Until next time, I love you guys! Seize the Day, today and everyday!💜🤟🏼


Seizures Suck!

Make them a little less crappy, feel a little less alone and meet some new people in our “Seizures Suck!” group! We’re also talking alternative options to those failed pharmaceuticals there such as Cannabis and CBD. Come grow our group and meet some great individuals. The path to wellness doesn’t have to be lonely!

Join the group today! Start here

Still guys, keep in mind. Cannabis, CBD, Hemp and it’s derivatives haven’t been evaluated and approved by the FDA. Therefore, it shouldn’t be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness you may have.

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