Relax, It's Infused!

Are you heading out?

Make sure you got everything! Not just your little trail mix that's so last year or should I say last century! We're packing infused foods over here bud!

Hopefully this will help you navigate smoothly on your path to wellness!

Well, I see someone is heading out to start their day. Awesome but do we have everything? Okay, well let’s go down the list then shall we! Water? Check(I’ll cover the good kind later on)! Earbuds? Check! Day bag? Check! Day bag filled with goodies? ….Check? Ah, a little hesitation there I see. Let me see your bag and see what’s in there. What, what the hell is this? Is this trail mix? Lame! And what the hell is this?! Plays with weird, inanimate object You’re awkward bud. See, this is why we do these little articles. You can’t go out with stuff like this in your bag. I’ll get you squared away or at least point you in the right direction so you can navigate smoothly on the path to wellness. You know, make the path a little less bumpy. Let’s go see what kind of snack and goodies we can find to help get your bag back in shape and get you some on-the-go relief! Let’s go!


Let’s start with a good one. Heads up chocolate lovers, this one is for you. When you want a great combination of Chocolate and peanut butter, Reese’s has the game on lock. It’s safe to assume that. However when you have a sweet tooth and need some relief, there’s just some things Reese’s can’t do and that’s where Patsy’s Peanut Butter nuggets will tap them and say “I got this one.” and indeed they do! All the milk chocolate and peanut butter goodness you can ask for along with some sweet cannabinoids wrapped up in one delicious treat. At 25mg a piece these little guys pack a punch and provide great on-the-go relief as well as a perfect snack throughout the day to keep you balanced! I know I enjoy snacking on them throughout the day as well as when I get off the trails! You can tyoically find these at The Hemp Company in Raleigh along with other great flavors like Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. I don’t recommend leaving these in your car due to heat but hey, things happen! Of course The Hemp Company has other choices like CBD granola bars which is great to toss in your bag for hiking and eat on the go or munch on while you’re taking a break!

I’m like a kid in the candy store with this one! I just can’t help myself guys. We got Liberty Brand Hemp coming up next with the gummies! If you remember these guys and their cartridges then you know their CBD gummy are no exception. Like their cartridges, their CBD gummy treats are right there with the quality and provide great relief. I used to keep some on me in my day bag I take hiking just to snack on before I went hiking as well as to munch on while out on the trails. To me, it’s good to prevent those aches and pains you get from those long walks. Tell me what you think and hoow you’ve used CBD before and after your long walks and hikes! They have a vegan option that contains 20 gummies at roughly 25 mg a piece and a regular option that contains 50 pieces at 10 mg a piece! Options are great and Liberty is giving you just that!


Good things come in 3’s so one more! Last but not least, the ladies at The Gypsy Wagon are back at it again bringing you relief! They have a nice edible section too so the options are there including Giraffe Nuts! That’s right and no, not those “nuts” you sick little shit you. I’m talking about the CBD infused caramel ones! Oh my goodness, my dam teeth just hurt typing that. Sensitive teeth and gums, yea, that’s me, hey! I wonder if the CBD would counter that though? Gets lost deep in thought Dam, now I’m stuck in thought. No time, back to what they’re serving up at The Gypsy Wagon! The ladies are keeping up option from Giraffe Nuts, Liberty Brand Hemp, Delta-8 gummies and so much more. Options are great because it serves a great demographic of you guys who may want, well options who seek relief from many things from anxiety to joint pain!


So many choices and not enough time! I’m kidding you guys, there’s plenty of time you just have to make time or just place an online order and pick it up! The Gypsy Wagon and The Hemp Company are doing orders like this and curbside so just give them a call. The Hemp Company actually does curbside pick up/ Same Day local delivery so for those busy bees out there in the triangle, what are you waiting on?! I’m sure they’d be more than happy to bring relief to you! What’s your favorite CBD snack to munch on throughout the day? Let me know below! Thanks for reading you bundles of stressed out crazies! Go get some peanut butter nuggets and chill! Until next time, enjoy some good reads and be looking out for our next munchie Monday post or Hometown hero! I love you guys. Stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼

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