Relax, It's Infused!

How to properly start your day!

The key to a balanced breakfast starts with a drop of some sweet terps!

Slam Is that you throwing things against the wall? Guy, you should really start waking up in a better mood. Yes I’m serious! There are better ways to fall asleep at night AND to wake up in the morning a little easier other than a loud ass alarm clock buzzing in your ear. Waking up in a good mood sets the tone for the rest of the day. Think about it. When you wake up in a shitty mood, you might as well grab the toilet paper because it’s about to get worse. Should you find yourself not able to get out this mindset, not to worry. I think I have a plan. In fact, this is good for anyone who wants a good start for a balanced day but nonetheless it will help you get out that mood you negative Nancy you. Let’s see what I’m going on about today.

There’s infused cereal now?!


Now, if you remember my coffee post then you remember we have some CBD companies who have our back with infused coffees. It’s a good time to go ahead and hit that brew button. Nope, not talking anymore until I smell the beans are getting hit with sizzling hot water. Sniffs air There it is! Now, take a sip and chill out. I love starting my morning with CBD coffee. Most of the time, I have a roast I like as I’m sure most of you do too. Don’t worry, we have solutions. Tinctures & isolates are going to be your friend when it comes to infusing your roasts that you’ve come to take a liking to. If you can, go for water-soluble blends as they mix better. I can’t give you an accurate one because everyone is different. Find what works for you and go from there but start small. I have blended some THC tinctures and CBD tinctures for a nice half and half mix. Just some food for thought. My “Rise and Grind” post is a good read for more CBD infused coffee!

We got infused cereal now?! I mean, you could. I drizzle my Delta-8 tinctures on my muffins some mornings. It’s a great way to ingest those sweet cannabinoids! I know some people don’t like the texture I guess one would say however most tinctures are unflavored so you shouldn’t worry there. Many opt for cooking with tinctures since they’ve been decarbed already, the precision of measuring and just how they’re made. Just keep in mind when infusing with food as opposed to taking it as a sublingual that it has a longer onset time. When infusing it, it has to be digested and passed through the liver whereas taken as a sublingual, it’s absorbed directly through the bloodstream. Something to think about. It comes down to preference and how you’re needing the relief on this one. I just want you to be aware, that’s all. 😁

Wall of Tea’s, Herbs and Spices at The Gypsy Wagon

You want to drizzle up relief but don’t where to start? Say no more. I’ll leave some some great local companies here that I have worked with and tried so far. If you’re looking for some great CBD tinctures, The Gypsy Wagon in Louisburg has some great selections to get you going. To push it even further, they have great essential oils section packed with teas other goodies. I don’t talk about that much but essential oils are also a good addition to drinks, especially peppermint. The ladies there are sure to help you out when it comes to that. Next up, Carolindica is a great local one to go to as well for your tinctures. They pack 1000mg in 10mL bottle so a touch will do on this one. I do want to add these are flavored so its best enjoyed with say yogurt, fruit cereal or a fruit smoothie. I take mine alone because they taste so good. Last but certainly not least is The Hemp Company in Raleigh! You guys remember this family owned company we had the pleasure of meeting last week and adding to our Hometown Hero section, right? Well, they have you covered on tinctures here when you find yourself and your breakfast isn’t balanced anymore. Offering a wide variety to pick from including those Delta-8 from Harbor City Hemp you’ve heard me mention in two strengths, 750mg and 1500mg. 750mg is the perfect strength if you’re just starting out!

Wake up just a little a better and really stop..

Stop throwing alarm clocks, getting pissed off and get your morning back. You have control of your life. Many companies are out there but I started with a couple that I know and love and I know you will too. Experiment though. Remember to start small and work your way up until you have found the right way for you. When it comes to tinctures, I have found that less is more. Weird, yes but you’ll understand what that means. I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you get your morning back! Thanks for reading. I love you guys! Let me know how you start your day and what you like to infuse your breakfast foods with. Until next time, stay medicated, stay safe and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼

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