Hemp Hop Collection Weekly Strains

Wow! That’s a Little Sour, Jack!

What did you think would happen when you cross two legendary sativa strains with some CBD rich hemp!

Hello you stressed out, bundle of joy. Wait, what?! That’s very oxymoronic isn’t it? How can you be stressed out and full of joy? You know what? I’m not even going to question it. What I am going to question however is what I have coming this week for the “Weekly Strains”. I know last time I went with something that we could use for those nights when life was kicking our ass. What about for when we need to get the creative juices going? Maybe something you’d bring to a social gathering, pass around and share some laughs. Okay, let’s open up the captain’s cupboard and see what we can find. Ah, I got a good one. It’s from my favorite shop out here in North Carolina too! Grab that tray and whatever you wanna toke on today and see what treasure I found! Let’s check it out!


Sniffs Bag Woooooo dam! That’s some pungent, gasy smelling shit! Of course, that’s what you’re going to get when you cross Jack Herer and Sour Diesel with some CBD rich hemp. In fact, you’re going to get Sour Jack! Two Sativa dominant strains coming at you to make sure you have an uplifting, carefree, all smiles kind of day! I enjoy Sour Jack. From packing a cone and bringing one on my trails or just keeping my dry herb vape filled so I can taste those terps! Usually it’s the latter because man, this strain is loaded with some sweet terpy derps! It’s great to puff on throughout the day. Especially for those of you who may have types of anxiety. Mine tends to melt away when I’m blowing clouds of this.

Measuring about 19% total cannabinoids roughly with 2% of that being those sweet terpenes, don’t let that deter you from this beauty. Less is more when it comes to cannabinoids and terpenes in most cases. Out of that 2%, the terpenes that are found in abundance with Sour Jack are going to be Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Nerolidol. Myrcene for relaxing, Caryophyllene brings on relief and has been known to have anti-anxiety effects and then bringing home that calming effect is Nerolidol. All these enhance and play on cannabinoids. Terpenes are also responsible for the aromas in your cannabis and, well, everything. It’s what makes cinnamon smell like cinnamon and Lemon smell like Lemon. Want to know more about Terpenes? You should! They are very beneficial. Checkout Inferno Cannabis on Instagram! She’s constantly dropping knowledge on all types of strains and terpenes, like the one below!

It has occurred to me that I got excited and forgot to mention who has this beauty! Sorry, I’ll go ahead and do that real quick. Hopping back onto the trail, it’s Hemp Hop Farms! Coming in with yet another premium strain to bring you relief when you need it most. Sour Jack has been a popular selling strain this year and right now, it’s on sale! 2020 has been a shit show so, I’d be buying some great strains to help with anxiety too. It’s safe to say, you can’t go wrong with this one however, they do have more great selections should you decide to go in another direction. I’m serious guys. The flower selection makes you go crazy like a kid in a candy store. At least I do and hey, I’ll admit that! You’ve heard me say it over and over. I’m a flower guy and when you have a nice strain with some great terpenes, those aromas are amazing!

Check out the Collection!

Collection? Ummm yea, duh. We have tried so many terpy blends and sticky buds from across the Tarheel state and beyond the stars that we had to give everyone their own collection and Hemp Hop was no exception! Check out some fire strains and find your new favorite.

I wanted to give you guys a great strain for day-time use and it’s safe to say Sour Jack is coming in strong. When used heavily though, you might find yourself a little too relaxed thanks to that Myrcene and Nerolidol so keep that in mind. If you want to balance out that bowl our spice it up, top it with some crumble, Moon Rocks or even some Asteroids! What are those you ask? Moon rocks are sweet nuggies, dipped in wax and rolled/dusted with kief. Asteroids are the same thing except they are rolled/dusted with CBD isolates instead of Kief. I’ve got something coming soon to give you a better guide and help compare the two. In the meantime, check them out while you’re there grabbing some flower! Thanks for reading. We’re going to shut the door on the captain’s cupboard for this one. At least for now. I’ll open it up again when I have another strain, I promise. I love you guys! Stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 🤟🏼💚

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