Tarheel Greats!

Sativa or Carolindica?

I'm thinking we might go with the latter!

I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably, “hey, I want what he’s smoking! Over here spelling North Carolina like that.” Well, you can definitely have what i’m smoking friend. After all, isn’t sharing caring? Don’t worry, I think you and I both know the answer to that. That being said, I’m going to share two things with you today! One, our new Hometown Hero and two, a nice little code to use to save some green when you see some green! Oh yea, you like that?! So, what or should I say who, has got me feeling so great? None other than the good folks at Carolindica! See, and you thought I misspelled it. Come on guys! Grab that tray, your grinder, those RAWs and let’s go see who’s bringing relief to the Tarheel State this week!

Using code “insta5” saves you 5 off your order!

Valid 10/01/2020 -10/31/2020

Affordable products while maintaining quality, that’s what you’re going to find at Carolindica. Focusing on products rather than profits and crafting these premium products in small batches by hand allows for them to be competitive. I mean, that’s amazing. Who doesn’t want to get relief in all directions, right? Like, man, you helped with these joint problems and it didn’t break the bank! To me, that’s a win-win. Plus, hand-crafted topical creams and edibles? Guy, you’ve already struck oil, you can quit drilling! What’s being offered though in terms of these hand-crafted goodies though? Calm down, take a toke, i’m getting to that.


Man, Look at that tincture! That’s right, Carolindica has tinctures! Go ahead and rest that heart a bit that’s beating too fast. I absolutely enjoy tinctures. I mean, you can utilize them in many ways than the standard method. For instance, I like to use mine in the morning with my coffee. It’s the perfect way to start the day with a nice balance. Maybe you start your day with blended drinks. It’s perfect for those too. You can even put them in your food. Infusing your foods are a great way to get all the benefits without having to worry about that earthy taste. Although I enjoy the fruity taste of the terps you get from these tinctures so I take them alone. Carolindica has three tinctures for us packing a nice punch at 1000mg! Not only do they give you the choice of an unflavored one but for those of you who are indecisive like me, you get an option of a three pack. That’s right, triple threat for maximum relief! Tinctures also help me with my seizure medicine and they last longer than smoking so I usually opt for them. Speaking of smoking.

Don’t try and smoke your tincture!

You’re gonna have a bad time! (Seriously, Don’t! They’re not meant for that)

Let’s shy away from those oils and heat things up a bit. No, really, heat that shit up man! I have some concentrates I want you to try. Carolindica is coming at us with some sweet Terpy Derps. More specifically, some Delta-8 distillate and some CBD crumble. You’re probably already familiar with Delta-8. If not, I have an article on it right here you can check out. I am familiarizing myself with it as well so I’m updating that as I go! Delta-8 is the perfect way to get that little extra THC in your blends. The CBD crumble is another great way to balance out your bowl or just balance out in general. Concentrates are some of my favorites. While I am a flower guy, I also enjoy topping my bongs with these! Like tinctures, you can also use these for cooking but most people dab or vape these!


Did someone say vape?! I did, do you have your battery? It doesn’t matter, Carolindica has your back AND even has a cartridge and battery bundle! I mean, it’s smart. Especially if you’re just getting started or, say you have shitty luck like me and the one you have just randomly tanks out on you one day. Don’t worry, I got it replaced and I’m back puffing on some terps. So, what are we talking in terms of like, say strain selection when it comes to cartridges? I’m glad you asked. Carolindica is bringing you 920mg of thick, no filler, terpene infused Delta-8 from some amazing strains such as:

  • Maui Wowie
  • Runtz
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Cherry Pie
  • Skittlez
  • Pineapple Express
  • Purple Punch
  • Forbidden Banana
  • Unflavored

Having trouble deciding? Go with the Maui Wowie!

You will not be disappointed. It will be hard to put down!

I’m loving all the options available from Carolindica. From tinctures to topical creams and concentrates. Most of all, I love the fact it’s all hand crafted. To me, that ensures quality control and also tells me they care about their products. When you really care about your customers, products and the people who may be using them for certain purposes like say joint pain, then you definitely want to make sure the quality is there and nothing ensures that than good ole hand crafted oils and tinctures. I know not all companies have the advantage of doing this but if you can, you should. I have came across a number of farmers who still hand trim. Even one who yes, hand trimmed about 2,000 plants to ensure the quality was there. Not by himself of course. That’s what we do out here. It’s quality, seed to store like it should be. Expect that from Carolindica too. Bringing relief to the Tarheel State is what we love to see. You can check out all their products here and as always, they will be right here in our Hometown Heroes section! Thanks for reading guys. Follow our website and sign up below for email updates so you don’t miss our next Hometown Hero! It may be in your town! Until next time, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! I love you guys. 🤟🏼💚



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    1. Thanks!! I’m glad you enjoyed the content and found it laid out and easy to find. Typically, I leave a subscription box at the end of every post as well as at the footer. This is a way for new readers to subscribe so they don’t miss out on future posts! Once again, thank you so much and i’m glad you enjoyed everything! I hope you love everything we drop moving forward. 💚🤘🏻


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