Tarheel Greats!

Two’s a Couple: The Hemp Company

Check out the Husband & Wife duo bringing relief to the Triangle in this weeks Hometown Hero!

Are you making your way downtown? Driving fast? Looking for a sign? One with a leaf. A familiar one, to get some relief? Oh, that’s not you. Oh okay sorry, wait, what? Oh, it is you! Okay, good! I would hate for you to miss this one and it’s a great one. I’m adding a new Hometown Hero today! It’s always great adding these. Highlighting dispensary’s across the Tarheel State shows the hidden gems buried in small towns all over. You would think I would have got them all by now, right? Wrong! I still get joy when I find a new one, just like our Carolina Hemp Company one in Youngsville that I came across. It’s always fun bringing these to you guys. It’s not just the stores though that make these great but the owners that bring them to life and make the experience just memorable. So, who’s calling our Hometown Hero section home this week? We got The Hemp Company out in Raleigh. Let’s go meet the husband and wife duo who are bringing in quality Hemp products to the Triangle shall we! You got your tray? You got your pipe or whatever medicating with? Awesome, Let’s check it out!

The first time I had a chance to head over here, I had actually got back from Topia Hemp farms a couple days prior. Topia was growing Sunbeam haze at the time so I wanted to pick up some more and Alexander, the owner of Topia, had told me where to get some of it around Raleigh. I remember the first time walking in. Settled right off Falls of Neuse rd Raleigh, The Hemp Company has everything for everyone. Owned and operated by Dr. John Boccella & his wife Carol, a great environment alongside premium, lab tested products are what you will find inside The Hemp Company. From flower, topicals, cartridges from brands like Liberty CBD, Delta-8 tinctures and cartridges, infused CBD snacks and gummies, oils and treats for keeping your pet’s calm. What else? I think we got lotions and pre-rolls. Man, I told you, they have tons of stuff. To save time, I’m gonna talk about a few of those things because I love this little shop and everything they have!


Vapes, oh yes they got them! Liberty is on the menu people. It seems I’m always bringing them up. It can’t be for my health. If that be the case, I wouldn’t have Epilepsy anymore and I’m going to live forever. Sadly, neither of those true but I will tell you what is. It’s because Liberty CBD has made a name for themselves and a dam good one. We talk about them and they’re in every store because people WANT them and there’s a reason. Hell, I keep them on hand. Just last week, I finished up a Super Sour Diesel. The Hemp Company also offers other brands of CBD and CBN vapes and cartridges and are now offering Delta-8 vape cartridges. Delta-8 is amazing and is similar to Delta-9. I talk a lot about it in this article here. Give it a read if you need some guidance. As time goes on, I’ll fill the path to wellness section with more information on Delta-8 to keep you guys updated. I’m sure the good folks in our Hometown Heroes section will as well.

Topical creams for relief you need!

Topical oils, bath bombs and CBD lotions are something I want to shed some light on because I they’ve gone unnoticed. I want to draw the line here. They can do so much good when we need them most. The Hemp Company keeps them coming with the salves and creams because they know all too well how useful creams and topical oils can be. I myself use to have bad shoulder pain and had a water-soluble CBD oil blended with essential oils and man, instant relief. I’m not exaggerating on this one guys, I;m talking instant. I went through an entire bottle like that Snaps Fingers. Bath bombs infused with cannabinoids like CBD and CBN are another good one to keep on hand for those who enjoy a nice soak every now and then. I don’t give topicals the credit they deserve. They are so great for what I call “targeted relief”. For those moments when you need relief in a certain spot, topical oils and creams are your friend. The folks and The Hemp Company have exactly what you need and can answer all your questions!


Next time you’re in town or need some oils, some treats for furry friends, maybe some premium flower or want some of the Delta-8 you have been hearing about, The Hemp Company in Raleigh is the absolute perfect spot to stop in. Carol and Dr. John do an amazing job here so that overwhelming feeling you may have as newcomer to the community, let that melt away as you walk in. I can assure you that you are in good hands or should I say, company. To everyone else who may know what they want, they have just about what you may be looking for and if you’re curiosities get the better of you and you have some questions, just ask, they’re listening. From amazing service, a friendly, relaxed environment, cartridges, infused CBD snacks, topical oils, pet treats and oils, you name it, it’s here. The Hemp Company has it. I’m glad they have found a spot in our Hometown Heroes section. Thanks for reading as always! Be looking out for our next hidden gem across the Carolina’s. It may be in your backyard! I love you guys. Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and relax, it’s natural!💚🤟🏼

11:00 am – 6:00 pm
11:00 am – 6:00 pm
11:00 am – 6:00 pm
11:00 am – 6:00 pm
11:00 am – 6:00 pm
11:00 am – 6:00 pm


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