Relax, It's Infused!

Rise and Grind!

Putting a twist on the Sip N' Rip!

That smell let’s you know it’s time to start the day.

Good morning sallies, jokers, smokers, shit, good morning EVERYONE! There we go, I think that about covers it. I hope we are all doing well. I know I am. I got my bong. The coffee is brewing. All the ingredients for the original “Sip N’ Rip”. That’s right, I’m taking it back old school on that one. I’ll tell you man. A good wake and bake is great. To include a cup of Joe dam near puts the icing on the cake but I feel like it’s missing something. Fuck it, I’ll think of it in just a minute. The smell of the coffee filling the kitchen is screwing with my train of thought. That smell let’s you know it’s time to start the day. It gets me every time. Now, I have my bong, the coffee is done. What could be missing? What could possibly make this morning routine a slam dunk? I mean, I got the pipe. I got the Joe. Rips Bong for creativity Got it! I know how to make it better.


My morning routine sounded great already. Why add to it? To balance out that coffee people! The roast this morning is for my pack runners. If you’re not ready to run with the pack, head back to the den. For those of you who are, we’re brewing up some Wicked Wolf by Ravens Brew. To top it off and make it absolutely perfect, we’re going to be topping it off with CBD isolates. If you want that nice, full spectrum balance, top this roast with an oil, preferably water-soluble so it dissolves and you don’t have an oil floating along the top. Wicked Wolf is one of my favorite roasts to start the day with. Air roasted in Alaska, Raven’s Brew really knows quality and it shines with their Wicked Wolf blend. As an all day coffee drinker, this roast goes great day or night, cold or hot, although I like mine steaming bud! Adding CBD to your cup of joe is a great way to start your day or end it. You might not even be thinking about it either. For those days when smoking isn’t an option or you want something to take on-the-go, infusing your favorite roast or morning smoothie is a must. Remember, always start small and go from there. What if your morning is just too fast paced? Maybe you forgot and now your whole day will inevitably go to shit because of this. Don’t worry friend, we have you covered should you need to get out the door in a flash.

If you already programmed your coffee maker the night before in preparation for a big day, then obviously adding CBD to your coffee will be no help for you. Luckily, many companies exist to help you on your way and make the morning a breeze. Take Greenroads for example. They have coffee blends infused with cannabinoids already. Varying in strength as well as roasts, Greenroads has you covered should you want a Decaf roast and still want the added benefit of a full spectrum blend. Maybe you want a medium roast? They have that too. Are you a tea drinker? Greenroads has that and more. Teas are a great way to relax at night and with the added cannabinoids, it makes it even more enjoyable. Teas aren’t the only way to relax though Rips Bong. Where were we, ah yes, teas and coffee with CBD. Great way to balance out your evening and make your morning more pleasurable. I love adding full spectrum blends to my coffee. If you can get them already infused, that’s even better! There are many other Hemp companies who specialize in CBD infused coffee. Greenroads is just one of them I have had experience with.


You’re up and at em’. Today is going to be great! You have everything you need for the perfect day. While on your morning commute, muscle memory kicks in and you reach down for your coffee. The awesome morning you were having has now began to spiral out of control. The world comes crashing around. Nothing is going right. You’re now getting caught at every light. You missed your exit and are now caught in a construction zone. Oh, and you don’t have everything. You forgot your charger at home. We are now at threat level “Midnight” as Michael Scott would say. Thankfully, Salvation Coffee Company in Burlington has you covered. If you happen to find your morning spiraling into chaos, pull in here, order your favorite brew and spice it up with some full spectrum, water-soluble CBD powder. Oh yes, this veteran owned coffee shop knows exactly how to calm you down and keep you going! With the CBD community rapidly expanding, it was no surprise to see this on the menu as an added option and I am willing to bet more local coffee shops follow suite.

Whether you have a favorite brew you want to spice up, want to get a blend already infused or are just rushing to get out the door and need to “Grab N’ Go!” there is something for every situation you may find yourself. The options just don’t stop and continue to be added for everyone. As a coffee drinker and maybe even a borderline addict, I always love to try new roasts. Infusing it with cannabinoids such as CBD is just an added bonus. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go. You may just find something new that had been missing from your morning or nightly routines. Drink smoothies in the morning? They can be added to them as well. I always recommend water-soluble as they mix better as opposed to oil based. That way you don’t have shit floating in your beverage. Have you tried adding CBD to your drinks? How did you like it? Drop some comments below and share your experience and your favorite coffee companies! Thanks for reading. I love you guys! Until next time, stay safe, stay medicated and as always, relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼



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