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Calming down your pets!

Some good treats for your furry friends!

Boom A clash of thunder roars as rain hits the tin roof above. The storm outside continues to rage on. For some of us, this would be calming. I know I fall into that category of odd balls. I love sitting on my front porch as the rain pours in, lightening strikes across the sky and sound of thunder claps in the distance. For others, it can be quite nerve racking. For our pets, it can be a whole other world of shit. I know normally, I’m ranting on ways to keep you guided on the path to wellness with awesome products and farms but let’s not forget our furry friends we’ve come to call family. Today, I want to dive in on just a few oils and companies that have helped keep my pet family cool and as calm as me when those storms come rolling in. Not to mention, it’s great for their ECS as well and helps promote great health, any pain from joint problems and so on. A lot of these can be bought locally as well as online which is fantastic! Let’s go see who has some great oils and get your pet back feeling young again!

Kicking off, we got Roxy by Hemplucid. These guys are just amazing. Hemplucid formulates these oils for dogs and cats so make sure you get the right one. Roxy also comes in different strengths which is great. As pet owners or just anyone who has ever seen a dam dog, obviously dogs come in many sizes. An oil with different strengths is great because it allows you to get the right one for the your pet based on weight and go from there. I went with the 300mg because my pup weighs about 50 pounds but I always gave him half the dropper never more than a whole one a day. I must say I noticed a hell of a difference once I started giving this to him. After about a week of course. Between moods, his eating habits and then of course, the thunderstorms. That was the main reason I had got the oil. I had noticed one night night during a storm, he was shaking really bad and would not leave my side. Ever since giving him the oil, his anxiety during the storm just melts away and he is so calm. I can’t recommend CBD oils enough to dog owners who have anxious pets, especially during storms. It’s these times they tend to get scared, run off and then who knows what could happen then. Don’t run the risk of losing a family pet. A good way to give your furballs this oil is treats or their food. I found these are the two best ways.


The Road of Green!

Greenroads is another good CBD company that will have your back when it comes to your pets needs. If you remember my coffee post about helping you get out of bed in the morning and get on the grind, then Greenroads might be ringing a bell. Greenroads also offers oils or drops for your pets to keep them cool, calm and collected. Just like Hemplucid, these come in different strengths to help you with dosing and they have them for our feline friends as well. I love the oils and drops because they allow you to utilize them in a variety of ways. Lime I previously stated, from putting them in treats, food etc they are a great addition.

Carolina Hemp Coming In!

Listen up guys. This next one is great and they are local. Coming in next we have Carolina Hemp Company in Youngsville. I stopped in to get some oil for my dog. Sadly, they were out. To me, that was a good and bad thing. Good because that means people are keeping their pet’s health good. Bad because now I am back at square one. Mark had many options thought for pets. One he had was CBD treats, cheddar flavored, These weren’t made with any by-product bullshit either which was great. He even had something I had not seen before. CBD oil for horses. In all my years, I had never seen that but he had it. I want to mention that because you never know. I had a horse and wish I had known that was available because he sure could have used it. Everything he has can also be purchased online. This is great for those of you who aren’t local but may want some of these treats for your pup!

It’s important to find what works for your pet.

Infused coffee, treats, food, flower. We have options available to us for a great balanced system to use at our disposal. Why wouldn’t we give them to our pets if they are available as well? I’m glad we have these great hemp farms and CBD companies who not only have our back but also our pets. These are just a few of many out there. The options are growing. It’s important to find what works for your pet. Remember, everything is formulated different for their oils as well just like yours. Have you tried any oils or treats for your pets yet? Drop your experience below. I’d love to hear it and what oil you used. If you haven’t, give these companies a try and see what you think, your pet will thank you later. Thanks for reading. Stay medicated and relax, it’s natural! 💚🤟🏼


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